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Other Side of Down

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Falling Stars

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Banter before Falling Stars

He was preparing to perform Falling Stars, so cute when he said: I’m short so when I sit I can’t reach the keyboard.

Beginning of Falling Stars

Falling Stars


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Other Side of Down

Falling Stars

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Falling Stars


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Falling Stars

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Other Side of Down


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Elevator (partial)

Crush (partial)

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Meeting David

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Popping a balloon

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Getting David’s autograph

Walking to his limo

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From Mike Scott’s Blog:

Pix from David Archuleta’s Clovis appearance

Welcome to Clovis!  That’s David Archuleta – getting ready for his free accoustic mini-concert Wednesday night at Sierra Vista Mall.

Y101 sponsored the concert.

And thanks to David Archuleta for being so warm and genuine!  I tried to show him our pictures after we took them, but he said he doesn’t like looking at himself!  He really is as shy as he comes across on TV.


David Archuleta performs a free concert in Clovis

Teen pop star David Archuleta, who finished as runner-up in the 2008 season of “American Idol,” performs in a free show in the center court at Sierra Vista Mall Wednesday, November 3, 2010. People started lining up early in the morning for the 5:45 pm show despite the late notice. The concert is another free concert put on by radio station KWYE (FM, 101.1), which has put on similar “unplugged” shows around town with Backstreet Boys, Sugar Ray and, most recently, Gin Blossoms.

Source: KMPH Fox 26

From KMPH Fox 26:

David Archuleta Takes the Stage in Clovis

The sites and sounds of teenage hysteria hit the Sierra Vista Mall Wednesday as season 7 runner-up of Fox’s American Idol, David Archuleta, ran onto stage in front of about a thousand fans.

“It’s so cool to see the fans and see their support and see that they have a good time listening to the songs. I like to see that music does something for people like it has for me in my life,” Archuleta told us.

They drove from near.

They drove from far.

Some drove for hours.

And they got there early for front row spots.

For little Nevaeh Lanshaw and her brother Christopher, Archuleta’s music is a must-have on the road.

“He’s very talented and we like to sing his songs too,” Nevaeh said.

“He’s really close to God and he’s really spiritual and he’s just really nice,” Christopher said.

The American Idol favorite says unplugged shows like this give him a chance to really connect with his fans and promote his sophomore album.

“It shows more of me and my personality. I’m a dorky person. So I just wanted to keep it fun and lighthearted,” Archuleta said.

David sang several of his songs, then signed autographs for his fans.

And David says, aside from the fans, the sunshine was a definite high note.

“Fresno welcomed me with such nice weather. I’m so happy about it. It’s nice and sunny, getting some vitamin D out there,” he said.

Wednesday’s concert was put on by Y101.

David says after his trip to Clovis, he’s heading down to Los Angeles and then Asia next week to continue promoting his new album.

From Alfredo Herz’s MySpace:

Current mood:  blissful
Hi, everyone!
Yesterday I played my first show with American Idol’s David Archuleta, which was the start of a short tour. The dates keep adding, so I am unable to know exactly where we will be. The best source for that information is David’s website:
I am incredibly excited about this opportunity. David is unbelievably talented as well as a great guy, and his management is overwhelmingly friendly and organized. At this time I consider myself one of the luckiest guys on the planet.
Hope to see you at some of the shows!

From @DavidArchie:

Had a really awesome time tonight! Really sorry I couldn’t get to everyone to sign stuff but thanks to everyone who came!!

From @alfredoherz:

Just got back to Los Angeles after playing my first show with David Archuleta in Fresno. What an amazing time!

From @MelindaWEG:

Next stop Los Angeles!! Great day with @DavidArchie

Great to meet all the @DavidArchie fans today. Thanks for saying hello!

From @Sierravistamall:

@ck_foto Great photos!! So nice to meet you tonight! @DavidArchie was a fun show!

@DavidArchie We had the best time!! Thank you so much for playing here!!

From @Y101Miggy:

@DavidArchie Thanks so much for coming out boss :)

From @postalidol:

Awww! Didn’t get @DavidArchie ‘s autograph. That’s ok. His people took him away & u can see he was really upset he did not get 2 everyone :(

From @xMichelle_1990x:


@heyitseme His manager lady person said he’s going 2 L.A.

met @DavidArchie David Archuleta at the fresno airport! Nice guy!

