Many of you have said you cannot access Aishwarya’s Facebook so here are all the photos!

More photos of Aish with David and Lupe:

From @TheNZArchAngel:

David sang SOT with the kids from RSO..hauntingly beautiful. I became emotional and he looked at me a few times. His eyes were sparkly too!

@AnnieDAFG Annie Thanks so much!! It was the most amazing time ever!! Also I told D that I’m from NZ and he was like “Wow! Cool!” haha

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  2. even my frnd visited chennai to meet him
    here are some photos she took…

  3. Thanks, Anmol. But when I clicked on that link, it said “content unavailable”.

  4. lovely pictures..!!! Thanks for sharing them with us :) ;)

  5. Fantastic write-up…thank you for sharing your experience…it is so much fun to travel the world with David! :)

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