There’s a story that accompanies the above picture of Reiko’s hubby surprising her with a trip to MB:

Reiko is a very enthusiastic Japanese Archie living in Guam. It was her very first David’s live concert. Her family was traveling around main land for their summer vacation and was in Mississippi on May 27. At that time she had no plan to go to South Carolina and had to go to San Francisco on May 29. It was her husband who made her dream suddenly come true. He secretly booked the early morning flight on May 28, flew to North Carolina and drove her down to Myrtle Beach. They were there only 4 hours but fully enjoyed this very special full concert. He also took several videos and pictures of David just for her. Her live report Part 1 is here and you can enjoy some photos, too. (Part 1 is just before the concert begins and we do not know how many parts will follow :) , sorry all written in Japanese.)

Courtesy of AFS. Part 2 is here.


From @MyMyrtleBeach:

Check out this great pic from @davidarchie #MBMayfest concert Sat. with @skywheelmb in background #myr

Owly Images

Source: emily4archie’s flickr

Source: maddiejogirl’s photobucket

Source: I Be TinaB’s flickr


See more awesome photos on Hannah Snarski’s Facebook and Myrtle Beach’s Facebook.

Set-list (credit: HeatherDiane89 from AFS)

Ticket prices*: VIP 4,500 Patron 4,000, Lower Box 3,500, Upper Box A 2,500, Upper Box B 1,500, and General Admission 500

*Ticket prices subject to Ticketnet service charge.

For more information please call Ticketnet 9115555 or Ovation Productions 5328883

Tickets will be out tomorrow, May 31

Source: David Archuleta live in Manila! Facebook

From @ovationprod:

David Archuleta ticket prices: VIP 4.5k, Patron 4k, Lower Box 3k, Upper A 2.5k, Upper B 1.5k, and Gen Ad 500. Reserved seating until Upper A

David Archuleta tickets out tomorrow through all Ticketnet outlets. Please call 9115555 starting tomorrow for more info.

David Archuleta tickets out now! Please call Ticketnet at 9115555 for more info.

From @TheBigDome:

Ticket reservations are valid for 24 hours only. After making your reservation please proceed to any Ticketnet outlets to claim your ticket

Ticket prices are OUT now!! David Archuleta live in Manila! Who’s excited for it? Win possible MEET AND GREET PASSES here on Astroplus!

Source: Astroplus Facebook


Elevator is still going up this coming July 26 – Tuesday , please make sure you have marked the date even though is a week day . We have been having this “crush” on him for a long time already and I am sure he will return some love to us in Malaysia. Stay tuned !

Source: Sony Music Malaysia Facebook

From Sony Music Malaysia’s Facebook:

Elevator is going up , please keep Tuesday 26 July night free as we will have something special for everyone , please stay tuned !

May 292011

Raw UNEDITED interview with David Archuleta. More to come later.

Credit: TV33south


David and his band really rocked it at the Myrtle Beach Mayfest event!!! 😀 It was David’s first full out show after a while, and excitement was in the air! And David officially introduced his band!

Just want to say many thanks to the lovely Trish for Ustream-ing the entire set, and to the awesome fansites Fans of David and AFS for setting it up! <3 And thanks to all the Arch Angels for being there, also for sending us updates from the event! Love you all!

Click here to go to Trish’s Ustream channel.

We’ll post pictures and videos as they become available.


D sang 16 songs!!

In this order: Stomping The Roses, The Other Side of Down, A Little Too Not Over You, Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” , Something ‘Bout Love, Touch My Hand, My Kind of Perfect, A Thousand Miles, Daniel Bedingfield’s “Gotta Get Thru This” and The Police’s “Message in the Bottle” mashup, My Hands, Paul McCartney’s “Blackbird”, Falling Stars, Works For Me, Complain, Elevator, and the encore song is Crush 🙂

@DavidArchie :

Performing at Myrtle Beach’s Mayfest at 8 PM tonight!

Gonna be going up on stage soon!

@KOKO21 :

David soon! Band on stage. It’ a beautiful night

Picture from @KOKO21 :

From @rhiminee :

First video! Stomping The Roses :

Credit: Jonerzz

Brace yourselves you guys..

