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David Archuleta is one of OK!’s Magazine (September 2009 Issue) most beautiful stars of 2009, under the Young and Famous Category.

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David Archuleta pictures from Alaska, courtesy of hellooalaska:

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“Chair” art from RABID:



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Aug 302009

Alaska videoss!

A Home-Made Video Medley


Credit: vivalaviecouture

Part of My Hands and You Can




Zero Gravity


To Be With You (partial)


Credit: fiaxbby





Credit: HollyBeyer

Touch My Hand




Credit: akbill2

Your Eyes Don’t Lie


David on the audience’s hair styles


Credit: therock81490

It’s quite impossible to make fans sit during his concerts. They’ll just tend to stand and jump around!

Possible Track Listing??

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Aug 292009

One of our favorite brazilians found this link earlier this morning.
Possible track listing for ‘Christmas From The Heart’.

Nothing is confirmed but who knows. At least its a start and well comment and speculate about the songs.

Read more for a tracklisting and a few videos of some of the songs.

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New Vlog from Alaska

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Aug 282009

Greetings from Alaska!


A 100 percent yes and I bet my life you would all agree with me! Oh my! What an exhausting day with so many emotions all at once in those few seconds, my heart EXPLOOODED with the loudest noises, i’m thankful my colleagues didn’t hear them! LOL! Never did I expect to get a HAND WRITTEN LETTER FROM DAVID ever in my life! Really truly I didn’t! All i wanted was to know he read the letter and he tweeted about it so that filled me up enough! But then in the middle of a busy day of work (I was talking to my boss on the phone!) and my mom casually calls me up on my mobile to tel me “Hey both of you (my sis and I) have got letters from David Archuleta” and the next thing i did was HANG UP THE PHONE ON MY BOSS giving some lame excuse! bahahahahahahaha the things I never imagined I could do, I finally end up doing and it does end pretty well i tell you! LOL! i’m not making much sense here am I? haha anyway then I didn’t turn up in my desk for like i don’t know how much time! I was acting like such a maniac talking to myself, spazzing, trying hard to reach my sis in college on her mobile to tel her, spazzing to my mom, my dad (who was pleasantly SHOCKED as hell!) pacing with heartbeats that were so fast they would have come first if they raced in Formula 1!! LOL! and knowing painfully well I wouldn’t be able to see it for at least 7 hours! So i decided not to tell my sis unless she called back and put her through the same torture! and thankfully she was so busy she never called! so then in the evening she reaches home and she calls me up and goes “Dude what’s up why ya called?” and I was like didn’t ma tel you anything? Did you not see her? and she starts guessing about a reply letter from David and screaming for my mom and crying and bawling her eyes out all at the same time! awww that was so cute! then she calls me up and literally cries out her letter! LOL! Gosh I was dead the moment she said there was a signed pic and read the first line!

[She wrote a small letter about her metting him in Singapore and that she will forever love and support him and his music!:))<333]

so then I couldn't wait to get home! oh that journey riding back wanting to get back home safe in one whole piece LOL! And finally after waiting like for so many hours (it felt like FOREVER!) i gently opened the totally sealed (taped and glued) envelope and that's it KABOOOOM went my heart! it was a neat piece of A4 paper and it looked like they were speaking the words to me! gosh his letters looked like pearls and the photo was seriously the death of me!! How totally BLESSED am I to get this response? Did i really deserve this? I have no answer to that! But heck yes it did make me the HAPPIEST!

So I wrote a looong one page letter and i'm jus so AMAZED he actually read the whole thing and replied! what a true angel!! YOU'RE SOOO FULL OF LOVE, DAVID!:) I say every one in this world should go through the experience of being an Archie/ArchAngel, they're totally missing out on something so ENDEARING!! So before you figure out his reply, I'll tel you that I wrote to him about everything under the sun that i wanted to tell him LOL, how I got to know there really ARE lots of fans in India in different cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Vizag, Bangalore and so many other states (thank you for that, Larissa!)..and also about my funny experience in a 24-hour local English radio station out here which you can read here LOL! It’s waaaaayy too embarrassing but it was definitely worth it! bwahaha! thanks again, L!


I LOVE you and thank you guys from the bottom of my heart, Carly and Kristy for getting our letters and everything to David and making this possible!! I really can’t thank you enough and how ever am I gonna repay you for such a kind gesture? Gah!!:))


And David, I can’t wait for you to come to India and to every other part of the world!!!<33333333333333

Sorry it went all boring but I had to spill it all out of my heart! LOL

P.S: The best part was in the end when we showed our letters to my Dad, he was speechless seeing them and he goes "I NEVER expected this! I envy you guys so much! You met your idol and now you get a reply from him Gah! ok now I'm an official fan of this guy, please give me his CD for me to listen to!" bahahahaahahah i burst out laughing so hard till my stomach hurt! LOL Dad's the BESSSSSHHHTT!!<333:))

Aug 272009

David Archuleta is once again on Candy Magazine, September 2009 Issue! :) I have the photos here. ^^

Oh, please click every image to see it in a larger view! ^^ (Forgive me for the Rpattz cover.)


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Source: Manila Bulletin


Pre-order David Archuleta’s Christmas from the Heart @ Amazon!

2009 ALMA Awards Press Conference. I confess I scrolled to only to the parts where David Archuleta was cited – at 10:20 and 14:58.


Credit: maximotv

A video of David Archuleta’s time in Malaysia by Hitz FM, played to Touch My Hand – David performing at the Kuala Lumpur Sunway Lagoon showcase, David meeting fans, David signing autographs, David receiving gifts and awards, David hanging out at theme parks, David feeding hungry birds… MUST WATCH!


Credit: dezmondj


“Gears” by the legendary RABID. David Archuleta version 2.0 served fresh on a sushi conveyor belt. Rabid’s trying to murder fans who love to see David in purple, like myself. :/


David Archuleta at the studio


Credit: Richard of FOD

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