Oct 312011

Yay! David arrived in Hong Kong!! :D

Here are some nice pics from the airport:

Twitpic from @KarlaArchiee via linzro :

From @Jessaminenr :

And Hi, Steven! :)

A tweet from David!

From Angels For A Cause :

Credit: DeseretBook

David Archuleta is being featured on the cover of the November/ December issue of LDS Living! Here is a little behind the scenes footage of his photoshoot.

Credit: DeseretBook

LDS Living invited their readers to submit questions they wanted to hear David Archuleta answer… hear what he has to say!

Thanks David Daily for bringing this up!

Click on the graphic below to visit David’s fundraising page and help me reach his goal of $500!

Watch the video to learn about the worthy cause your donation will support:

The Musician Coalition from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.

Thanks to @snowangelzz for the heads-up!

From ItsMeMiranda :

Click on the picture above to go to her site!

Thanks to Miranda for sharing her lovely sketch and story!

From LDS Living :

Looks what’s about to hit newsstands next week! Yes, that is David Archuleta.

Thanks @rhiminee for the heads up!

Oct 272011

from theofficialarchuleta:

Excited to be going to Hong Kong with Channel V! Doing an event with them as well as shooting a music video for my song “Wait” while there in Hong Kong. Went to Florida for Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals and then went to Vegas to visit relatives there. Have a show in Singapore Nov. 19 and a few other things coming up.

He’s going to Hong Kong! (And not just the airport this time!). And a music video for “Wait”!! Awesome!

Watch, and leave a comment on his youtube and his official website!

Miracle Entertainment Group :


Nov 19th is getting closer now, closer now :)

Or as David says,

A good to-do list

twitpic from: @DavidArchie

So profound!

You know you want to watch this again :)

Credit: AttractionsMagazine

Credit: AttractionsMagazine

Click here for an MP3 of Dream Sky High, and here for Lean On Me. Thanks very much Abrra!

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