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Nov 302009

An Archuleta concert is all about “the voice”


David Archuleta Sunday (Nov. 29, 2009) at the Wells Fargo Center in Santa Rosa, Ca.



Concerts have a certain sameness to them – merchandise table, slightly late start, opening act you wish would hurry up, grand entrance of the main act. You know the routine.

Then comes the star of the show and one of two things occur after the obligatory 90 minute performance – you soon forget the act on the way home or you don’t.

You don’t forget David Archuleta.


Pretty simple – his voice.

Although as one of the judges on American Idol proclaimed two seasons ago when Archuleta finished second – “David, you could sing the phone book” – his 90-minute, one encore show Sunday night at the Wells Fargo Center was anything but songs from the Yellow Pages.

Dubbed David Archuleta’s “Christmas from the Heart” tour, it was really a combination of about half pretty pure pop Archuleta and half Christmas.

The venue wasn’t full, but it was close; the crowd wasn’t all screaming teenage girls, but it was close; and the songs weren’t all perfect, but they were close.

If you came just to hear for yourself if what you were hearing on Idol was real, well you found out – yes, and moreso.

At time, it was hard to fathom that you were listening to an 18-year old kid from Utah because the voice is something most singers take years to cultivate. And although he has been at this singing gig for much of his young life, the voice is still natural. They just don’t teach what Archuleta projects.

The first half of the show hit a peak with Zero Gravity and then Crush. The latter being his first mega-hit off his initial self-titled album.

Archuleta and his four-piece band took a mini-break to change clothes, alter the stage and change the mood to the holidays.

“It just seems so odd that we are really into the holidays now,” Archuleta said. “I’ve been working on this album for six months and now it’s finally here.”

He sang eight Christmas songs and if ever there was a voice holiday-appropriate it is Archuleta’s. Every song he did just seemed to get better.
Ave Maria sung in Spanish was then topped by a song in French – Pat-A-Pan. Then he went back to Spanish and a song titled Riu Riu Chiu, then Silent Night and finally an encore of O Holy Night.

He wasn’t perfect. Someone on Idol had given him the advice to not close his eyes while he sings, but he did that often. And his connection to the audience between songs was a bit scattered.

But who came to see his eyes or listen to him speak words of wisdom?

We came to hear the voice. And, oh, my, did we. || SOURCE



Nov 302009


Larissa here. This is just a small sampling from my photo collection. I’m not loading all now because (1) I’m exhausted and (2) I don’t want to kill everyone at once. At least the concert peeps with me now told me about (2). :)

The Riddle [Youtube=""]  [Youtube=""]

Melodies of Christmas [Youtube=""] [Youtube=""]

Oh Holy Night

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [Youtube=""]

Prayer of the Children [Youtube=""]

Fields of Gold [Youtube=""] [Youtube=""]

Crush [Youtube=""]

Zero Gravity [Youtube=""]

Pat-A -Pan

Waiting For Yesterday [Youtube=""] [Youtube=""]

ALTNOY [Youtube=""]

My Hands [Youtube=""] [Youtube=""]

We’ll post other videos soon as soon as they’re uploaded :D

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Nov 302009


FINALLY! A new shirt!

These photos are from @gengenw. Thanks, so much!!!

Nov 292009

From np1107

The Riddle


Oh bahahahaha “For You!!!” that was da BOMB!<33333333333333

Prayer Of The Children


Fields Of Gold


From justmellowdee


Riu Riu Chiu


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Nov 292009

To Be With You

Zero Gravity


Credit: urvoiceismagical

From davisthegecko

Angels We Have Heard On High

Riu Riu Chiu


Zero Gravity


Oh my!! looks truly magnificent!! what a lifetime of an experience for David!! thanks for sharing:))

A Merry Christmas To Me

Credit: ZanessaEfgens

ZanessaEfgens has some really cool stuff from Ann Arbor! Be sure to check out her playlist!