From @sasquatter:

@DavidArchie funny how the groupies followed and watched you check in for your flight. Some of us are lucky and work here lol.

From @Sarah13Bellin:


From @Shell_eeeyyy:

I said have fun in hong kong and he said philipines

I love David Archuleta:) he said he’s going to the philipenes tonight

I love how he played the keyboard with just one hand in some parts! Lol

From @janey79:

Told @DavidArchie that a lot of fans got MoTab tix and we’d see him in Dec. He was :) ))

From @lulu2054:

@davidarchie LOVED THE MINI CONCERT TODAY AT SIERRA VISTA!!!! sad that you left early and never got to have your autograph :(

From @smileymichelle:

pEOPLE were pulling in David!!!!!! When he was leaving.. I felt like cryng :( ((

David is too sweet. When he popped the balloon yesterday he told the little kid he would get them another one … Haha I have video of it. I will post it tonight…

From @MomTerryLady:

My granddaughter met David Archuleta today here in Clovis (Fresno) & got his autograph! She says had great skin & is even cuter in person!

Fan Photos










From @DavidArchie:

So some kid who apparently likes my sister gave her a cutting board as a gift. He made it in woodshop. How interesting… haha.

It’s not that bad of a cutting board.

Nov 032010

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From @davidarchie:

Having a good time at the @ladyantebellum concert with my sisters. They’re sounding great!

From @sonymusicsg:



Alrighty, we need to hear you scream, cheer, yell and shout coz you’ve heard it right! Singing sensation, David Archuleta will be coming to Singapore! Here’s what’s in store for you!

David Archuleta Showcase:

David Archuleta will be gracing the SingTel Nokia N8 event, happening on the 14th of November, from 5.30pm at Zouk. For more details on how you can get to be part of this exclusive event, log on to!

David Archuleta Autograph Session:

Happening on the 15th of November at Bugis Junction, 7pm! Simply present your copy of “The Other Side Of Down” and you’ll be THAT much closer to getting the autograph of this charming popstar on your album!

Surely you wouldn’t want to miss out on such and exciting line-up, so hurry on and start securing your chance to be part of these exciting events!

From Sony Music Malaysia Facebook:

From @AnnieDAFG:

According to management Jakarta is no longer a stop on David Archuleta’s upcoming Asia visit. Possible Philippines date still in works.

From MelindaWEG:

@vaniarchie unfortunately schedule changed and that is no longer a stop. But we will be back hopefully in the future [in reply to]


@MelindaWEG heyy I really want to know. Is david really coming to Jakarta?? And when?? XD

From @Radio_913:

Comin’ up in one lil bit…. Details on David Archie’s priority passes for his autograph session :) WHO WANTS IT???!!


David Archuleta at Jefferson Pointe

Majic 95.1 invites you to participate in the Majical Day of Giving, November 20th at Jefferson Pointe. Buy a shopping ticket from your favorite non-profit group, then shop that day and receive discounts at participating stores. In addition, stay for the tree lighting that evening at 7pm featuring special guest star David Archuleta of American Idol fame! David, along with Santa Claus, will light the Christmas tree and then treat everyone to a mini concert! Listen to Majic 95.1 to win up front viewing or meet and greet passes. It’s the Majical day of Giving November 20th with David Archuleta in concert from Jefferson Pointe and Majic 95.1!
Immediately following his set, David will be signing CDs. The CDs must be purchased at Barnes & Noble (Jefferson Pointe) that day. At the time of purchase, you will receive a wrist band. YOU MUST HAVE A WRIST BAND TO GET YOUR CD SIGNED. Only one CD/wrist band per person will be allowed. There is a 400 person limit to the signing. Barnes & Noble opens up at 9am that morning.

Source: WAJI Majic 95.1FM

From @djgrahamy:

attending Nov 20th @DavidArchie concert? want to know whats at Jefferson Pointe?? read my new blog!!

From WAJI MAJIC 95.1 FM:

David Archuleta is Mr. Confidence

Posted by Kat at 9:39 am
Nov 022010

The slow mo walk….


From @Radio_913:

David Archuleta Fan’s Listen Into the Hot 30 Countdown at 8:30pm tonight for the information you have been waiting for!

1st Archuleta Surprise, David Archuleta will be talking to the Married Men 15th of November

From @QueenieDahilan:

SG Archies – If you haven’t already vote for Falling Stars & Elevator on Radio 91.3, pls do VOTE now! Ty!

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