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A vlog from David showing highlights of his stay in Singapore!

Credit: theofficialarchuleta

Check out some of the things I did on my trip to Singapore

From @Zaren89:

For those who have not seen it. Remembering the moments of Feb 7th. David Live @ Avalon, Singapore 2012. :)  http://twitpic.com/8ijmke

An OPM album is Original Pilipino Music album!

From MYXph :

[Exclusive] David Archuleta to Release an All-OPM Album!

MYXph sat down with American Idol Season 7 runner-up David Archuleta to talk about recording an all-OPM album, meeting OPM royalties, acting, his 2-year mission, and Lea Salonga.
By: Doreen Irinco

David Archuleta, who’s currently in the country to film a mini-series, has a jam-packed schedule. Prior to the interview, the affable singer had a late night working on a “fun Philippine project” his Filipino fans — an all OPM album!

“This is a project that came about quite suddenly. It wasn’t really planned out, but while I was here filming Nandito Ako, it just came about and came into work and we just figured it would be a great gift for the Filipinos fans to go alongside everything that has been going on.”

“Since I’ll be leaving for a couple of years, it just seems like something really fun and special to give, he added. “And the songs, I think, not just Filipinos would enjoy but fans elsewhere would really like because the songs tend to be really heartfelt, emotional, and you can really sing them, and so I think my other fans would really enjoy listening to them as well.”

When asked about the difficulties of recording the Tagalog song, Nandito Ako (originally sung by Ogie Alcasid, also included on the album), Archie said that it wasn’t as hard as he thought it would be. To prepare, he shared, “I just made sure to listen to the original version by Ogie [Alcasid] a lot. Over and over and over and over, just to make sure that I’m understanding what was being said.”

Incidentally, Archie got to meet Ogie, with his wife Regine Velasquez.

“It was great! I loved getting to meet both of them. They were so nice. It was just fun getting to hang out with them. They even sang together a little bit which was really fun. Just very good people,” he quipped. “I know that they’re both very respected names here in the Philippines, so just being able to meet them and see how simple they were…”

Apart from Ogie and Regine, he also got to work with record producers Jay Durias and Jimmy Antiporda on his OPM album! When asked for his favorite track on the album, Archie simply replied, “I like keeping surprises.” Though he did drop some hints.

Watch the clip below as he shares more about his upcoming all-OPM album. Keep logging on to MYXph for more of our exclusive interview!

And David tweets about it!:

David, you are really something special <333

Vangie is like a personal assistant – the phone version that is:) So cool!

Credit: TV5Philippines

Cheng! Sinetch ang English-er na vinavodyguard ni Vangie?

A special edition VANGIE featuring a very special international idol. :)

From Close Up Philippines facebook:
Get closer with your ‘crush’ at the Close Up Pyromusical celebration tomorrow! Sparks will definitely fly as we give 5 lucky people a chance to get up close and spend time with David Archuleta after his Pyropalooza performance. Be creative and email us a photo or video of you showing how much you want to meet David Archuleta. Make sure to send your ‘kilig’ entries at closeupphilippines@gmail.com before 6pm today. Good luck!

Nice interview from RazorTV!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Here is the Nandito Ako full trailer in all its glory!

Many thanks to TV5Philippines for the video!

From @junniecyh :

So this is Avalon, where @Davidarchie will be performing!

Wow awesome!

From @Salamahafifi :

I am this close yo

@rocktellme :

So far @DavidArchie sang tonight – Pokemon theme song, Wait, Elevator, Heaven , Crush, MKOP, TOSOD, Good Place at Avalon in SG by @davidasg

cont* @DavidArchie sang Good Place/Let It Be, My Hands #ArchieInSG by @davidasg

!! POKEMON THEME SONG, GUYS… Well he is the true Pokemon Master after all.

From Yahoo! Singapore Newsroom :

Speaking of Pokemon,


I gave him my pikachu when he first came out. He put it on the keyboard. You guys are gonna see it in EVERY video, no joke. #ArchieInSG

From CloonanJ :

From @Archuroxx :

From maressaz :


Intro including a bit of the Pokemon theme song!:

Credit: pinkamech


Credit: pinkamech


Credit: pinkamech

Credit: NL11394


Credit: pinkamech

Good Place/Let It Be:

Credit: pinkamech

The Other Side of Down:

Credit: pinkamech


Credit: pinkamech

My Kind of Perfect:

Credit: pinkamech

My Hands:

Credit: pinkamech

Also from the day, here are some great interviews with David!

TODAY interview:

Credit: TODAYdigital

XINMSN interview:

Video: David Archuleta leaving in a couple of months time for his Mormon Mission!

A very touching message from David to us.

Click below to head over to BlogTV.sg facebook to watch the video!

David, YOU have changed OUR lives in amazing ways. We can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done! We love you!!

Here is David’s new vlog from Singapore!! :)

Credit: theofficialarchuleta

In Singapore for a few days. Hanging out by the water enjoying the weather.

