Oct 072011


A little friend of mine Berkley wanted to sing for all of you. haha. Also just wanted to talk about a road trip I took this week which was pretty fun. Going to Okinawa, Japan next week which will be way cool!

David’s vlog is also up on his Official Site.

From Huong at DavidArchuletaVN.com :

I decided to compile 4 clips into one video. In one clip, David was trying to show a fan that he was holding a banner upside-down :) And in another clip, David stumbled over a stair, but he was alright, and Mark grinned at him.

Credit: dreamskyhigh

Sooo sweet! I don’t think it’s possible for one to watch this and not have a huge smile on their face.

Tune into KLCE Classy 97 this Friday morning to win front row tickets to David’s Christmas concert in Blackfoot, Idaho!

From @MikeAndLiza :

This Friday morning at 7:15a win front row tickets to David Archuleta ‘My Kind Of Christmas’ Dec 9 at the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center.

Click below to go to the KLCE website:

Oct 052011

It’s October 5th!!

Wow, it has been 1 year since “The Other Side of Down” was introduced into our lives.
Thank you David Archuleta for creating this amazing album; your music continues to encourage and inspire people around the world. We really appreciate all the hard work, love and dedication you put into your music and just everything you do. Rock on, David!!

Here’s an awesome artwork for the occasion, created by Juan :

Join the twitter trending party! Add #1stTOSODAnniversary to your tweets today and lets get this into the trending topics :)

Speaking of which, look what’s trending in Indonesia!

Happy #1stTOSODAnniversary everyone! And happy National Taco Day haha.

Credit: djhsail

Go HERE to check out the TV listings.

Click on the image below to go to the Q102 website and vote! Modest = Hottest = David Archuleta :)

And David won the Q102 Jingle Ball poll for 2011! Woohoo!
From Q102 :

Muldur did an awesome write-up about her experience at the Constitution Fair.

Source: FOD

My story is centered around a man named Brian and it starts at the gate. My concert buddy, Donna, and I were just a few people from the front of the line at the front gate and about an hour before we got in, we saw a man in a wheelchair arrive and set himself up a few feet from us. For a while, Donna and I were each quietly observing him and didn’t speak to each other about him. He was by himself. FInally, Donna mentioned to me that he had on a TOSOD fan edition bracelet but no wristband, so she went over to speak to him. I watched her as she walked over to Barbara Stowell and bought him a red wristband so he could get into the front seating area. I went over and introduced myself to him, too. It was hot and he had no umbrella so a couple of us held ours up so he could get more shade. He was so sweet! He had been to see David in Utah, California and a couple other places. He travels to see him, too, although he lives in the Phoenix area and only had to take a special cab to get there. We chatted with him and tried to keep the sun off all of us until it was close to time to go in.

When it got to the point where we could see people coming in and paying to get in, or at least that’s what it looked like, we asked Brian if he needed help to get in and he said he did and was very grateful we asked. I asked one of our fellow fans, Randy, to help us push him across the field and over the curbs inside. So just before the general admission started, we started to take him in. On the way, I asked him where he wanted us to put his chair. He said, “As close to him as you can get me”. He was a true fan.

You can read the whole story on FOD — Click here

From Fans of David :

Picture yourself here!

Through a very generous, anonymous donor, the David Archuleta fandom has been gifted 3 VIP packages! One will be given to someone able to attend the Santa Rosa, Ca. concert and 2 will be awarded to fans attending the Verona, NY show.

The rules are simple: You must not have met David before ( if you got a high 5 in a line, that would be OK) and you need to tell us in a few sentences why you’d like to meet him. Be specific, if you can, we love details. If you have someone in mind that you are SURE can attend, please shoot us an email nominating them. All eligible names will be placed in a hat and the winners’ names drawn at random. Contest closes Saturday, October 22, midnight EDT. Please send entries for the Santa Rosa show to janey@archuletafanscene.com and please send entries for the Verona show to FODpastel@gmail.com. Winners will be announced Sunday, October 23.

Also, if you’re under 18, we must have your parent’s consent so the VIP ticket holder can escort you into the meet & greet. You will have to provide your own transportation and be on time as well. You will be notified of the time for the m&g about a week before the concert. Generally, it’s about 4 hours before showtime.

What an awesome opportunity! How generous and thoughtful. All the best to those entering!

Extreme Makeover Home Edition has come together to build a new home for Jonah and his family. Great people the Gomez family are, and how wonderful is this for them! Jonah is such a great and inspiring boy.

From @extremehome :

“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” travels to South Jordan, UT to meet the Gomez family. @typennington @michaelmoloney1 @paigehemmis @xzibit

Fun-loving, impish Jonah Gomez is like any loveable, mischievous little boy, with dreams of becoming a professional soccer player.

His love of life has not been diminished by the fact that he has blood disorders which have caused him to undergo open-heart surgery.

Mom Jessica and younger sister Ellie have made every effort to help Jonah live his life to the fullest.

The Gomez Family are much loved in their community, which has rallied around Jonah, while spreading the word about bone marrow donorship.

So far there has been no bone marrow match for Jonah. He faces a tougher challenge than most because he’s of Latin descent.

And statistically fewer minorities join the National Marrow Donor Program.

Follow @getswabbed sign-up now to become a match for people like Jonah and you can save a life!!! - getswabbed.org

From Extreme Makeover Home Edition's facebook :

Here’s an interview with David that aired today on ABC Channel 4 before the episode: Thanks to pattycake04 for uploading the videos!
Part 1:

And part 2 where Jonah’s mom Jess talks to David:

So heart warming to hear how David, his music and his fans have helped Jonah and his family to stay strong, and how greatly the Gomez family has influenced David’s life. <3

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