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Tomorrow on the show: American Idol runner-up David Archuleta, former Simpsons producer Larry Doyle AND more darts thrown at my “man area”!

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Dear fellow Archies,

Some of you have criticized us of abetting illegal, pirated downloads of David Archuleta’s new single “Something ‘Bout Love”, but allow us to tell you that we are working so hard, harder than you can imagine, to organize a gifting campaign of SBL when it officially drops on July 13, so that fans world-wide, especially international fans who cannot buy a copy of the song due to copyright restrictions, can legally own and enjoy the song. We want nothing but to contribute to the official sales of David’s single by making it available to fans world-wide through our gifting project.

The stream to the full song was posted here because AOL Radio, who originally streamed the full song, is not available to international fans, not even to Canadian fans right across the US border. The purpose of posting a stream to the full song on DBB is not to support illegal downloads, as some of you might mistakenly conclude, but to allow international fans the same opportunity as the US fans did on AOL Radio, to have a listen to the full song, to enjoy it, and to encourage them to request to be gifted the song LEGALLY starting from July 13.

For any link to the full song that is posted here, we will be gifting it, LEGALLY, a hundred times, if not a thousand times over, starting from July 13. This shall be achieved by the Lord’s grace and by the generosity of sponsors – fellow Archies who understand the spirit of gifting and who selflessly donate money and legal copies of the song to our program.

Other fansites have posted players that stream the song, but one of us was unfairly criticized for doing the same. Nevertheless, we will press on with determination and a clear conscience to our goal of gifting the single to hundreds or thousands of fans world-wide when official sales start on July 13. We have sacrificed countless hours and energy to working together to enable the SBL gifting project to have a smooth launch come July 13. And we shall be vindicated of these criticisms from that day onwards.

–The DBB team

PS: @AnnieDAFG tweeted that international fans can tune in to the full song at AI Now. It’s also posted at MJ’s Big Blog and with lyrics. Listen to enjoy but please do not download illegally, this hurts David’s career and we do not condone this at all.

More buzz also on ACE Showbiz

Some radio stations are already plugging the single! From @AnnieDAFG:

So WINK 106.1 in Elmira NY played SBL as part of the New Music Breakdown (other song won though). Thanks @klssothl89 for the info.

Capitol Gains: David Archuleta, Reba McEntire on ‘A Capitol Fourth’

That lover of opposites who first said big things come in small packages hadn’t yet heard of David Archuleta — but if he had, he’d point to the pint-size singer and say “See?”

Archuleta, who made his mark on “American Idol” in 2008 and has soared to international fame with a mixture of teen pop and Christmas classics, will take the stage at the Capitol with patriotic flair on Sunday as part of “A Capitol Fourth,” the yearly Fourth of July revue.

Jimmy Smits will host the show, which will also feature performances by Reba McEntireGladys KnightDarius Rucker of Hootie & the Blowfish (don’t call him Hootie) and good ol’ boy John Schneider, who you might remember as Bo Duke on “The Dukes of Hazzard.” He sings too, y’know.

No tickets are required, but if you want to skip the crowds and still see the show, check it out at 8 p.m. on PBS.

» The U.S. Capitol, West Lawn; Sun., July 4, 8-9:30 p.m., free; 202-225-6827. (Capitol South)

Source – Express Night Out

The Story
A few years ago I was blessed to record two songs that I had written with David Archuleta. The first Angels in The Alleyway was primarily written about my struggles with the mental illness I’ve dealt with for several years. The fear I think we all feel that we’ve lost our mind, are somehow different, and have let everyone including ourselves and God down.  The end of the song attempts to portray the hope & salvation I know and feel when I turn to God. His supporting me, and my realizing it.

The second, The Most Beautiful Part About This Is… was written for an uncle of mine who was diagnosed with terminal illness at a relatively young age. The song is about the faith and inspiration I felt and witnessed from him, and his entire family. I am still amazed every time I think about them. David was kind enough to record these songs with me. This song, in particular, has been a huge strength to my family, or at least I like to think so.

A huge thanks…
I can’t thank David enough for the incredible impact his recording these songs have had in my life and my family’s. He is truly a gifted man and everything you perceive about him, you know that wholesome, good, humble person; in my opinion and experience is entirely true. I can’t think of a better person to have the success that David has since American Idol, I have never even heard of someone handling such fame and growth with such grace and humility; especially at such a young age. I can’t give David enough props for that and all the other things I’ve been able to see. I hope this post isn’t perceived as a plug for the songs I’ve done with him, as  you can see that aren’t linked anywhere on this site. This is just me sincerely expressing my gratitude.

