It seems like there might be a few more pressing issues the House could have tackled in their first week of general session, but then again, maybe Utah doesn’t have any problems. I wouldn’t mind being a politician in a state where the most pressing issue is inventing state symbols.

So, in order to save our dear legislators time and energy, we at The Daily Universe have come up with a few more state symbols that go beyond already-established classics such as the state cooking pot (Dutch oven) and the state folk dance (square dance).

State celebrity: David Archuleta. Jimmer is awesome, but Randy Jackson hasn’t told him, “Dude, it was the bomb,” yet.

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Translation from @AnnieDAFG:

“No worries, everything is going to be fine. LOVE: your crush turned out to not be as awesome as you thought. Now you have to make a decision. FOLLOW: you’re super creative! BEWARE: don’t let others determine what is right for you.”

From @wendynjAFAC:

We are up to 188 bricks!! 200 would complete the pathway and if we get more than 200 , they will start wrapping it around the school !

Cool fact from RSO. it took 9 months at the beginning of the campaign to sell 160 bricks. There have been nearly 180 in 1 WEEK! AMAZING!

David appears at 1:05.

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David’s Dosa Binge

Who can forget the cute sixteen-year-old David Archuleta charming both judges and audiences on the seventh season of American Idol? The youngest ever contestant went on to become the runner-up in the contest and is now in the country to support a cause close to his heart — leprosy — and plans to visit various parts of the south to spread awareness and gather support.
“A close family friend of mine had once showed me a video on leprosy. I was shocked to see those images because I thought leprosy doesn’t exist in our times. I shared my views with my fans and they’re the ones who collected funds for me,” says David.
David who was on his way to meet the family says, “I’m looking forward to meeting people here and I hope I’m able to do some good for them.”
When asked how he manages his singing career and education, the 20-year-old singer says, “I guess it just happens by itself. But more than anything else it is the attitude that matters.” But amidst all the tours and interaction, David confesses, “The only Indian word I’ve learned is dosa.” So does that mean that the international singing sensation is smitten by the South Indian dish, we wonder. “Oh, I simply love dosas and the different kinds of chutneys,” he replies enthusiastically. “Even back in America, Indian dishes are on the top of my list whenever I have plans to eat out.”
Quiz him about Bollywood, however, and he confesses, “I haven’t seen any Indian movie yet and I plan to watch one soon. I recently discovered a theatre in Los Angeles where they screen Bollywood movies and I plan to go there.”
But this doesn’t mean that he is oblivious to the Indian music scene. “I have heard a lot of Indian music and I like listening to Lata Mangeshkar and A.R. Rahman,” he reveals. So will there be any Hindi music on his agenda anytime soon? “I would love to try but I don’t want to slaughter Indian words! But, the idea sounds interesting and I might just give it a shot,” he concludes.

David Archuleta in Chennai

A popular star hotel in the city was the venue for a special performance, featuring a singing sensation, who didn’t need an introduction, — David Archuleta. The young American heartthrob was welcomed with cheerful hoots, whistles and hollers that bordered on frenzy.

Music lovers of all ages thronged to get up close and personal with David, who was more than happy to indulge his audiences. Accompanying David on this musical journey were Broadway artist Shaun Parry and celebrated choreographer Stacey Tookey.

The guests treated themselves to a fine spread of appetisers as conversations flowed freely during the serene evening. With great music and dance to boot, the partygoers had a blast of a night.

Source: The Times of India

Many of you have said you cannot access Aishwarya’s Facebook so here are all the photos!

More photos of Aish with David and Lupe:

From @TheNZArchAngel:

David sang SOT with the kids from RSO..hauntingly beautiful. I became emotional and he looked at me a few times. His eyes were sparkly too!

@AnnieDAFG Annie Thanks so much!! It was the most amazing time ever!! Also I told D that I’m from NZ and he was like “Wow! Cool!” haha

This is very old news the way Archu-things go around here. Skip over it and don’t bother with it! :)

2010 Portrait Top 30 Under 30 Chosen By YOU!

It’s that time of the year again – Portrait’s Top 30 Under 30 for the year as voted by YOU! We had so many nominees that in a Portraitfirst, we had to narrow down the nominees and do two rounds of voting! The Top 60 itself gathered almost 43 000 votes in total! So who made it and who didn’t? Read on and find out in the 2010 Portrait Top 30 Under 30 as chosen by YOU!

#5. Beyond Idol: David Archuleta

Born:December 28 1990

2010 was David Archuleta’s chance to break free of his American Idol runner up tag and that he did. David released his second album The Other Side of Downin October, where he co-wrote almost every song! We couldn’t stop grooving along to the first single off it “Something About Love”!

What’s Next: Now that The Other Side of Down has been released, it’s time for David to get it out there by releasing more tracks of it and going on tour. We can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve!

More David in Portrait Magazine:
David Wallpapers
David siggys

Full article: Portrait magazine

I read this on Snarky Archies and found it too amusing not to share. It is a site that allows you to mix any artist’s song of your choice. Go to, type in David Archuleta, and you’ll get a list of his songs to play around with, including Pat-a-pan, Zero Gravity, ALTNOY, You Can and Save The Day. You can adjust the pitch to make David into a high-pitched girly soprano, or a low bassist rumble. You can mix songs together, and even apply special sound effects and play the song backwards! I quite enjoyed playing ZG with PAP. Have fun!

Jan 312011

This PDF was posted on Planet Hunkerdown a year ago, which is Beebee’s blog (bless her and hope that she gets well and comes back soon!). But I saw it recently on twitter and thought of bringing it up. It is funny and deserves to be tucked away as a treasured Archu-collection.

Here are some of my favorite random ArchuFacts:

#7 When David Archuleta looks in the mirror nothing appears. There can never be a second David Archuleta.

#10 When David Archuleta enters a room, he doesn’t turn the lights on, he turns the dark off.

#16 Contrary to popular belief, David Archuleta, not the box jellyfish of northern Australia, is the most dangerous creature on earth. Within 3 seconds of hearing his voice, a human female experiences the following symptoms: fever, blurred vision, rash, sweating, and the sensation of being repeatedly kicked through a car windshield.

#20 Teddy bears are threatening a strike because David Archuleta is getting more hugs than they are.

#27 David Archuleta has enough star power to keep the lights on at every Motel 6 in the USA.

#32 It takes Rachel Ray 30 minutes to cook a meal. It takes David Archuleta 2.1 milliseconds to cook Rachel Ray into a thud burger.

#34 Rearranging the letters of David Archuleta spells A CLEAR DIVA: THUD!

#35 Unlike Luke Skywalker, David Archuleta doesn’t need to “use The Force.” David Archuleta is The Force.

#38 In his spare time, David Archuleta was the original Latino Power Ranger. Not the actor. The actual Power Ranger.

#62 Dinosaurs went extinct because of the David Archuletasaurus.

#67 David Archuleta can light the Olympic Torch with his eyes.

#77 David Archuleta actually isn’t short; you only perceive him to be so because your mind cannot handle that much awesome.

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