Nov 282009


David Archuleta fans moved to tears at Ann Arbor Symphony concert

David Archuleta’s performance Friday night with the Ann Arbor Symphony was full of many high points, breathtaking moments and tear-jerking melodies.

Stepping into this concert, I didn’t know what to expect. On one hand, I was bracing myself for high-pitched squeals from young teenage girls and on the other hand I was getting ready for a lovely symphony performance. During this concert, Archuleta combined an element of pop and classical music to create a beautiful, once in a lifetime experience.

The concert was filled with too many mentionable moments to list. He opened with a jaw-dropping rendition of “Angels We Have Heard on High” (Arr. Kurt Bestor), which brought many of the audience members to tears.

Between songs, in this innocent boyish charm, Archuleta filled the auditorium by talking about many different oddities such as showing us where we were in Michigan using his very own hand for the lower and upper peninsulas. He also shared with us his connection to each song and how much he enjoyed the symphony.

During the first half of the show, David sang a few of his pop songs accompanied by the symphony. A definite stand-out among these was “Crush,” his debut single from this self-titled album (released in November). The symphony slowed it down quite a bit and turned this usually fast, upbeat tune into a slower, more ballad-like version of the song.

During the first half of the concert David also stepped away from his usual concert repertoire and sang songs from other artists such as “Fields of Gold” (Sting), “The Riddle” (Five for Fighting) and “1000 Miles” (Vanessa Carlton). Although the first half of the concert was definitely note-worthy, after intermission, David really stepped it up a notch.

David surprised everyone in the crowd with a new song he had never performed before called “A Merry Christmas to Me” (Philip Keveren; Arr. Sam Cardon; Orch. Neesha Quinn), which quickly became my favorite Christmas tune.

After Archuleta sang a superb “Ave Maria”, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house- including mine. When David sang “Ave Maria” it really reminded me of why I fell in love with him in the first place. Although David can belt out any pop song you throw at him, when he sings a slower, more traditional song while backed up by a symphony, you can’t help but have tingles sent up and down your spine. The environment of the auditorium, along with the Ann Arbor symphony, really helped David’s voice to soar.

The acoustics in Hill Auditorium were amazing — they really helped to bring all of the songs to life. When Archuleta sang his rendition of “1000 Miles,” his voice engulfed every last corner of the auditorium and made it vibrate with soothing notes and lyrics. Along with the acoustics, the fact that there was a very minimal amount of teenage squeals made the concert more professional, polished and entertaining.

When you pair a glorious, Josh Groban-like singer along with a beautiful symphony and a stunning auditorium, the product is nearly perfect. The concert on Friday was an unforgettable experience in an amazing venue. I sincerely hope that Archuleta’s producers choose to have him perform with symphonies more often because it really brings out the best in this young star.

it’s so cool the writer of this is an eighth grader! wow great job!:))


David Archuleta has new CD out and concert in Ann Arbor

It’s been Christmas since July for David Archuleta.

The seventh season “American Idol” runner-up went into the studio over the summer to record “Christmas from the Heart,” his second studio album and his first Christmas set. The album was released in October, and on Friday he performs a holiday concert with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra at Hill Auditorium.

When settling on which songs to record for the album, he decided staples such as “O Holy Night,” “Joy to the World” and “Silent Night” had to be in the mix. They were songs he’s been singing since he was a little kid, he says.

“(My siblings and I) would go Christmas caroling, we’d go to hospitals and retirement homes together, sometimes we’d just go around the neighborhood and sing,” says Archuleta, on the phone last week. “Anything that was around for me to sing at.”

He added to those standbys with “Christmas from the Heart,” which includes songs sung in French (“Pat-a-pan”) and Spanish (“Riu Riu Chiu”). The traditional “Ave Maria” is sung in Latin.

“I’ve never spoken Latin or French in my life until I had to learn the words to those songs and record them,” says Archuleta, 18. “I really enjoyed it, it was something new to add to the album, a way of connecting to different people.”

