Jul 312011

Before this crusher song topped the charts, it was debuted on the radio. Do you remember the first time you heard it? Do you remember the date? Yes it is today! August 1!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane….

Crush debut day at Z100

He heard the single on the radio on the same day the rest of the world did. His reaction is the cutest! We love you David ♥

Crush first performance at Ford Day

Crush Official MV

C’mon go getters. Let’s wish David a happy #3rdcrushiversary on twitter. Let’s trend this guys.

And let’s continue to support him ALL THE WAY! ^_^


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Jul 312011

I’m still suffering from Archuwithdrawal Syndrome. =( What about you guys? How are you coping? LOL

Anyway here’s a little something to add to your AWS(LOL). Misery loves company. Hahahaha

isn’t he just the cutest? aklzfhdkjfhasdkjhdkgjfhgjfhdsjafs



I’ll never get over AWS. *bawls*. Your fault D for being so amazing and talented and gorgeous inside and out. XD

Thank you ayra of Archuleta Philippines for the heads up. And thanks to whoever took this pic. If you’re the one who took this pic, leave me a message @kat_ap at twitter so i can give you the proper credit. Thanks!!

/goes back to melting due to his amazing eyes and smile…………. ♥

Gadis, which is an Indonesian magazine, features our very own David Archuleta as the cover!

Here are some pics

thank you rowz of Archuleta Philippines for the heads up and @MaryanaArch at twitter for the twitpics ^_^

Jul 292011

Update: This event has been canceled due to the typhoon. :(

The japanese Archies are in for a treat! David’s going to perform at the Futenma Flightline Fair 2011 at Okinawa, Japan! Check out the event created on David’s official Facebook page!!

From the MCCS website:

Saturday, 6 August 2011 / 2 – 10 p.m.
3 p.m. Welcome MC and Giveaway
4 p.m. Arm Wrestling
5:45 p.m. Chijinsyu Wakatida(Eisa & Shi-shi dogs Show)
6:45 p.m. Homeland Okinawa (Rock, Popping & Hip-Hop Dance)
8:15 p.m. David Archuleta with Band
(American Idol 7th Season Runner-Up Pop Singer)

Jul 272011

This is a cool interview.

Credit: FLYfmdotcomdotmy

Oh I am SO in with the idea of David endorsing cereal, water, laptops, and all other basic needs in life! :)

Alas, this was the last show of this Asian Tour!

Falling Stars

Credit: CooKie251975

Credit: annabelledestiny


Credit: CooKie251975

Credit: zique76

Everything and More

Credit: sharyne881

Credit: CooKie251975

Stomping the Roses:

Credit: rusharr

Credit: CooKie251975

Love Don’t Hate:

Credit: AryRMR260711

Credit: sharyne881

Credit: rusharr

My Kind of Perfect:

Credit: allsaints1987

Credit: sharyne881

Credit: CooKie251975

A Thousand Miles:

Credit: allsaints1987

Credit: sharyne881


Credit: rusharr

Credit: CooKie251975

An awesome HD video of David singing Heaven! (MUST WATCH FULL SCREEN) :

Credit: zerogravity111A

The cover songs:

Credit: Stephtan91

Crush (crazy ending! A MUST WATCH TOO)

Credit: rusharr

The Other Side of Down:

Credit: rusharr

Credit: sharyne881

Something ‘Bout Love:

Credit: rusharr

A Little Too Not Over You:

Credit: rusharr

Everybody Wants To Rule The World:

Credit: rusharr

Credit: sharyne881

Credit: CooKie251975

Credit: zique76


Credit: sharyne881

Thanks so much rusharr for these videos!

Part of the Q&A Session And David sang Happy Birthday to Sanjana

David singing Crazy:

Jul 262011

Tidbits: David sings a spanish lullaby that his Mom used to sing to him when he was little :) He talks about collaborating with Eminem. Oh, and David is also the #1 foodie.. #knownfact. And he sure does glow! #anotherknownfact

Credit: ArchuletaAvenueMsia

David Archuleta and the Archies has done it again!!

Number 1 selling CD overall!!! Meaning in all music categories! Way to go david! Way to go archies! <3

thank you @superbuknoy_FOD for the twitpic! <3

Archies let’s celebrate! <3

number 1!!! ♥


From GalaxieBlog.com :

Cutie pie David Archuleta arrived in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon and at a press conference several hours ago, he was presented with a plaque marking his six times platinum status by Sony Music Malaysia and a wau as a souvenir.

David expressed sadness at the news of Amy Winehouse’s sudden passing: “I know she’d gone through a lot and she lived a very difficult life but she has made some great music which has made a huge impact on the music industry. It’s sad to see her go.”

When asked if he ever took drugs, David, although a little surprised by the question given his squeaky clean image, answered it like a pro.

“I can say that that’s something I’m not involved in,” he said. “I try to encourage kids of all ages if there’s something that they’ve become quite addicted to… I do believe that if you’re motivated enough to get out of it, you can get out of it. I just hope that if anyone is struggling with that, I know that they can improve their lives by getting out of it.”

For the concert tomorrow night, David may perform Touch My Hand because he revealed that it was one of his favourite songs. “It’s a song that’s meant to be performed live,” he told the roomful of press and invited fans. “It’s meant to describe what it is like to be on stage and to see the crowd and what it feels like to share that moment with someone there at the show.”

There’s no doubt after today that David loves his Malaysian fans because he distinctly remembers his last trip: “I do remember coming here last time when I did the showcase. I always remember that experience and I remember all the Malaysian fans that were there and were at the airport too. I’m really excited to come and do a full concert in Malaysia because the fans have been very supportive. I’m just preparing many of the popular songs from the albums that are released and a few covers that I like to sing. I just hope that the Malaysian fans enjoy it.”

We’re sure they will David!

For more on the baby-faced singer, read our exclusive interview with David in the 17-31 July issue of Galaxie magazine!

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