Aaand some great pics from @kariontour :

Here is a photo from last nights Star World event.

From @DavidArchie:

Hey SG fans, join me on StarHub Entertainment on Facebook for a video chat tomorrow, 12 Noon at http://on.fb.me/scSXER. Hope to see you there!

Update: Recorded video of the live chat:

David Archuleta on livechat in Singapore from Larissa Cheong on Vimeo.

On Youtube:

Part 1:

Credit: StarHub

Part 2:

Credit: StarHub

From Manila Bulletin :

David Archuleta on discovering the joy and art of acting

February 6, 2012, 11:06am

MANILA, Philippines – Three weeks in the country seem like a short time, but it was enough for David Archuleta to gain heightened interest in acting.

Shooting painstakingly for 15 days for his forthcoming TV5 mini-series “Nandito Ako”—his major acting debut—was “one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” declared the “American Idol” Season 7 runner-up during the press conference for the said show last Feb. 4.

“I’m just looking forward to do more… It’s been so fun. I’m not the greatest actor, and this is a very new thing for me, but I can’t wait to keep going. It’s a lot of work; it takes a lot of people to make something like this happen. But this is something that I would love to keep working on. This is a great thing to share to people,” said Archuleta.

Reeled in by reluctance

It wasn’t exactly the case at the beginning. Archuleta admitted that he was reluctant to take on the project, given that he’s not “much of an actor,” having appeared simply as himself on US teen shows “Hannah Montana” and “iCarly.” He likewise had concerns about being away from home.

His acquiescence to the project had apparently paid off, with Archuleta realizing that “it’s exactly what I needed.”

“[Acting] has taught me a lot about myself as a person, which is weird because I really didn’t expect that at all,” he admitted.

He continued: “Looking back and just going through it each day, it’s been so worth it… just getting to know the people and getting challenged and trying to act and express [feelings] in a way other than just music. Acting is very much an art. I appreciate and respect even more the actors and actresses in what they have to do and what they have to accomplish in order to bring out something that people could feel and understand.”

Recognized for his soulful, heart-tugging singing style, Archuleta found himself stepping out of his comfort zone, playing the role of Josh Bradley on “Nandito Ako,” a Filipino-American international singer who returns to the Philippines to search for the missing pieces of his true identity.

“This is one of those things that I’ve been able to mature and grow up with and be able to say that even though this is not something I can normally do or I don’t know if I’m good enough, I’m wiling to take on the challenge.

“It was hard to get comfortable being open and emotional in front of others at first… but whether it’s being happy or angry or sad, you couldn’t hold back or else you wouldn’t give something to the audience and they wouldn’t feel the story,” he related.

The 21-year-old idol is grateful to his fellow cast members, including his leading ladies Jasmine Curtis Smith and Eula Caballero, who’ve been like a family to him.

“They’ve taken me in, they made me feel comfortable, even though I’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m not a good actor!’ They’ve just been so patient with me and always so supportive and encouraging. It helped me do better in my participation in the series.”

“Everyone here on TV5 and on the cast of ‘Nandito Ako,’ they’ve been the ones who I’ve just grown very close to… and I’m going to really miss them. I’m planning to come back [to the Philippines]. I can’t not come back. I just had too much of a great time,” said Archuleta.

He noted his co-star Ana Feleo, his acting coach, as “the one who really made the magic happen for me in coming out of my shell… and to be able to jump into the scene and be not afraid to let go.”

A blessing to others

Although his schedule had been packed since his arrival on Jan. 13—taping for the series, interacting with his fans during mall shows, as well as at his grand fans’ day last Feb. 4—the singer-songwriter made time for some philanthropic activities.

Last Jan. 29, he made a surprise visit to the children sponsored by ChildFund Philippines, the local arm of ChildFund International, with which Archuleta had teamed up during his “My Kind Of Christmas” US tour. The said group encourages individuals to sponsor children who have very little to zero access to food, education, and medicine. Archuleta himself sponsors a child from his mother Lupe’s home country, Honduras.

“We had some free time in the morning and went over to meet some of the kids who’ve been sponsored in the Philippines and see how it’s affected their lives, what they’ve been able to learn, how it’s affected their family as well, and just got to talk to them. It was touching, it was really powerful to get to meet them,” he recalled.

As he shifts to a new chapter in his life—a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—Archuleta vowed to make his presence felt by his fans through the songs, which would be released while he’s away. He will resume recording as soon as he returns to the US.

“I don’t wanna leave my fans with nothing. I feel like that will be so disrespectful after everything they’ve done to support me,” he maintained.

Archuleta discreetly left the Philippines for Singapore on Sunday morning for some engagements. He will purportedly return to Manila in the same week to fulfill his remaining commitments.

The primetime series “Nandito Ako” premieres Feb. 20.

Thanks @rhiminee for the find!

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