More awesome vids from jonerzz on youtube :

The Other Side of Down:

Everybody Wants To Rule The World :

Something ‘Bout Love :

Works For Me:


My Kind of Perfect:

My Hands:


Gotta Get Through This + band intro

Elevator (partial):

And great video from emilyluvsarchie! :


Gotta Get Thru this + band intro :

Falling Stars:


Touch My Hand:

My Kind of Perfect:



A Thousand Miles:

My Hands:

Works For Me:

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

From lmf1479 :

Everybody Wants To Rule The World :

From emily4archie:

STR, OSOD, ALTNOY, Everybody Wants to Rule the World




From luckynorris123:





GGTT and band intro:

From ShelleyFOD:



Blackbird and FS

From batbogeyhexer:



From TV33south:

Everybody Wants to Rule the World


From YouCanCallMeTina:


From 8throwcenter:

Everybody Wants to Rule the World


My Hands








GGTT + band intro

From suttygal:


Blackbird and FS

GGTT + band intro

From davidfankimbee:



From hazeleyd71:


Everybody Wants to Rule the World



From reiko11394:


GGTT + band intro




Download MP3’s HERE (credit: jackryan4DA)

Download MP3’s (credit: @jenleighbarry)

Download MP3’s on Fanscene (credit: Ally)

Everybody Wants To Rule The World MP3 (trimmed) (credit: @fa3ryg1rl)

Blackbird MP3 (trimmed) (credit: @fa3ryg1rl)

From @TV33South:

Here at David Archuleta’s concert now. Just did his version of Everyone Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears. Excellent!


No words! The band was incredible, he had so much energy & sounded awesome! Crowd great too!



ROFL!! A lil girl jus dropped her glasses in front of D & he picked em up & gave em back to her during My Hands!

Black Bird by Paul McCartney!!!! DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They interrupted the show twice to announce that there was a missing child. They found both kids. D told kids to stay w/ parents!! SO CUTE!!

I’ve never seen D skip so much on stage!!! He’s a skipper!!!


Heeyyyyy Peeps!! Rise & Shine Clementine!!!! Ok… Some great moments from last night! Hmmm?.. other than the ENTIRE FLIPPIN SHOW… —->>>

Black Bird… Well, you saw the vids. Nuthin’ else to be said there. Just AMAZING! EWTRTW…Never wud have thunk but you cud tell D believes in EVERY word he was singin’. Hmmm? Wonder why? Anyway… D picking up the lil’ girls glasses during My Hands. The band intro’s were so fun!

You cud tell D is really proud of them. *squishes*. On one of the songs Brian did this lil’ solo & D looked at the audience, pointed at Brian as if to say “check this guy out”. So cute!! David is always funny explaining MKOP. That audience “gasp” when they find out he’s never had a girlfriend is funny! D was like “it’s ok… I’m jus taking my time”. When the peeps came on stage, yanked the mic out of D’s hand… to announce the missing child… D looked so like “huuuuhhh??” But got right back on track after the interruptions! D gave it up for Scotty and Lauren at the show. He asked the audience if we were happy w/ who won. Audience screamed. As a joke he askwd if we weren’t happy who won. Audience was quiet. Hehe! Awwww… D… that lil’ jokester! The audience participation during Elevator was fun. Heeeyyyeeeyyyeeeyyy…

When D was signing stuff after the show a guy asked for a hug… ROFL. D looked up w/ a look only D cud give & said “how’bout a high five?”

Steven loved my poster… EEEPPP! He took a picture on his phone w/ it. I told Steven that him & the band were amazing! He said they are all really great friends so that really helps! I told him that I was a bit devastated that he didn’t play his Conga’s… *joking*… he said they thought abt it but decided not to. He said maybe at Stadium of Fire! The devastation really set in when Steven told us that SOF peeps are only givin’ D a half hour to perform. Sounds like they are trying to get a lil’ more time tho! Steven has to leave right after that show cuz his Mom is getting married the next day and he is walking her down the aisle. Aaawww… *squishes* … Steven also said they are working on more new covers! EEEEPPPPP!!!

David stayed for a good while after the show & signed stuff for people on both sides of the stage that waited. So sweet! I loved his shirt 2

David came out to meet fans after the show too!

From @zerogravity1:

Nice shirt, David!

Oh and the @DavidArchie tweets!

