Jan 312012

From @DavidArchie:

Had fun shooting in Batangas the last today and yesterday! This last week is already flying by.

From @TV5manila:

Calling out all David Archuleta fans! This is the moment you have been waiting for! Get a chance to meet David… http://fb.me/1FhWTGy2Q

Be a part of TV5’s much-awaited mini-serye “Nandito Ako”! Join David, Eula, Jasmine and the cast of Nandito Ako… http://fb.me/1udtgT5wv

From @macalejandre:

Things are going well. My actors are fantastic. Happiness! I love this show.

David eating ampao. He ate balut , too. http://instagr.am/p/mu4ej/

David and Ana http://instagr.am/p/mu6Te/

David at ako sa set http://instagr.am/p/mu9iK/

Source: anonymous tumblr

From @jaydurias:

Just got out from the studio.. will get back later for the mixing of David’s “Wherever You Are” Version :-)

From @MyDearWriter:

Yes I would continue to tweet even after the show & share ‘The Josh Bradley Diary’ ☺ And the random lines from D.

Again, please check the site of TV5/followarchuleta for the concert details. Those from abroad, u may want to go to the airport now. ☺

730 days… 730 ways. Okay, I’m in.

Last three days: drama ☑ music ☑ romance ☑ action ☑ fun ☑

And this is not just a concert scene- this is David’s lifestory- happening right before our eyes. Someday this is going to be just a memory.

It’s 1:52am & we’re still at the set. Yes, @DavidArchie is still working at this hour. And he still have more scenes! #NanditoAko #ProActor

Still rolling at 3am.

It’s a wrap. And early call later. Team Nandito Ako for the win!

RT “@kariontour@MyDearWriter you scene cutter!!!!” – YES I Am. Bwahahaha! ☺

I know that someday- I’d look back at this moment & not even remember the long working hours.. just great memories to last a lifetime. :)

From @kariontour:

and day 13 is over!!!!!!

@anagfeleo @oheulacaballero @gtongi @msaikomelendez @jascurtissmith you ladies are amazing at what you do! Had me in tears!

From @oheulacaballero:

Got home for bfast and bath then will head back to Nandito Ako taping. Lord, please help us.

From @anagfeleo:

@kariontour @oheulacaballero @gtongi @msaikomelendez @jascurtissmith congrats guys! rest well! im super proud to be working with y’all!

home sweet home. getting up in 3 hours for yet another exciting shoot! pray for us. we need ur support! #NanditoAko

Media videos:

Credit: JRforDA2012

Check out this wickedly humorous post at snowangelzz!

Extremely good news for SG Archies!! David Archuleta will be coming to our sunny island this coming weekend!

This Sunday 5th Feb, head down to HMV Marina Square, where David will be doing an in-store signing session from 3.30pm. He will also pick 10 lucky draw winners to attend the Star World American Idol Party and one very lucky winner will win a “money-can’t-buy” experience with David :)

1. Autograph signing is applicable only to The Other Side of Down: Asian Tour Edition purchased at HMV Marina Square on Sunday 5th February.
2. One copy of The Other Side of Down: Asian Tour Edition along with receipt admits one person to enter the autograph signing session and is valid for one entry for the lucky draw.
3. 10 lucky draw winners will win a pair of tickets to attend the Star World American Idol Party featuring a special performance by David.
4. The 10th lucky draw winner will also win a “money-can’t-buy” experience with David.
5. Entry subject to venue capacity.
6. The organisers reserve the right to change or amend any aspect of this event at their discretion.

Source: Sony Music Singapore Facebook

From Starhub Entertainment:

David Archuleta fans, you are going to love what we have! Stand to be one of the lucky 10 to catch him perform at Avalon this 7th Feb.

Simply join the ‘American Idol’ Living Room at http://on.fb.me/A01fAh and tell us what you love about American Idol, then take part in the contest @ http://bit.ly/Ae1gjZ for your chance to win!

Tune in to the latest season of ‘American Idol’ every Thursday and Friday, 6pm via satellite exclusively on STAR World Ch 501 and STAR World HD Ch 555 with repeats on 8pm!

From @DesireeLai:

Hosting the David archuleta autograph signing this sun. See u there at hmv marina at 4pm!

