Feb 172012

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Possible livestream here. Watch the recorded livestream here.

Credit: jtmlm1234

From @DavidArchie:

Last 2 appearances in the Philippines today! Signings at Bench in SM Megamall at 4 PM and in SM North EDSA The Block Atrium at 6 PM!

I didn’t realize there was a graphic novel of my fav book “The Alchemist” out. Can’t wait to check it out! Many thanks my man @Alwynzky!

From @BCbench:

@DavidArchie likes his @benchtm fans! He’s starting to sign his postcards. Love u David! pic.twitter.com/evcpNh77

@DavidArchie just signed his photo wall at @benchtm store window at smmega mall @BCbench pic.twitter.com/XKq6OgxG

@BCbench assisting @DavidArchie He’a choosing BENCH shirts for his sister’s bday @benchtm pic.twitter.com/AYbV5CNN

@BCbench welcomes @DavidArchie to BENCH Megamall. Just love his @benchtm get up he personally chose. pic.twitter.com/YZZ2JJTG

@BCbench @DavidArchie signing autograph for his multitude followers. He made sure everyone got his postcard. @benchtm pic.twitter.com/WanfQQvi

From @benchtm:

@BCbench helping @DavidArchie pick a watch in Bench Megamall.#DavidArchuletaLovesBench twitpic.com/8lgcj9

@DavidArchie private shopping in Bench Megamall.#DavidArchuletaLovesBench twitpic.com/8lgdgx

@DavidArchie shopping for himself & his family in Bench Megamall.#DavidArchuletaLovesBench twitpic.com/8lgvzl

@DavidArchie trying on Bench watches in Megamall with@BCbench#DavidArchuletaLovesBench twitpic.com/8lgwmh

Lucky fans get to meet @DavidArchie in Bench Megamall. #DavidArchuletaLovesBench #ItPaysToFollowBench http://twitpic.com/8lgxdu

Bench family with @DavidArchie#DavidArchuletaLovesBench http://pic.twitter.com/VLUl43bM

@DavidArchie in SM North EDSA meeting more of his lucky fans.#DavidArchuletaLovesBench #ItPaysToFollowBenchTM pic.twitter.com/7A9zcOob

@DavidArchie affixing his signature beside his image at the Bench Megamall display window. #DavidArchuletaLovesBench pic.twitter.com/i2bJI9CK

New Bench photos

Source: Photo owner via everythingandforevermore tumblr

From @lorms:

Where @DavidArchie will sign #DavidArchuletaLovesBench @smmegamall @benchtm http://pic.twitter.com/pae4tIrn

David also took some time to visit kids suffering from cancer!

From @zianserranilla:

At Ateneo for the kite flying with cancer kids! :D Weeee! Here’s our AJMA shooting booth! http://twitpic.com/8ldvr5

David Archuleta was here!!!!! And he sang for the kids! Awwwww ♥☺

I loooove our org! :) see u in bel field choi im here! RT @pikachoi: David archie visiting Kythe! ☺ lakas ng ulan :|  http://yfrog.com/oe2x6ooj

From @DominDis:

David Archuleta your adorable. :) pic.twitter.com/HvaM86aI

From @theresaleung:

@DavidArchie & I at The Block for @BenchTMinstagr.am/p/HJZz-hG9z_/

From @AnneUsi:

The fruit of 15hrs of waiting or so lol. The white thingy @DavidArchie‘s holding behind the tarp’s my letter to him. :)  http://pic.twitter.com/jx5G4uFK

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