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Jan 282010

David Archuleta Sings “Prayer of the Children” For Haiti

David Archuleta Singers for Haiti

David Archuleta was present to answer the call during the recent “Hope for Haiti” telethon but even though he just answered phones and didn’t perform live, he still was able to share is vocals backstage for the people of Haiti

The “American Idol” season 7 runner-up performed a rendition of Kurt Bestor’s “Prayer of the Children”. After finishing the song, he urged fans to be involved in the relief effort, saying “Please help these kids. They’re going through a lot. And they need your help so just do anything you can and donate for these kids.”


Review of David Archuleta David Archuleta

I have been listening to male singers for over 25 years and have bemoaned the loss of the level of skill that was once more readily available. Sinatra on ballads, Damone for tone, Darin for rhythm, Cook for style and so much more. I agree that David Archuleta’s first album is targeted to his prime audience and that a few cuts are a bit heavy on the production side ( albeit with great recording studio skill ). For those of you, however, who like the art of singing, listen a second or a third time and focus on what David is doing with his voice. His phrasing, his breath control, his modulation during short phrases and his matching of the tone of his voice to the word is remarkable. On some songs , he actually alters the timber of his voice during a long note…listen to how he matches the word ( length of singing ) to the length ofthe note. Sinatra was wonderful at that so that he sounded like he was really singing words…not speaking them to music. Finally , David does not fish around for pitch…He must have close to perfect pitch and he always in the center of note..not sliding up to where he shouldbe ..that permits him to be clear and to stay with a rhythm so well. On some of the upbeat songs he is using his voice as a musical instrument and not singing around the music. I know that it would not be sound business decision for an almost 18 year old but I would love for him to add a few standards that permit him to infuse emotion in the lyric and make some old songs new again. For example, his ‘ Imagine ” will likely be the classic version for many young people going forward. David Archuleta has a rare gift and we should encourage him to use all of his skills to reform the modern definition of a performance standard. SOURCE

Archie’s plane lifts off for Haiti null

A MD-80 aircraft packed with over three tons of medical supplies, doctors, and medical staff, left Long Beach is leaving any minute now, on a humanitarian mission to Haiti, landing in Port-au-Prince.

Scott Stapp and the members of Creed, New Kids On The Block, Alter Bridge, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Godsmack, Julianne Hough, Eve, and David Archuleta head the initial wave of musicians helping the cause, with more joining by the moment. Together, they’ve helped the staff of DC3 Music Group raise over $1 million in supplies and donations.

The plane has been donated by the airlift mission’s primary partners, the Wheelchair Foundation. PLANE TO HAITI will return to the U.S. from its first mission on Friday night or Saturday, pending last-minute flight details.

The Wheelchair Foundation is accepting donations through the mission’s new website, www.planetohaiti.org // SOURCE

David Archuleta sing for Haiti, Superfans Raise Big Bucks

Last Friday’s “Hope for Haiti Now” telethon was a smashing success. Not only did it raise a stupendous amount of money for earthquake survivors in Haiti, but it also spread the word that the generosity needs to continue through the coming months. The fans of “American Idol” alum David Archuleta took that message to heart and spent their weekend raising even more money for Haiti in the form of a “virtual cupcake drive,” partially in my honor. Seriously!

Here’s the story: MTV News correspondent Sway chatted with several of the participants of the telethon Friday night, including Archuleta (or as I call him, Archupuppy or Archadorable — depending on my mood). Sway noticed that David was humming to himself before their interview began, so when it came time to roll tape, he asked the “Idol” star if he wanted to share a song with the world.

This should come as no surprise to Archie’s fans, but David happily obliged and treated MTV News to an impromptu (and heart-stoppingly gorgeous) rendition of Kurt Bestor’s “Prayer of the Children.”

I casually tweeted that we had witnessed a spur-of-the-moment mini-concert from Archuleta, and within seconds my Twitter was inundated with pleas from David diehards desperate to see the video footage that I had just bragged about. What started as half-joking bribes of cupcakes snowballed into a virtual cupcake drive. To donate to the Haiti relief effor, send a TwitPic of a cupcake to @jambajim! (You can see this ingenious idea develop by checking out the timeline on Peace Love Cupcakes.)

By Tuesday afternoon, a generous group of fans had raised $3,850 in mine and David Archuleta’s names! As David would say, “Oh my gosh, Ashley!!”

So to @janey79@karenkid@momJulee@BeckyFOD, all the David Archuleta fan sites and blogs who helped spread the word (as well as the dozens of fans who donated money), I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my “Idol”-addicted heart. Your dedication and ingenuity is an inspiration to us all. They don’t call you guys “Arch Angels” for nothing. // SOURCE

David Archuleta Fans Raise Funds for Hope For Haiti NowIn Virtual Cupcake Drive

It all started with a simple tweet from MTV reporter Jim Cantiello while he was at Friday night’s Hope for Haiti Now telethon. The message read, “The show’s over but the work still continues. Clipping press i/vs all nite long. OMG @DavidArchie sang backstage for our producers. Dawwwww!” Within minutes, word spread through David Archuletafandom. The price for sharing the video of the performance was set, and it was a storm of virtual cupcakes. Not only that, serious money began to be raised for the efforts to aid victims of Haiti’s earthquakes. By today the total was in excess of $4,500.

The song that created the stir is “Prayer of the Children” by composer Kurt Bestor. He wrote the song in memory of the children who were victims of the wars in the former Yugoslavia. Kurt Bestor had served as a missionary in Serbia. To check on the progress of this innovative effort by David Archuleta fans, visit Peace, Love, Cupcakes. // SOURCE

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