Jan 312012

From @kariontour:

Its been a nice getaway from Manila! Almost the end of shooting of day 12! http://pic.twitter.com/YvEU5xK3

I am sure this is what you all were looking for!!!! Not my scenic one! LOL http://pic.twitter.com/fw3B77hZ

From @anagfeleo:

whoah! great action scenes! @gtongi is a proud momma and @anagfeleo is a proud roadie!

From @jascurtissmith:

Can’t believe I did what I just did for that scene @MyDearWriter @kariontour!! Sorry again!! :)

From @MyDearWriter:

@jascurtissmith & @DavidArchie - you were both awesome!! Can’t wait to see @oheulacaballero‘s scene with D. For the win! #NanditoAko ♥♥♥

It was a heart-stopping scene…♥Gasp! ☺ #NanditoAko @DavidArchie @kariontour

RT “@kariontour@jascurtissmith lol! Now I know why you gave us the sweets yesterday! :) Its okay I still luv ya!” -REESES please LOL! ☺

Sigh…. @DavidArchie is super cute in this scene @kariontour - I love the outfit! #winner #NanditoAko ☺

Go Josh! – Cheering team @gtongi @anagfeleo @kariontour

From @mykapalaran:

No recording, No livestreaming of the concert scene. If you love David, you will follow rules. ☺

From @sheenalogy:

Lots of things to look forward to, David Archuleta fans. We’ll announce special stuff for you. Super super suuuuuper soon!

Send a video message to David and stand to win meet-and-greet passes for Grand Fans Day on Feb 4!

More buzz: Manila Bulletin; Female Network

See BTS photos from Day 7 and Day 8 on TV5, like:

Media videos:

Credit: JRforDA2012

Come be a part of the crowd this Friday for the concert scene for Nandito Ako! Sad that this is the last week filming for the mini-series, Nandito Ako. It’s been a fun time with everyone. We’re going to try and make it a great last week here!

Credit: theofficialarchuleta

Jan 292012

From @mykapalaran:

On our way to Batangas. ☺

From @jascurtissmith:

Gewd morning! Off to #NanditoAko, sad cos it’s the start of the last week. :(

Ginataang halo halo for merienda sa set ng Nandito Ako :) kain na!! http://pic.twitter.com/dccok7mU

From @tat_suzara:

hiws this? “@AnneUsi@tat_suzara Is there any pic of Ogie and David? hehe” http://pic.twitter.com/73kRDmjp

From @JosephBitangcol:

“Nandito Ako”taping wid david,eula and jasmine ;)  http://twitpic.com/8di53u

From @MyDearWriter:

Advisory: 21 days to prepare the lungs, the vocal chords, the eyes & the ♥HEART♥. A glass of water may come in handy. ☺

Road trip. ☺

I didn’t know that a ‘possible’ shirtless scene would stir such interest…. Hmmmm…. Cliffhanger! ☺

Sunrise. Rice fields. Perfect. ☺

Magic hour. ♥

Had an early conversation with @DavidArchie. He’s memorizing his lines right now. Exciting scenes ahead! ♥ #NanditoAko ☺

Laugh trip!! I just love random lines from @DavidArchie! You are the man!

RT “@pabuckie@MyDearWriter@DavidArchie his “random” lines are the BEST :) ” – I KNOW that by now!

RT “@zerogravity1@MyDearWriter@DavidArchie Random David quotes are seriously the best ever!!” – OH YEAH!! ☺ The best indeed!

How can you not love @DavidArchie? He’s just funny without even trying. ☺

So many random lines

Please tell @DavidArchie why the sea has a calming effect. ☺ ☺

OMG!!! The screen chemistry!!! ♥ #NanditoAko#followarchuleta

The new girl… who is she? ☺ http://yfrog.com/hs3ijenj

OMG @kariontour!!! Thank you! You’re my HERO!!! It’s soooo…… (squealing now) ♥♥

From @SM_Cinema:

How would you like to be attending a big fans’ day of David Archuleta? Let us know what you think :)  http://fb.me/1yp1zZEKB

More buzz: Yahoo! Voices

Credit: JRforDA2012

Credit: ascphil

Credit: superduperbuknoy

Source: FerjiPerj’s flickr




See more photos on SM South Mall Facebook

From @nareejo:

@kricket_rc234 ito ba ang flawless?? twitpic.com/8d39t4

From @mykapalaran:

I almost forgot to share this video: @DavidArchie ”smoking” entrance haha! yfrog.us/1nx4icz

From @tat_suzara:

Day 2 Recording with David Archuleta http://instagr.am/p/lcg52/

Great working with you David! So easy to record! “@DavidArchie: Just did a final recording for the song “Nandito Ako.”