Source (Thanks, Fanscene, for the heads-up!)

David recorded ‘Angels In The Alleyway’ and ‘The Most Beautiful Part About This Is…’ in his pre-Idol days. Both songs are available for purchase on iTunes.

Click on the image to listen to the interview on the station’s website:


Interview on youtube:

Credit: Archiedorable

Credit: TrueFan4EverBACK

Combination of phone clip and HQ clip:

Credit: x0mGiLuVDaViDAx

Combination snippet with lyrics:

Credit: musicis4david

MP3 download (credit: @raz_)

AI Now announces a July 26 radio add date for the single; click below to enter:

SBL generates more buzzzzzzz

American Idol Brasil and MTV Brasil has the phone and HQ snippets playing on-loop:

HQ snippet also posted on: MJ’s Big Blog and We Are Pop Slags

Oh, lookie, an email from David Archuleta himself… which we all know is really Jive, but hey, they’re getting their act together for this single:

This is really exciting! David Archuleta’s new single “Something ‘Bout Love” gets a definite airplay date on the radio according to FMQB (Friday Morning Quarterback, a trade magazine which covers the radio and music industry in the United States)!

Here’s the article from FMQB’s website :

A big thanks to @ShellDAfan for finding this amazing piece of news and posting it on the David Beyond Borders Forum :

From @GGordonLiddy:

@DavidArchie it was a pleasure talking to you today here is our interview

Listen here:

Radio America interview

Oh, there’s more, courtesy of @nareejo:

Radio America interview Part 1

Radio America interview Part 2

Something ‘Bout Love

By Pamela Pike

Oh say can you see……..David Archuleta’s single is out! At least 30 seconds of it anyway. Do we all feel better now? Yes-sir-ree!! Even from the poor quality off our cell phones, I love it!

It brings me back to the summers of my teens looking for friends along Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), mostly surfers. That catchy tune you can tap your foot to while driving up to the malt/hamburger shack in Newport Beach, California. The radio was blasting so everyone could hear you had great taste in music and hopefully notice the new swim outfit you just purchased.

Laughing and flipping your hair back because that new sun hat had smashed it down in the car. Oh yes, the car your driving had to be the Mustang, or if lucky, the Thunderbird you borrowed from Dad or an older brother. (Hopefully they didn’t notice is was gone)

Every song on the radio talked about love and that’s exactly what we hoped would happen, Something Bout Love! Those glorious summer days!

David Archuleta’s new single brings a catchy, mid-tempo, dance, toe tapping radio friendly song into the 21 century, with all the excitement one could possibly hope for in a new summer single. A song you can feel good by and the hope for all young teenagers that love is in the air.

I predict it will be one of those tunes you will remember the lyrics to and years from now will still be able to hum and sing along to. There will be some who feel it’s not deep enough, not mature enough for some, but David’s vocals on this tune will soar like a kite with a long tail! Let’s make the sales for this single do the same.

Move over CRUSH and get used to being #2! Something Bout Love is in the air!

Great job David, looking forward to the rest of your album.


Jun 292010

So this is something I just found while.. you know.. doing my.. homework, of course! Kidding! Anyway, I don’t know if you have seen this photo already but here:

The Orlando Sentinel, December 10, 1996

Making Safety Count
Getting serious about safety is easy when fun helps lessons along. Safety Day Saturday at Osteen Elementary School brought out Ted E. Bear (above), greeting Robert Yrigollen, safe in arms of grandmother, Virginia Santa Pintel of the ESOL department. There were bike, fire and home safety tips, sheriff’s and fire department talks, videotaping and fingerprinting. Tommy Cauley (right), 11, has his face painted by Julie Creese. Below right are Miriam Cauley and son, Richard, 7, Osteen Elementary, with Claudia Archuleta, 7, and David Archuleta, 5, both of Friendship Elementary.

Update: Miriam Cauley in the bottom picture is Lupe’s sister. That means that Tommy Cauley in the top picture and Richard Cauley in the bottom picture are both David’s cousins!

I really didn’t mind what was the article about. heh. The only thing I noticed  is that even as a kid I think David knew he had to know how to smile when there’s camera around! lol Come on! He was the only one looking there, with FULL smile!


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