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  1. I know this it’s all fun in the archu-land so i am sorry to bring this over here..

    Several people have been killed and many more injured in a bombing today 26th august 2011 at the U.N. building in the central area of the Nigerian capital, Abuja at around 10:15am.There was an explosion, then an internal wall fell on some people, causing several casualties. Rescue officials are at the scene helping to pull people from the rubble. A representative for the National Hospital said it could not confirm casualty numbers yet but there were “many dead” and “many undergoing emergency surgery.”
    There is also a shortage of blood to use in surgery. Hospital staff and relatives of the injured are currently going to the blood bank to donate blood to help out. The Bomb squad officers and other security teams were sent to the scene. The United nations building is home to the main U.N missions operating in Nigeria and may have had as many as 400 people inside. The area is a diplomatic district, with the Liberian and U.S.embassies nearby.. It is not yet clear who was responsible for the attack.
    This is terrible as Nigerian capital Abuja has seen a series of bombings recently and it’s scary cos i live in Abuja. In fact i passed by that building on Monday. I didn’t even feel the blast nor the vibrations as the building is not far from my area & i was still home at the time of this blast..though no one has claimed responsibility but i won’t be surprised if it’s the BOKO HARAM SECT who has unleashed terror lately in the northern parts of Nigeria..the worst thing is that the Nigerian government has been incompetent with the security of lives & properties..just yesterday i & my sister had observed that the military task force deployed around the city has mostly been withdrawn.. God help us in Nigeria cos we certainly don’t know how to handle such crisis situations.

    thank GOD i’m safe.

  2. AJ, thank you for bringing this over. Such horrible things going on in the world :( I am so sorry. So much unrest, it’s really destroying the sense of being. Keeping your country in my prayers, and you too! Please stay safe!! ((hugs))

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