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@FanScene @FODFansofDavid @ArchieRX @janey79 Dave is giving away 3 prizes for 3 different winners

@FanScene @FODFansofDavid @ArchieRX @janey79 Prizes: 1)Santa hat 2)30 min Skype session 3)Skull/crossbones CFTH tour T-shirt!

SU2C: 4th prize for donations! Any donation for this challenge to Crush Kids’ Cancer or $25 or more enter lottery fi signed COS!

Donate $25 or more to Crush Kids’ Cancer between Aug 17th and Sept 1st 11:59pm PST and enter lottery for David Archuleta signed COS!

To enter the lottery for the Skull Cross Asparagus T from Dave Filice, donation is $100 minimum (total donations from Aug 17th- Sept1st)

Once you have donated if you want to enter, e-mail me at SU2CArchie@gmail.com and tell me if your donation is $25+, $50+, or $100+

The autographed Cords of strength book is from a generous anonymous donor. The other 3 items are from Dave Filice.

From @pecanpie:

SU2C Auction Crush Kids’ Cancer: Anyone donating $50 or more (total) since Aug 17th is eligible to enter lottery to win supercool gift…

Awesome Dave Filice is offering either: 1)His Santa hat from Westbury (last stop) CFTH tour signed and personalized to winner by Dave Filice

Door #2: Win a 30 minute skype music lesson w/ Dave Filice himself! No kidding! If u donate $50 or more for this challenge you are eligible

This just in…the 30 min skype session with Dave Filice could be a music lesson OR just a one to one skype chat!

Deadline for SU2C challenge is Sept 1st 11:59pm PST. Donate here http://bit.ly/9yJuWn to Crush Kids’ Cancer David Archuleta’s Angels

e-mail me (team captain) at SU2CArchie@gmail.com or contact @BeckyFOD if you would like to enter Crush Kids’ Cancer auction

David Archuleta Finds His Voice

David Archuleta is 19 years old and already has a memoir.  For a normal teenager, this might be absurd.  For a Season 7 American Idol runner-up that has recorded three albums in less than two years after a pre-teen bout of vocal paralysis, it’s not quite so ridiculous.

Like many American Idol participants, Archuleta wants to build a career that lasts longer than the hiatus between Fox’s hit reality show’s seasons.  So the teeny bop heart throb has gotten busy with a less audible mode of communication: the written word.

Archuleta released his book, Chords of Strength, earlier this summer.  He also collaborated on lyrics for his upcoming album, Other Side of Down.  For more on the pop singer’s budding career, watch the video interview here…


VIDEO: David Archuleta Moves Beyond American Idol

On youtube:

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Original source – Six Flags New England Facebook

WATCH: David Archuleta Tells Us What He Notices FIRST About a Girl!

When we sat down with cutie David Archuleta at Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day, we HAD to ask him what he notices first about a girl! Watch the video and see what he had to say! We’re not going to lie, his answer made our hearts melt! We love that David is so sweet AND so sensitive.


J-14 Exclusive: David Archuleta’s 14-Second Diary

J-14 caught up with David Archuleta at Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day on Saturday before he took the stage with Demi Lovato, the Jonas Brothers, Shontelle, and Allstar Weekend. Onstage, David sang his first hit, “Crush,” as well as his new single “Something ‘Bout Love” off of his upcoming album, The Other Side of Down (out October 5). Check out our exclusive video below — David practiced again and again until he cut his diary down to exactly 14 seconds — to hear all about David’s crazy day!


The Zinghoppers love our site and we love them too!!! They love David and are understanding and respectful of his character, values, and even his constraints. We all know he would be on their show in a heartbeat if he could.

Still dreaming of the day when David Archuleta sings and dances with Penelope The Possum (she’s so cute!). But till that day comes, we wish The Zinghoppers all the best in bringing fun and positive shows to pre-schoolers. I don’t have a pre-schooler in my life (yet), but if or when I do, I’ll make sure he/ she is a Zinghopper fan.

- Larissa

From @melisaxoarchie:

David Archuleta will be attending the Stand Up to Cancer show on September 10th at 8pm. http://twitpic.com/2jt0rh

From @jambajim:

What the random! My Emmy credential has a photo of me imitating David Archuleta’s album cover on it. Why @mtvnews why?!!!

The Emmys used THIS pic on my credential: http://on.mtv.com/1OAoQt (At least it wasn’t this: http://on.mtv.com/1rB http://twitpic.com/2jlav5

From @DavidArchie:

Just ran into Bo Bice! Small world haha.

From @thejwmusic:

Hmm, first Bo Bice now David Archuleta just walked in Tin Roof. Is tonight Idol night? Wait, now Jessie James is here.

From @idolsnow:

DAVID ARCHULETA and BO BICE just bumped into each other at the Tin Roof in Nashville. David is in town doing radio promotion for new single.

From @Archiecrat:

http://www.tinroofbars.com/Home/Nashville This is where David is. they’re serving ribs and pig skins tonight!

Credit: ArchuletaCentre

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