Feb 192012

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Dear David,
This video is made to show you some love from Vietnamese Archies.
We can’t thank you enough for coming to Vietnam to sing for us last July, and everything you have done for us.
Even though you’re gone, the bond between you and us can’t be broken.
Oceans apart, but we’ll be with you in spirit FOREVERMORE.

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Archuleta Philippines sending-off David and Kari as they head back to the States.

Credit: JR4DA2012

This video is just pure love. Watch how Kari outcried David, finally! Bumigay din LOL When the van sped off, the heavens cried. Rain poured when David Archuleta left… BTW sorry for the foggy shots. Dunno what happened to my eyes. They were unusually blurry at that time…

*sniff* Pure love indeed <3

This video is the ♥♥♥♥♥, TeamDangie for the win!

Vangie teaches Pinoy habits and communication methods to David Archuleta.
Share mo to, Cheng!

Credit: TV5Philippines

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Feb 172012

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Possible livestream here. Watch the recorded livestream here.

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From @DavidArchie:

Last 2 appearances in the Philippines today! Signings at Bench in SM Megamall at 4 PM and in SM North EDSA The Block Atrium at 6 PM!

I didn’t realize there was a graphic novel of my fav book “The Alchemist” out. Can’t wait to check it out! Many thanks my man @Alwynzky!

From @BCbench:

@DavidArchie likes his @benchtm fans! He’s starting to sign his postcards. Love u David! pic.twitter.com/evcpNh77

@DavidArchie just signed his photo wall at @benchtm store window at smmega mall @BCbench pic.twitter.com/XKq6OgxG

@BCbench assisting @DavidArchie He’a choosing BENCH shirts for his sister’s bday @benchtm pic.twitter.com/AYbV5CNN

@BCbench welcomes @DavidArchie to BENCH Megamall. Just love his @benchtm get up he personally chose. pic.twitter.com/YZZ2JJTG

@BCbench @DavidArchie signing autograph for his multitude followers. He made sure everyone got his postcard. @benchtm pic.twitter.com/WanfQQvi

From @benchtm:

@BCbench helping @DavidArchie pick a watch in Bench Megamall.#DavidArchuletaLovesBench twitpic.com/8lgcj9

@DavidArchie private shopping in Bench Megamall.#DavidArchuletaLovesBench twitpic.com/8lgdgx

@DavidArchie shopping for himself & his family in Bench Megamall.#DavidArchuletaLovesBench twitpic.com/8lgvzl

@DavidArchie trying on Bench watches in Megamall with@BCbench#DavidArchuletaLovesBench twitpic.com/8lgwmh

Lucky fans get to meet @DavidArchie in Bench Megamall. #DavidArchuletaLovesBench #ItPaysToFollowBench http://twitpic.com/8lgxdu

Bench family with @DavidArchie#DavidArchuletaLovesBench http://pic.twitter.com/VLUl43bM

@DavidArchie in SM North EDSA meeting more of his lucky fans.#DavidArchuletaLovesBench #ItPaysToFollowBenchTM pic.twitter.com/7A9zcOob

@DavidArchie affixing his signature beside his image at the Bench Megamall display window. #DavidArchuletaLovesBench pic.twitter.com/i2bJI9CK

New Bench photos

Source: Photo owner via everythingandforevermore tumblr

From @lorms:

Where @DavidArchie will sign #DavidArchuletaLovesBench @smmegamall @benchtm http://pic.twitter.com/pae4tIrn

David also took some time to visit kids suffering from cancer!

From @zianserranilla:

At Ateneo for the kite flying with cancer kids! :D Weeee! Here’s our AJMA shooting booth! http://twitpic.com/8ldvr5

David Archuleta was here!!!!! And he sang for the kids! Awwwww ♥☺

I loooove our org! :) see u in bel field choi im here! RT @pikachoi: David archie visiting Kythe! ☺ lakas ng ulan :|  http://yfrog.com/oe2x6ooj

From @DominDis:

David Archuleta your adorable. :) pic.twitter.com/HvaM86aI

From @theresaleung:

@DavidArchie & I at The Block for @BenchTMinstagr.am/p/HJZz-hG9z_/

From @AnneUsi:

The fruit of 15hrs of waiting or so lol. The white thingy @DavidArchie‘s holding behind the tarp’s my letter to him. :)  http://pic.twitter.com/jx5G4uFK

“Latin America Loves David Archuleta” made the worldwide twitter trending topics! Yay Go Archies:D You are loved all over the world David!

And David tweets!

From @mykapalaran:

You want. #NanditoAko posters? Join us tomorrow sa SM Fairview ☺

PHOTO: @DavidArchie this Sunday ulit sa #TalentadongPinoy 8PM sa TV5. http://pic.twitter.com/X0skWxjS

@DavidArchie @OhEulaCaballero to grace #TalentadongPinoy this Sunday, 8PM #TV5 pic.twitter.com/4MQ1Lsu6

From @TalentadoTV5:

Ngayong Linggo haharanahin tayong muli ni Kapatid David Archuleta kasama si Eula Caballero! 8PM sa TV5. http://fb.me/RVAtXPZP

From @oheulacaballero:

Hi guys! For those who are free tom, 2:30pm, sugod na sa SM Fairview para manuod ng mallshow ng TV5! :) I’ll be there. Sana andun din kayo:)

Hahahahaha omg David/ Joshhh!! http://yfrog.com/espnovjj

More buzz: PEP

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Watch livestream HERE. He sang Nandito Ako, Touch My Hand, Good Place/ Let It Be, Crush and A Thousand Miles. Watch the recorded livestream here.