Had such a fun time tonight in Myrtle Beach!!! So refreshing doing a show again. Thanks to everyone who came!

From @hazeleyd71 :

Last night seeing@DavidArchie perform with his new band and him telling me Happy Birthday was the best present ever ! 40 feels great so far

The Band:

L-R: Ben Shepherd (bass); Brian Green (guitar); Steven J. Robinson (drums); Mark Nilan Jr. (keyboard)


See more photos from TheSunNews.

From MasterclassLady:

MasterClass Video Of The Day: David Archuleta Serenades Myrtle Beach

First of all, a special thank you to the best fans in the world – the David Achuleta fans – for your tweets and emails re David’s recent performance in Myrtle Beach.

These performances of Tears For Fears’ “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” and The Beatles’ “Blackbird” were just exceptional.

As always, David brought his musically skilled and nuanced vocal energy to this Myrtle Beach engagement. This 20-year-old artist sings with such sophistication and poise, always showing enormous respect for the music and the lyrics.

I fell in love with David’s vision for “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”. Sandwiching the main upbeat portion of this number between the slower beginning and end was truly inspired. The “welcome to your life” coming full circle was very well done.

Yet, at the center of both vocal performances, was a refined technical foundation that so many listeners may not truly understand or realize. The relaxation of the knees, the wonderfully sustained vowels, the light, British approach to the “r” consonant, the strong diaphragmatic breathing skills, all blended together to create a magical musical experience.

These videos also gave me an opportunity to hear David in the company of his new band.

And, they are truly excellent. I loved their gentle background vocals during the “Blackbird” number and the skillful musical energy they imparted during “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”.

Their musical talent was a perfect fit for David’s. It is very apparent that all the musicians share an identical musical compass and standard.

It is so comforting to know that some things do not – and should not – change. David, you are a reassuring and constant treasure in our lives, always embracing the highest of standards in your musical journey.

Have a listen and voice your comments. Honestly, both videos will bring a great big grin to your face.

Read Janey’s recap on AFS HERE.

Read Tina and Kimk’s recaps on FOD.

Read Joner’s recap on SnowAngelz.


Online article

May 282011

Credit: dying4bread

Scotty McCreery can thank a fourth judge for clearing his path to becoming the latest “American Idol” — one who didn’t have to critique his singing.

A Los Angeles judge approved a minor’s contract establishing financial protections both McCreery and Lauren Alaina on Monday, two days before fan votes gave the country crooner the show’s topaward. The draft contracts give the first-place winner — McCreery — at least $250,000 in advances for winning the show and recording the first album.

The 17-year-old will earn tens of thousands of dollars more for granting “Idol” partners likeness, merchandise and endorsement rights, and will also receive royalties on any music he releases.

Runner-up Alaina is also set to receive a major payday; the contact approved by Superior Court Judge Marjorie Steinberg calls for the 16-year-old to receive $87,500 for finishing second. The amount would be doubled if Alaina records an album.

Despite the payouts that would be the dream of many high-schoolers, the newly-minted stars are receiving less than another “Idol” phenom who needed her mom’s permission to perform. Season Six winner Jordin Sparks received a contract that guaranteed her a $180,000 advance after the show and another $180,000 after delivering her first album.

Also, in some past seasons, winners were paid a minimum of $100,000 for merchandise rights, records show. Draft merchandise agreements for McCreery and Alaina give him $50,000 and her $40,000.

Judges must sign off on entertainment contracts for minors and ensure that appropriate financial safeguards remain in place until the teens reach adulthood.

Numerous other underage contestants have been featured on the show and advanced to its late stages, including Season Seven runner-up David Archuleta. Draft contracts filed in his minor’s contract petition indicated the payout for winning “Idol” that year was $360,000 total if an album was recorded, and Archuleta was slated to receive an advance of $155,000 for placing second — double that once he produced an album.

The contracts can be extended multiple times to allow “Idol” partners to release multiple albums, and the advance payouts increase each time the contract is renewed.

The teens’ “Idol” contracts and recording deals require the show’s producers and partners to place 15 percent of their gross earnings in a trust account that cannot be touched until after they turn 18 years old.

Full article: Yahoo! News

Credit: Jonerzz

Source: Tr3s

On youtube:

Credit: MaggieAnn54

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