From @reginevalcasid:

Went to see david he was recording wow what a beautiful voice and a wonderful guy. http://yfrog.com/gykfoxbj

From @ogiealcasid:

Preparing now to meet david archuleta

We just met a really talented and humble guy. His name is david archuleta! What an honor!

Wifey and david jammed wherever you are and david and I just jammed nandito ako. What a blessing!

three of us! http://fb.me/sEnkldE6

From @DavidArchie:

Another busy and productive day. Had the pleasure of meeting@ogiealcasid and @reginevalcasid! Great meeting them! RT http://fb.me/sEnkldE6

From @percinotpercy:

Just witnessed a rare meeting of 4 great artists: @ogiealcasid@reginevalcasid@jaydurias and @DavidArchie What an amazing moment!

From @gtongi:

Giselle Tongi It’s a wrap! #NanditoAko taping in Batangas for the next two days :)

From @macalejandre:

Home packing for out of town taping. Im so driven. Cant wait. :) )))

Enjoyed my weekend. Rest, work, family, church,doctor, and 2 hrs of alone time dreaming. Lovely. Tomorrow, ill work hard. Very hard. Nayt :)

From @jascurtissmith:

@lorms @DavidArchie aaww I’m starting to be really sad cos it’s the last week :(

From @MyDearWriter:

This week is going to be the turning point.. ♥♥ #NanditoAko ☺ #followarchuleta

My favorite @DavidArchie song is Something Bout Love- the only song that I really know (note to self: buy his CD).

I have 2 years to catch up. For now I live on a daily basis & crash course on @DavidArchie. Thanks to the fandom who sends links thru DMs.

Romance.. just give this feeling a chance… #NanditoAko

your touch… has started a fire in my soul… ♥ #NanditoAko

For some strange reason, the previous blog post does not allow me to make any more additions without cutting off the most of it, so I have to start a new post. :(

Credit: JRforDA2012

Credit: cherrymariano08

Watch the livestream  at SM Mall of Asia

From @DavidArchie:

@DebraFayeMoore Well, I hope things in Viriginia are going well then! [in reply to @DebraFayeMoore: Sorry im all the way in virginia. @DavidArchie]

@smilerai Awesome see you! [in reply to @smilerai@DavidArchie see you! :* ]

Just did a final recording for the song “Nandito Ako.” Feeling a lot better about it! So great working with Jay Durias!

From @lorms:

I’m IN. Look how close I am. #FollowArchuleta #NanditoAko http://pic.twitter.com/SRR4QAZG

From @archuletaphils:

Livestream link :) SM southmall starts at 11 pm and SM MoA starts at 1 pm ! :)  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/david-archuleta-back-in-manila-for-tv5#utm_campaign=t.co&utm_source=10153383&utm_medium=social

From @mykapalaran:

SM Southmall is ready for @DavidArchie @jascurtissmith and@oheulacaballero #NanditoAko http://twitpic.com/8ci6qy

#NanditoAko @DavidArchie posters up for grabs. #followarchuleta twitpic.com/8ciaan

Fan-made @DavidArchie poster! Woohoo! #NanditoAko http://twitpic.com/8cift0

Dont worry! We have plenty of #NanditoAko Posters. http://twitpic.com/8ciz6v

RT “@kariontour@mykapalaran save me a few!!!!” — sure, Kari! Ill have it signed by david first haha! See you :)

We’ll try to find a way on how we can send you #NanditoAko posters.

