“Twenty-year-old singing sensation David Archuleta has touched countless lives through the power of music. And by staying spiritually in tune, he hopes to continue to inspire others, not only with his voice but with his personal example!”
~from article ”STAYING IN TUNE” in LDSLiving
November/December 2011 issue~
BECAUSE OF DAVID…The David Archuleta Music Scholarship was created as a way for fans to give to David by giving to others.  It was hoped that fans might be able to raise money to give scholarships at David’s high school  (Murray High)  ….encouraging students  to pursue their dreams in music as David is doing. He has inspired and influenced many, many people to make changes in their lives and reach out to others, as we see him do consistently.   His personal example speaks more loudly than words could ever do!!!
BECAUSE OF HIS FANS… and their loving, generous support….fans have been able to “gift” scholarships to 4 students at Murray High. After the campaign ends this evening, The David Archuleta Music Scholarship will be able to add more recipients to that list. This has all been possible because fans have been inspired to reach out and help others. David has definitely left his handprint on our hearts, and that handprint will stay there while he is gone….and forevermore.   We are so proud of David …his example has truly enriched our lives.
Thank You So Much Dear Fans For helping honor David by gifting others.    Without all of you and your caring hearts …we would not be able to keep going.  We appreciate every single dollar…as even a little makes a big difference!  Fans working together to make this happen has truly been something so special for the fans, David, and all of the recipients.
Thank You So Much Dear David… “Wherever You Are…you inspire others to change…without uttering a word…you help our lives rearrange!”
If you have not had a chance to share your gift, there is still time! 
TDAMS 2012 campaign is coming to a close at the end of today.
(Midnight…April 11th PT)
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@DAScholarship on twitter

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From @rsfrancisco888 (who played Volta on Nandito Ako):


missing this guy already!!!



cake from david…. sweet!

at that time, no occasion..david just sent us.hes that sweet…

“Music can be so much more than just entertainment.  It can be an act of communion,

a dialog in sound, sacred or soulful, happy or sad…it can cover the entire spectrum of human emotions.”

——-David Archuleta, Chords of Strength

This is it fans…only 3 DAYS LEFT to donate to The David Archuleta Music Scholarship!!!

We have 106 donors and almost $3,500!  Let’s see if we can get to $4,000 by Wednesday

…that would allow us to give 2-$2,000 scholarships just like last year!

David has selflessly given so much to us over the last 4 years…so let’s give whatever we can…a LITTLE from ALOT can make a BIG difference!  This is a great way to keep David’s spirit alive while he’s away on his mission and say “thank you” to him by giving to this scholarship in his name.

Go here to donate:

And check out this cool, fan-made video!


Thanks to everyone for your support!!! — David Archuleta makes a surprise visit to a gathering of children enrolled in ChildFund programs in the Philippines.


From @kariontour:

We found some free time in the Philippines so @DavidArchie spent it with some amazing children. Thanks @ChildFund

David on the ChildFund newsletter:


More Buzz: ChildFund International ; Manila Bulletin

From @anagfeleo:

Dinner in tagaytay with some of the NA family :)  @kariontour @DavidArchie @jascurtissmith Happy Easter :)



DA 2014 Fit Club

Posted by davidbeyondborders at 4:48 am
Apr 092012

Message from Lisa, Pattie and MaryLou

A few weeks ago, the three of us decided that we had had enough of going it alone in our fitness and healthy eating plans and decided to give ourselves encouragement through tweets.  We used those messages to keep us going on the treadmill, track, park,  or in the gym!  We tweeted our daily fitness plans, our results, our disappointments and gave each other encouragement.  Fitness plans included anything from daily walks, fitness tips, meals, runs, etc.  Soon our little club expanded to include Penny, Deb, and Tina.   There was no formula and no criteria to encouragement:  just daily motivation,  cheerleading, commiseration if needed, and renewal of commitment for the next day.  We also shared food ideas and specific exercises that we enjoyed.  There is no shortage of motivation out there for increasing your fitness level, but doing it with fellow David fans, with members of our FanFamily, was particularly fun for all of us.

Yesterday, Lisa tweeted about our informal Club to Kari and the interest in the effort grew.  As a result, and the fact that we were limited to 140 characters in tweeting each other, we could no longer use everyone’s name in our tweets, so…..we got our own Twitter handle….@DA2014FitClub!/DA2014FitClub  We encourage anyone who would like support from other David Archuleta fans and want to make fitness part of your Two Year Plan (your TYP) to follow!   The Club is for fun and encouragement, and nothing more, to help get us all moving and healthier together.  Tweet your fitness goals, your activities, your healthy habits to the Twitter handle.  Offer support to others.  RT the tweets that are motivating to you!  You will also see tweets from the account with encouragement.   But we have benefited in incorporating fitness into our lifestyle and we want to continue with all of you!  Can’t beat those endorphins!

There is no competition intended. You can be at any level of fitness and from anywhere in this FanFamily to join in!  Make this what you want it to be.  We just want to share a positive idea to keep us all motivate for the next 2 years and beyond!

From @JoAnnBanaga:

Good Morning Archies~!! FOREVERMORE IS # 1 !!!! - It’s going to be a good week after Easter!


Credit: JR4DA2012

From @kariontour:

Here @AndreaFOD @davidarchie w/ writer of “Tell Me”&”You Are My Song” Louie Ocampo & my fave @jaydurias @JoAnnBanaga


From @DavidArchie:

Question from David today —> How would you explain to someone if they asked “How do you find peace in a crazy world?” (ks)

Source: mattclayton21 instagram


Happy Birthday to a beautiful young lady @jascurtissmith! I hope you have a wonderful day! Miss ya! Remember this cake?


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