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David Archuleta fans! Listen to Kosi 101.1 this week at 8am & 1pm (me) to score a 4-pack of free tix for Jingle Jam.

Listen to KOSI here.

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Excerpt from ABS-CBN:

During her guesting on “Billboard’s Live Q&A,” the issue came up after a fan, who noted how Charice sings with so much emotion, asked if she is thinking of Archuleta whenever she performs a love song.

The Filipino songstress replied: “What a question, what a question. First of all, I’m friend with David Archuleta and he is a great guy. Second, singing love songs with emotion, I think it’s part of being a singer. Every time you sing, you should feel the song even if you’re not in love. You just have to undestand the words.”

“What I do is every time I sing a love song, I’m adapting myself to the song. If it’s a sad song, what if these words happen to me, what if I fail?”

Charice stressed that she always dedicates her performances to her friends and family, but never to a special someone.

“If it’s a love song, I dedicate it to my friends and family but not David Archuleta,” she laughingly clarified.

The host asked if she has a secret romance with Archuleta.

“Oh no, no, no,” Charice quickly said.

The host commented: “A love connection, but not in romantic way.”

Watch the audio here.

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David Archuleta Karaoke Contest Winners Announced!

It was incredibly tough for Archie to sift through all of your talented entries for the David Archuleta Karaoke contest and narrow it down to just one grand prize winner. But there was one contestant that really shined above the rest, Jessamine!

Her amazing voice is highlighted by her inventive use of props and the support of her friends as background actors. Watch her winning entry here.

Congratulations Jessamine! We hope that your VIP Meet and Greet with Archie is unforgettable!

And let’s give a round of applause to our runner-up, Troy. With his creative use of note cards coupled with a chipper assistant in his rendition of “Elevator”, he earned himself a close second place. View his performance by clicking here.

And just for kicks, click here to listen to this swoon-worthy rendition of “Crush” byBeau Waskom, one of our many talented third-place finalists. You can check out the rest of the third place winners here.

Give yourselves a big pat on the back contestants!

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If you haven’t already you can sign this birthday card for @DavidArchie :) Deadline will be Dec. 10. http://bit.ly/f84InT

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David Archuleta Kicks Off Our New Web Series, “My Day My Life”!

David Archuleta gave us an exclusive look at a day in his life. But we’re not talking about just any random day. He let our cameras—including our Flip cam, pictured left—tag along the day his latest album, The Other Side of Down, was released. Major! Watch David go from the bedroom (cutest bed head ever) to the green room and everything in between as the American Idolrunner-up kicks off our brand-new web series, “My Day My Life.”

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