VIDEO: Clip of @DavidArchie ”My kind of perfect” performance #NanditoAko http://yfrog.us/09ei5z

You are my Idol Josh banners adorns SM Mall of Asia. #NanditoAko http://twitpic.com/8cluaj

Mall of Asia is ready for David Archuleta, Eula and Jas! #NanditoAko http://twitpic.com/8clv59

@oheulacaballero and @jascurtissmith on stage. #NanditoAko twitpic.com/8clyc3

David sings “A little too not over you” #NanditoAko http://twitpic.com/8cm5xb

2nd song: Crush #NanditoAko http://twitpic.com/8cm71f

@DavidArchie with the girls #NanditoAko twitpic.com/8cm7l5

“I’m gonna miss everyone when I leave.” — @DavidArchie

Eula says “Thank you, David and Kari” #NanditoAko http://twitpic.com/8cm898

Wow! 1 more sooooong! #NanditoAko http://twitpic.com/8cmarz

Reaction shot: @oheulacaballero and @jascurtissmith while @DavidArchie performs #NanditoAko #MOA http://twitpic.com/8cm681

Scene outside @DavidArchie dressing room a while ago. #NanditoAko http://twitpic.com/8cn7g6

From @TV5manila:

Eula Caballero and Jasmine Curtis Smith take the stage and are interviewed here in SM Mall of Asia for the Nandito… http://fb.me/Q4M3CQkz

David Archuleta’s co-stars, Eula Caballero and Jasmine Curtis Smith share their experience acting with David and… http://fb.me/DQE7OOTS

Chants for David begin here in SM Mall of Asia Nandito Ako Mall Tour as they prepare for David Archuleta’s… http://fb.me/1x4FIEUfw

On stage in the SM Mall of Asia Atrium for the Nandito Ako Mall Tour: David Archuleta on the piano performing A Little Too Not Over You. #FollowArchuleta #NanditoAko

David Archuleta surprises the fans here in SM Mall of Asia Atrium with another performance, still on the piano, his hit single, Crush. #FollowArchuleta #NanditoAko

David Archuleta signs the albums of the lucky fans here in SM Mall Of Asia. #FollowArchuleta #NanditoAko http://fb.me/UURmATTO

Lucky fans in SM Mall of Asia get their chance to be with David Archuleta on stage for a photo op…. http://fb.me/HvGVEfxI

From @sheenalogy:

6 feet across THE David Archuleta at SM MOA. http://twitpic.com/8cm4uq

David Archuleta does a piano version of Crush for his SM MOA fans. http://twitpic.com/8cm64p

Di ata ako magsasawang makinig sa boses nito ni David. http://twitpic.com/8cmbdz

The #NanditoAko trio onstage at the SM Mall of Asia. http://twitpic.com/8cm7z7

Ate Ans @anagfeleo, David said thanks to you live here at SM MOA :)

From @reesespeezes:

DavidArchie now singing his 2nd song, “Crush”. He’s loving the MOA crowd! #nanditoako #followarchuleta

From @MyDearWriter:

Save great memories today. It’s @DavidArchie ’s last week in Manila. ♥

@myheartsong@MyDearWriter So the thing he agreed to do was eat balut, right? :) ” -NO. Hahaha! Way, way, WAY explosive!

Yes you’ll know the thing by the time it airs. You’ll probably be screaming & saying OMG… or probably be too stunned to react? LOL. ♥ ☺

Good job on the mall show @jascurtissmith@oheulacaballero & of course @DavidArchie #NanditoAko. U guys made a lot of people very happy! :)

So proud of you @DavidArchie you remembered the body parts in Tagalog hahaha! #NanditoAko Mall Tours #followarchuleta

Dear clock: Why do you sprint? Why can’t you just walk like a toddler? We are still preparing for this week! But I’m excited, seriously.

Brewing…. preparing. Can’t wait for the delicious treat. It is happening! #NanditoAko #followarchuleta

Way to go @DavidArchie :) Hope you get enough rest (I know!). More scenes… :)

From @PinoyArchie:

Pinoy Archies gets interviewed by @tv5manila! We love you @DavidArchie #NanditoAko #FolowArchuleta http://pic.twitter.com/7R7SDoVD

From @kariontour:

2 great mall events! So happy so many people came out! Now back to the studio for more recording!

