David Archuleta was fantastic at the Fox New Year’s Eve Live show at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. What a great way to wind up 2010!! :D

It’s so cool how David always gives his all to his performances…Nothing like it!

The Other Side of Down:

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From Pop Boi:

David Archuleta On Fox’s New Year’s Eve Live Special

I missed this one on New Year’s because I was watching ABC for their lineup, however one of my personal pop fave’s, David Archuleta, performed two songs from his latest album The Other Side of Down to help Fox ring in the New Year in Las Vegas. Unfortunately Archie is another underrated pop artist; his albums have both featured solid offerings in terms of radio-ready pop song construction. His choruses are as sweet as he is, and he could sell a record on his charm alone, though that voice is certainly a great bonus. David performed the title track, as well as ‘Elevator;’ I love both of these songs and David did really great, so check out the performances in case you missed them!

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Good Day Atlanta :

My Fox Boston :

On youtube:

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Cool videos of David coming out to meet fans and sign autographs after the show at The Grove, Anaheim.

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Here are some great pictures from the Henderson, NV signing that David had yesterday.

From @mellowdeeLEE :

From @infect_kid :

Aww. cute! :)

From @iBeatrizz :

From @Heather4JT :


David Archuleta is ready to ring in the New Year in Vegas! He’ll be a part of “New Year’s Eve Live,” airing this Friday on Fox. With the new album, “The Other Side of Down,” out in stores this year…he’s still not done celebrating! We talked to David and he told us that this album was challenging because he got a lot more involved with the writing this time around. This album is extra special for him since it signifies the end of his teen years and it really is, as he put it, “introducing David.” His goal was really to keep it positive and to continue to make people feel good when they listen to his music. The great thing about David is how much he adores his fans. It’s simple for him though, he says that what means the most to him is their continued support. He’s thankful that they just enjoy what he’s doing and they enjoy the music. He hopes to celebrate with a few of his fans on New Year’s Eve because he is counting down the seconds to 2011!

And yes, he may be psyched but he’s not going to lie…he’s a little nervous about performing live.

You can listen to 2 audio snippets from the Fox All Access interview with David HERE


EXCLUSIVE: David Archuleta Says He’ll Spend his First New Year’s Eve Away from his Family

David Archuleta is all grown up. During season 7 of American Idol he may have been one of the youngest contestants ever to compete, but the pop star just turned 20 on Tuesday. And to top things off, on December 31st, when he performs alongside Travie McCoy for FOX’s New Year’s Eve Live at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, he’ll be spending his first New Year’s Eve away from his family.

“They’ll be back home celebrating with each other,” says Archuleta when asked if he would be joined by his family at the Mandalay Bay on NYE. “Last year I was with my aunt and cousins, so I guess it was still family. So yeah, this will be the first time [away],” he explains.

The singer admits it’s not easy being away from your loved ones during the holidays, but adds that it’s something he’s had to get used to in his career. “I love being with family,” he says. “Especially now with all the traveling and stuff, you’re not at home as much, so you don’t get to see them all that often. I try to make an effort to see them as much as I can.”

This will not, however, be Archie’s first time in Vegas. “Actually, I have been there a lot,” he says. “Because we would go to Las Vegas as a family for vacation and I also have family in Las Vegas too.”

The live special, which will be broadcasting from the famous Times Square ball drop in New York City, and the Mandalay Bay, will air on FOX and is being hosted by Nancy O’Dell. Archuleta says he’s not sure which songs he’ll be performing for the show.

“I tend to change my mind,” he says with a laugh. “But I’ll be performing a couple of songs from my new album, The Other Side of Down. I plan to sing a song called, ‘Elevator.’ They asked me to keep it uptempo, so I’m just going to do it in a ‘David’ way.”

Anaheim Pictures!

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Dec 302010

Here are a few pictures from David Archuleta’s Grove of Anaheim, CA concert!

From @SmileyMichelle :

From @MelindaWEG :

From @itsbanabee :

Thanks so much for the pictures!

Awesome stuff. So so happy for everyone who went!! :D

Set-list: SBL, OSOD, TMH, TBWY, ALTNOY, PandA, Angels (on baby grand), MH, Elevator, PAP, TFN, Complain, FS, MKOP (on piano), STR, encore: Crush (on piano)









STR (partial)

Crush (partial)

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Complain and (partial) FS


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Jerry’s twitcast of the show


Meet-and-greet photos on David Archuleta’s official Facebook, but I just gotta post one of them – the one of David and our editor, the ever beautiful Aishwarya_aura!!!

From @Sarah13Bellin:

OMG such a big body guard!! Look at the size of that dudes hand on Davids back! :O (via @SmileyMichelle) http://twitpic.com/3l54t3

Closer view of David & THE GIANT BODY GUARD!! D: “TO INFINITY & BEYOND!” (via @SmileyMichelle) http://twitpic.com/3l56oa

From @DavidArchie:

Thanks for all the Sprinkles cupcakes and gifts you guys! haha looking forward to the show tonight! http://plixi.com/p/66526896

Had an awesome time at the show tonight in Anaheim! Thanks to everyone who came!

From @alfredoherz:

Back at the hotel from the show. It went great! Thanks to everyone who came out!

From @kariontour:

The kid is eating the pizza! Thanks @TheBaubShow! It was great seeing you!!

From @JOHN_AF:

RT @itsbanabee: Omg :’) http://twitpic.com/3l42vo <–David signing autographs after the concert

From @TheBaubShow:

For everyone wondering, yes I gave David 3 goat cheese pizzas, but he has to take them home and cook them :-)

From the Grove of Anaheim's Official Website :
“American pop singer-songwriter, David Archuleta, will be returning to the Grove of Anaheim on Wednesday, December 29.

David Archuleta won the hearts of America after his second place finish on the seventh season of American Idol. As one of the youngest contestants to appear on the show, he enjoyed instant fame and success. In August of 2008, David Archuleta released his first single “Crush”. His self-titled debut album reached number two on the Billboard 200 chart. His recently released second album, The Other Side of Down, features hits such as, “Elevator” and “Falling Stars.”

His angelic voice and inspiring song lyrics make David Archuleta one of the most popular pop singers of his time. Along with being a profound role model in today’s society, he also released “Christmas from the Heart” which debuted at number two on the seasonal chart behind Bob Dylan.

With inspiration from his Latin-influenced childhood along with his appreciation for gospel, pop, rock and soul, David Archuleta is a dynamic artist who appeals to a wide variety of audiences.”

The show starts at 8:30 pm PST.
To David, and to everyone going, have an amazing time!!! :D

Dec 292010


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