From @DavidArchie:

Love it when you run into friends unexpectedly, and I love how life throws little surprises at us like that every now and then.

Bench and Fix Launch later today at 5pm at the TriNoma Activity Center! See you there? haha :)

From @PinoyArchie:

BRACE YOURSELVES. @DavidArchie for Bench Fix. http://pic.twitter.com/v9D4OwOb

Another one. Bigger. http://pic.twitter.com/C0DXPogj

From @benchtm:

Let’s all give @DavidArchie a warm @benchtm welcome later 5pm @ the TriNoma Activity Center #DavidArchuletaLovesBench http://pic.twitter.com/CkBCJKij

David Archuleta serenading his fans! #DavidArchuletaLovesBench http://pic.twitter.com/pNyjVwOM

@DavidArchie prepping for the show. #DavidArchuletaLovesBench pic.twitter.com/rvEYzeoY

@DavidArchie backstage! #DavidArchuletaLovesBench pic.twitter.com/2EHThDr4

@glamchicannie@BCbench @benchtm will there be signing tom. instore visit of david?pls tell me.tnx.” – yes for first 60 pax! :)

David made everyone’s wishes come true when he sang AGAIN (and again!) for all his fans! #DavidArchuletaLovesBench http://pic.twitter.com/bWMg81R3

@DavidArchie pouring his heart & soul through song to the delight of his fans!#DavidArchuletaLovesBench pic.twitter.com/Bk5K6UBs

David swooning the ladies with his hit song “Crush”. #DavidArchuletaLovesBench http://pic.twitter.com/EW6NF1zI

See you again tomorrow in front of BENCH SM Megamall 4pm and SM The Block Atrium 6pm! :-)  #DavidArchuletaLovesBench

Don’t you just fall in love with him all over again when he sings “Nandito Ako”? #DavidArchuletaLovesBench http://pic.twitter.com/iqJMAodX

Get a chance to see @DavidArchie again tomorrow! 4pm infront of Bench SM Megamall & 6pm in SM The Block Atrium. #DavidArchuletaLovesBench

@hellojhee@benchtm what’s the event tomorrow at bench megamall?”-David will have a store visit there at 4pm. #DavidArchuletaLovesBench

The FIRST 60 fans who will be at Bench SM Megamall 4pm & SM The Block Atrium 6pm will be able to join the autograph signing! COME EARLY!

For a min purchase of P400 that includes any apparel & Fix products, get a chance to join the autograph signing tom! COME EARLY! :)


Come join us at BENCH U: A Fashion Musical featuring David Archuleta tonight, 6pm at Trinoma Activity Center.

From @BCbench:

Backstage w @DavidArchie Getting ready for the FIX @benchtm launch @BCbench http://instagr.am/p/HGgsOCDMu_/

@DavidArchie is getting ready for the @benchtm launch. Warm BENCH welcome! instagr.am/p/HGhJlBDMvE/

@pinantonio Hi Pin, thanks for the RT . It’s so easy to work w @DavidArchie. I love him! Surely you have the same experience. @benchtm

From @robbycarmona:

David archuleta for @benchtm event today! yfrog.com/hsgt9upj

From @kenxin06:

Big poster of David Archuleta in Bench store. http://instagr.am/p/HGMxj1huKc/

From @angelkathy:

For the love of @DavidArchie . Right @CheMerf http://yfrog.com/obhehhnj

Ok, guys! Brace yourselves;D yfrog.com/odkc7hfj



Source: anonymous facebook




From @ericjohnking:

Me and @DavidArchie at the backstage. Such a sweetheart. Welcome to the Bench family! #DavidArchuletaLovesBench http://pic.twitter.com/xIwBQeuu

From @lorms:

@DavidArchie signing photoshoot pics for some lucky fans#DavidArchuletaLovesBench pic.twitter.com/ikcdP7x4

What David signed #DavidArchuletaLovesBench http://pic.twitter.com/eMxiW2bf

Finally got my copy of the photocards. No autograph though. But that’s okay :)  http://pic.twitter.com/tplEPOaV

From @DominDis:

David Archuleta: The girl killer! #davidarchuletalovesbench http://instagr.am/p/HIw4x3paM6/

From @itsmeeelara:

@DavidArchie ”huh? With an L? Lara? Oh with an L *laughs*” <3 twitpic.com/8l1asl

From @eeeek:


From @trinomatweets:

I posted 12 photos on Facebook in the album “Bench + Bench Fix welcome David Archuleta” http://fb.me/1xy8VbOs6

From @Push_Mina:

Pic of David Archuleta on the piano while singing his version of the Beatles hit “Let it Be.” Ang galing nya tlga! http://pic.twitter.com/LBlejrmd

From @pinantonio:

Hi friends! For those who are asking, in bench billboard , I didn’t do his hair. The bench team just FIXed it.,,,

@archftw he is such a great guy, professional , he just allowed me to do what’s best for him…

Hi anne dear! is.gd/M7sNM0

Taping of Nandito Ako.., http://mypict.me/mEt3S

From @benchtm:

Get chance to see David Archuleta live tomorrow, Feb 17, 5pm at the TriNoma Activity Center. For a min purchase…

For a min purchase of P400 that includes 1 apparel & any Fix products in Bench TriNoma, you get a pass 2d event! #DavidArchuletaLovesBench

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