SM mall event! http://pic.twitter.com/LsTwle57

From @ogiealcasid:

i really love the way david archuleta sings nandito ako!! the pronunciation, the diction, the phrasing!! i am a fan!! moved me to tears!!

David Archuleta’s Nandito Ako really put a smile to my face. He is really a gifted singer!!

From @oheulacaballero:

Having breakfast alone. Hearing mum half speaking half singing “teach me how to dougie” okay, haha Good morning! :)

This post will be updated over time ;)

From @DavidArchie:

Going to be at the SM Southmall around 1 PM, and then at the SM Mall of Asia around 3 PM today! Come by if we’re near you guys!

From @mykapalaran:

@oheulacaballero moves like jagger! #NanditoAko twitpic.com/8ckt63

@oheulacaballero shares her working experience with@DavidArchie twitpic.com/8ckur0

More @DavidArchie #NanditoAko http://twitpic.com/8ckxys

David says he ate “balut” few days ago. #NanditoAko

David Overload! #NanditoAko http://twitpic.com/8ckyp3

#NanditoAko lead stars @oheulacaballero and @DavidArchie twitpic.com/8ckz4f

@DavidArchie sings “My kind of perfect” #NanditoAko twitpic.com/8ckzj5

David shares he went to Novaliches market and rode a jeepney. #NanditoAko http://twitpic.com/8ckzk8

@DavidArchie enumerates tagalog words he is familiar w/: buhok, mata, kilay, tyan, kamay, tenga, dila, paa. #NanditoAko twitpic.com/8cl20p

David says #ItsMoreFunThePhilippines #NanditoAko http://twitpic.com/8cl29v

Isn’t he adorable! #NanditoAko http://twitpic.com/8cl4ip

PhotoOp with Archies. #NanditoAko http://twitpic.com/8cl63d

@DavidArchie Album signing #NanditoAko twitpic.com/8cl97u

From @sheenalogy:

#NanditoAko :) hi David! twitpic.com/8cl3hm

From @reesespeezes:

Wow, sm southmall is packed up to the third floor! So much love for DavidArchie! #followarchuleta #nanditoako

David just enumerated parts of the body in tagalog.Dont think Ive ever heard such loud cheering for buhok, mata, tenga, ilong, tiyan & kamay

CD signing for 100 lucky fans about to start! #followarchuleta #nanditoako

From @TV5manila:

David Archuleta is on the piano giving the fans here at SM South Mall a show. #FollowArchuleta

David Archuleta takes the stage in SM South Mall for the Nandito Ako Mall Tour. #FollowArchuleta http://fb.me/1hBjk2YGL

Eula Caballero and David Archuleta are now on stage sharing their experiences in their shooting for Nandito Ako #FollowArchuleta

David Archuleta is interviewed by the host and says he ate balot. Here in SM South Mall #FollowArchuleta http://fb.me/sM9UHvZe

A number of lucky fans here in SM South Mall get to ask David their questions in the Nandito Ako Mall Tour…. http://fb.me/UWpqJR9G

‘It’s more fun in the Philippines!’ Says David Archuleta here in SM South Mall for the Nandito Ako Mall Tour. #FollowArchuleta #NanditoAko

David Archuleta just showed he learned a number of Filipino words. #FollowArchuleta #NanditoAko

Lucky fans get a rare chance to be with David Archuleta on stage for a photo op here in SM South Mall for the… http://fb.me/ZByT3rLt

From @oheulacaballero:

Archies are soooooooo WOW! Siguro inlove na inlove na si David sa inyo as much as you are inlove with him. ♥

Livestream at SM South Mall

Jan 262012

From @DavidArchie:

Howdy. Another busy day today. Filming a bunch of scenes. Let’s see how it goes!

From @kariontour:

off to the set! Going to be a long day but cannot wait to see all the scenes! Its all coming together!

@davidarchie rehearsing for the next scene with @alwynzky@anagfeleo pic.twitter.com/RJwZjqxT

From @gtongi:

Taking wacky photobooth photos @jascurtissmith @DavidArchie @oheulacaballero Fun Fun Fun on the set of #NanditoAkohttp://pic.twitter.com/vsbR0Nnk

From @ogiealcasid:

Wifey and I will personally meet david archuleta on sunday. Excited to meet him:) [Explanation from @jAsZcaLLmejAsz@ogiealcasid who originally sang Nandito Ako w/ his wife Regine Velasquez will be meeting @DavidArchie on Sunday .David admires her so much!]

