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Would just like to update everyone on the Malaysian “Christmas From The Heart” preorder campaign, as there are new developments!


Preorder officially starts on 12 October via DiGi Music – a local music download portal and social network! DiGi Music was also the key sponsor for David Archuleta’s recent trip here to KL in April! OneDavid will be posting the preorder link on 12 October – note this is for Malaysian shipping only!

The preorder version comes in a specially-designed Christmas Pack in limited quantities, exclusively for the preorder campaign. Note that it is NOT similar to the Christmas Gift Box version as described on Amazon. Preorder price is RM39.90, inclusive shipping within Malaysia only. Note that it will be higher priced when it hits the stores on the nationwide release date of 26 Oct!

“Cash & Pickup Only” preorder is open NOW via OneDavid! Part of the proceeds from the “Cash & Pickup Only” sales will be donated to a cause supporting Ondoy victims!

OneDavid will also facilitate international fans who are interested to purchase this limited-edition preorder version as a collection. Interested fans can email @ onedavidnet@gmail.com and we will coordinate to order/ship to you! FYI, payment will be via Paypal, and the price (1 CD inclusive airpostage) is approximately USD24.00 (subject to final confirmation)!

Sony Music Malaysia has especially arranged this exclusive preorder campaign for the enthusiastic Malaysian fans – thus the special reduced price and gift packaging! Kudos to Sony Music!

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The Wisdom Teeth Chronicles

Posted by ferjiperj at 11:37 pm
Sep 292009

Yesterday, David has been tweeting about his visit to the dentist, his stretchy cheeks and just now his teeth being extracted! Check out his tweets!

LOL idk but I was laughing the time he was tweeting these stuff! I mean, come on, it’s very, very random and not a usual artist would share this to his fans. David seriously loves us ’cause  he lets us know every single things that happens to him =) *sniff* *sniff* We love you too, David!!

So yeah, he even made a vlog about it!

So today is the day that my wisdom teeth will be getting pulled out. Oh joy. It’s an exciting time guys lol. But I’ve been enjoying running this week and getting some exercise in! Today might be my last day of running for a while though since Idk how long I’ll need to recover… But I’m just anxious to get this all over with!


Ahhhh! You can really feel/see that he’s nervous!! Anyway since his teeth were extracted now, maybe you could tweet him with food suggestions.. since he said dairy and cold isn’t a good combination for him.. And he said, “keep me in your thoughts, I’d appreciate it.” Hmmmm, “David you’re in our thoughts 24/7!” Anyway, gogogo! Tweet him now!

Oh btw, here’s a twitpic of him!

David still smokin' hot in pain!

David still smokin' hot in pain!

Kudos for the 3rd twitpic, David! hahaha!

And some screen caps! Yeeeeey for this one!! =))


David you never fail to give us smile on our faces everyday!! So, thanks! <33333

Hmmmm… now I wonder, did he keep those teeth and hid them somewhere? what? bahaha!

Sep 292009

Ahhhhhh! I love this day! <33333

First, there are rumors that David Archuleta is coming back to Manila for a back to back concert with Katy Perry! AHHHHHHH! The concert proceeds will go to Red Cross to help out the victims of tyhpoon Ondoy. Go to ArchuletaPhilippines for the hottest updates regarding this..

And the most awaited, snippets of Christmas From The Heart! You’ve gotta listen to it or else.. bahaha! GO! [Youtube="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wsn28fYpe4Y"]

Download link for MP3 of snippets

What’s your favorite!? I actually love EVERY SONG! aaaaah! Can’t wait to get the CD on my hands!! Anyways, if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, it’s not too late! haha! CLICK ME!

REMINDER! Don’t ever ever ever rip, burn or download David’s music if you can’t for any reason, TeamArchie would be glad to gift it to you instead! =)

Thanks to davidaindonesia for the video!

Sep 292009



Pictures (at the grand piano!):









Thank you, @momJulee !

David on stage


To Be With You


Credit: annalisasinger84

Another video of “TO BE WITH YOU”

Credit: EvelynFOJG

Yet another great video with close-ups of David!

