The baby girl in the orange jumpsuit has grown up a little! As we bid farewell to David’s guitarist Mike Krompass, here’s a photo of David with Mike’s daughter I haven’t seen before:


Source (Thanks, Shanny, for the find and the info!)

From @sonymusicmy:

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From @omygoshashley:

RT @Loogbua: @DavidArchie This morning I turn on the radio by accident and it’s ‘TOSOD’ @ 8.55 am – 107.00 FM :D < Thailand

While watching MYX Philippines, we caught accidentally our pet named “Perry” undisturbed watching David Archuleta’s new song and considered perry as the number one fan of David Archuleta. Just enjoy watching it!

Credit: Jhoy2286

Credit: totoroarchie

Oct 312010

From @DavidArchie:

Hahaha just saw that #tosod is trending! Thanks you guys!! Hope you are enjoying the new album The Other Side of Down!

From @HanneDenmark:

It was fantastic bringing @DavidArchie‘s #TOSOD to #3 on TT – Archies truely are GO GETTERS – and it’s a GOOD PLACE here with them :)

Credit: 0o0bluedots0o0

David Archuleta drops another crazy single entitled “Falling Stars”. Pop artist David Archuleta released their “Falling Stars” song in Oct, 2010. We just love the song “Falling Stars” (a Thumbs Up)! OMG, this song is fresh out of the oven! This single has just been released and is going to hit the charts. Push the ‘play’-button and enjoy!

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Source: Music Remedy

From @alfredoherz:

Learning 11 songs for my first rehearsal with David Archuleta in 3 days.

From @mikekmusic:

Just found out from fans that I’m being replaced in Archuleta’s band, nice :)

@Majanyarchie it’s true and official I am no longer part of Archies band.

Ok, for all you wondering, Yes it’s official I will no longer be @DavidArchie‘s touring guitar player, I had a great time while it lasted now on to new adventures, David is a true talent and a pleasure to work with.

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