From @SuperBuknoy_FOD:

SM Southmall FB: First 100 attendees (who bought the David Archuleta CD at the Event Center, SM Southmall) will have a chance to M&G David!

See many exclusive BTS photos on the OS, including:

Media videos:

Credit: TV5Philippines

Jan 252012

From @DavidArchie:

Had a lot of fun filming the scenes yesterday. Can’t wait to see what happens today on set for Nandito Ako.

From @kariontour:

@jascurtissmith it was a fun day! You were great! but can we request no more sweets!!!! :) Sleep well.

On the set! Lets see if we can have just as much fun that we did yesterday!!!!

@suttygal this is what is looks like but not David doing it! :)  youtube.com/watch?v=3uYi72…

From @jascurtissmith:

@kariontour @DavidArchie thanks for making day 8 of Nandito Ako such a fun and happy day! :) see you guys later today!!

@kariontour if you say so :) sleep tight!!

On set of Nandito Ako with @alwynzky @DavidArchie @anagfeleo :) http://instagr.am/p/ks0Ln/

From @louisian_nieto:

See you! Let’s have the morning exercise ‘teach me how to doughie’ RT @DavidArchie: Had a lot of (cont) http://tl.gd/fhugf9

From @MyDearWriter:

Josh Bradley is sweet & touchy @DavidArchie#NanditoAko (that’s his character- not mine, LOL). #followarchuleta.

Hey there @kariontour- hope you got the script. I heard you were looking for me earlier haha! I’ll see you tomorrow. :)

Of course, who can resist @DavidArchie#NanditoAko #followarchuleta http://pic.twitter.com/KLbjwrmp

Hmmm…. the ride of his life. Gotta see this. #NanditoAko #followarchuleta

Phone keeps beeping. Yes, I’m on my way to –> #rideofhislife. ♥ #followarchuleta #NanditoAko ☺

At the escalator- I overheard 3 students giggling & talking about ‘Josh,’ a music vid & a tv series. Hmmm.. #NanditoAko #followarchuleta

I just stared at my phone while they were discussing ‘Josh’ & ‘stuff’ related to the series. ☺ #NanditoAko #followarchuleta ♥

At the set of Nandito Ako. Just saw @DavidArchie.

And @DavidArchie just said ‘hello.’ He’s wearing green. I just explained ‘the thing.’

Talking to @DavidArchie now. Just told him about all these tweets about ‘the thing.’

Look! @DavidArchie says hello to everyone. #NanditoAko #followarchuleta http://yfrog.com/esq25dhj

From @gtongi:

@jiritajackson we do it everyday in “showbiz”! Lol. It’s the truth!on the set now and have to confront my on screen husband who’s cheating

From @mykapalaran:

2 huge mall shows in 1 day. #NanditoAko

#NanditoAko @DavidArchie @jascurtissmith @oheulacaballero Mall Shows: 11AM — SM Southmall, Las Pinas, 1PM — SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

From @oheulacaballero:

Saturday SM Southmall 11 am, 1:30pm SM MOA :) See you! :*

From @SuperBuknoy_FOD:

@archuletaphils @DavidArchie #NanditoAko SM Southmall tour, Jan 28 11 AM! yfrog.com/hsxi1zakj yfrog.com/odg43xkj yfrog.com/g0623pdj

@archuletaphils @DavidArchie #NanditoAko SM Southmall tour, Jan 28 11 AM! yfrog.com/hsxi1zakj yfrog.com/odg43xkj yfrog.com/kflkurlj

@AnnieDAFG @mykapalaran Time on Nandito Ako banner inside Southmall’s now fixed :)  yfrog.com/nylvonxj

From @nareejo:

He did jumping jacks on set

@amy_inVA haha no.. Wish i could (lol) but have to work!Just get info from people who see him! And they shoot out of town or far fr offce

From @TV5manila:

David Archuleta sings “Nandito Ako”: A sneak peek. http://fb.me/1hxtojaM9

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