The album also includes one original, “Melodies of Christmas,” about the memories people intertwine with Christmas songs. It was a last-minute addition to the album, Archuleta says.

It was also last minute when Archuleta learned “Christmas from the Heart” would share a release date with the extremely similarly titled “Christmas in the Heart,” Bob Dylan’s seasonal offering. Archuleta laughs and says the similarities are “coincidental” and says he hasn’t yet heard the Dylan record.

Archuleta — who counts Celine Dion’s “These Are Special Times” and “The Jackson 5 Christmas Album” among his favorite holiday records — says after wrapping the Christmas tour he’s heading into the pre-production on his next album in early 2010. He’s been working with some writers from Nashville but isn’t sure how the album will shape up.

“We’ll see what kind of directions the songs go,” he says.


David Archuleta

“Christmas from the Heart” (Jive)

David Archuleta may be a teenager but he’s well suited for classic holiday songs like “Silent Night” and “Ave Maria.”

The former “American Idol” runner-up sings those songs and more on his new holiday CD “Christmas from the Heart.”

Archuleta’s recording makes sense. He’s got a powerful, soulful voice that’s beyond his years.

If you’re looking to add to your holiday music collection or get into the spirit of the season, this CD is a good choice.

LOVE that statement!!<333

Nov 282009


David Archuleta, the doe-eyed runner-up from the seventh season of “American Idol,” appears Monday at the Warfield in support of his new album, “Christmas From the Heart.” The 18-year-old singer’s second release this year features his golden-voiced takes on a handful of seasonal standards such as “The First Noel” and “O Holy Night,” as well as a new song called “Melodies of Christmas.” He called us last week from his family’s home in Murray, Utah, to talk about his career so far, holiday plans and dream about Bob Dylan.

Q: Are you already over this whole Christmas thing?

A: Christmas isn’t here yet.

Q: I know, but you’ve had to think about it since October when the album came out.

A: Oh, yeah. I’ve actually been celebrating Christmas since the summer because we had to start recording in July. But it’s been good. It’s helped me really think about what Christmas is all about.

Q: Was it hard to go in the studio and sing “O Holy Night” while you were wearing flip-flops and shorts?

A: It was interesting, to be sure. In some studios we had the Christmas lights up just to get in the mood.

Q: What’s the one Christmas album your family listened to every year?

A: My mom was a big fan of Celine Dion, so that’s probably the biggest. She’s such an amazing singer. There’s so much power in her songs and her voice. She’s a big part of my Christmas memories.

Q: Your album came out the same day as Bob Dylan’s “Christmas in the Heart.” Do you think any of your fans accidentally picked up his album and wondered what happened to your voice?

A: I know, they almost have the exact same title, which is pretty funny. I hope not. Bob Dylan was actually in my dream last night.

Q: What was Dylan doing in your dream?

A: I think he was singing Christmas songs. I don’t really remember my dream. It was snowing and his Christmas music was going on. I don’t know why. I guess he was on the back of my mind yesterday. I should Tweet about that.

Q: This is your second album this year, also your second tour, and you’re in the studio working on your next album. Why so fast?

A: It’s going fast, but that’s how you grow. It pushes you out of the comfort zone and what you thought you could do. You don’t think you can do it, but you get through it and you realize it’s all part of the growing process. Sometimes the business can get tough, but you have to be willing to handle it and take that challenge. It reminds you that it’s always worth it in the end.

Q: What’s the one thing you want for Christmas?

A: I don’t really want anything. Just to be home and not worry about anything. As long as I get a few days to just relax and not have to do something, I’ll be happy.

OOOOO sounded more like an interrogative session- challenging one LOL but amazingly handled<3333 such interviews give you more thoughtful insights i guess:D it's great!
Oh bahahahahahaaha that dream about Bob Dylan! he should have tweeted! so random and funny! gotta love this charmingly funny guy! <333333

From the lovely Gengen on her Youtube :)




thank you so much!<3333

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