Credit: 88Aladdin

Sunday, September 27, 2009
David Archuleta anyone?!?

I was getting everything ready for the show and it was Brooke White(Former American Idol Contestant) Number 1 she is adorable and the sweetest person ever! 2. She is actually good and I hated her on american idol! But I knew it was going to be a LDS crowd and mostly teenage girls and their moms and some husbands that were dragged along. I knew it was going to be a relaxing show… Which I needed. Anyway, I had just poured all the Gatorades into a bucket as well as the water and I had the boxes they were in as well as a chip box. The boys that I work with refuse to let me take the trash out to the dumpster so I just put them in the side room that leads out to the side entrance. as I open the door the room is dark and I walk in and run smack into someone. A small someone. it’t dark and I can’t really see but I knew it wasn’t anyone I worked with then a voice way too familiar said “oh man, I am so sorry are you alright.” I said yes I was fine he only scared the crap out of me. At this time I was trying to figure out why i knew his voice! So I turn to walk back out to the Lobby and when I get out in the light it was DAVID ARCHULETA! I almost died. He had come just to see his old friend from American Idol and then he sang 2 songs with her. I literally can’t even describe to you how little he is! Like my mom’s size!(sorry mom.) But then he rushed upstairs as to not be seen and I was stuck downstairs in the Lobby knowing he was right above me! ha ha But he is a really amazing kid! No lies I meet some of these famous people and am so let down that I don’t even get phased by most famous people in the industry. But he definitely proved to me there are some gems in the music industry! Made me really happy! Then he was in and out all night and he just smiled and waved at me. I am surprised I didn’t do any damage to him! In all honesty I felt like a monster next to him!

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The 7 Sexiest Latin Reality TV Stars

by Lee Hernandez

0610sexy_article Summer is finally here, and with it comes a million and one reality TV shows. To help usher in the long, hot days of  summer, yours truly has compiled an eclectic list of sexy reality stars, including a singer, a retired professional baseball  player, a rocker chick and a former Playboy model. So go ahead and turn off John and Kate Plus 8, Charm School 3 or  whatever other trashtastic show you’re currently hooked on and check out the hot Latinos and Latinas who made the  cut.

David Archuleta: It’s entirely possible that the word “cutie” was invented for former American Idol finalist, David  Archuleta, 18. It’s also fitting that Archie’s first single (which made it to No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart) was called  “Crush” because every Latina staffer (and every Latina I know) has a major crush on the 18-year-old Honduran with  dimples. David also has an infectious smile, and as we all know, an amazing singing voice, but what really makes him  stand out is that he’s a genuinely nice guy.

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Sep 272009

Demand Heats Up For David Archuleta’s Christmas Album

David Archuleta’s fans are coming to the rescue once again. Pre-orders for his upcoming Christmas album has sky-rocketed and is at the top of the Amazon.com holidat charts.

Set for release on 10/13, the album, “Christmas From The Heart,” features 13 holiday classics, a duet with Charice Pempengco (an international Philippines singer who rose to popularity through YouTube) on ” Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and a brand new track “Melodies of Christmas”, written by David and his father, Jeff Archuleta, along with 2 other writers.

“Christmas From The Heart” is the second studio album, and first Christmas album by David Archuleta.The disc will come in a limited edition Christmas gift box for the initial order.



David Archuleta singing Proud Mary with Brooke White and Michael Johns

SEPTEMBER 26, 2009 ; Murray Theater




smellin some AI7 LOVE in the air =) It was undeniably a F-U-N concert!!


“Epic Let it Be and Proud Mary with the whole gang! They all rocked it out! Go Brooke, Michael, Benton and David!!”

David Archuleta surprises the crowd at the Brooke White/Michael Johns/Benton Paul concert.

David Archuleta surprises the crowd at the Brooke White/Michael Johns/Benton Paul concert.

David singing Let it Be!

David singing Let it Be!

AI7 L-O-V-E! <3

Michael, David, Brooke ^__^

Michael, David, Brooke ^__^

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