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In no way did I think what I RTed would bring such an uproar r put fans against other fans. That was not my intent & I agree with someone that said it has been blown way out of proportions. I have not and I believe no one should call anyone a “bad fan” if u go searching for the missionary sites to find David. I am sure everyone is curious of what & how he is doing. These sites r done by a family member r someone close to the missionary & r meant for family & friends but most r public so gives u the right to view. What u choose to do with them well that is it up to u.

PT2 I am doing my best to try to update u when I can & David spent a lot of time doing things for his fans knowing he would not be there for u all for the next 2 years when he could have been spending it with his family & friends. He had hoped that would make everyone happy and not to search him out while on his mission.

Editor’s Note: We are deeply grateful to David for having worked so hard to produce materials that fans can enjoy while he is away for 2 years. We also appreciate Kari’s efforts to update us with info as much as she can. I belong to the small minority who believe that seeing and sharing pictures taken by missionaries with David posing in them (i.e. with David’s full knowledge and permission) does not hurt David and does not go against his explicit wishes. I take “not to search him out while on his mission” to mean attempts to physically contact him, such as by trying to see him in person at his mission location, or by trying to contact the people working with him or the missionaries who have encountered him, to get to David. While I do not actively search for missionary blogs, I may post pictures or links that other fans have shared, and in doing so I would like to give readers a choice on whether they want to click on the links, and I EXPECT that readers are mature and will give the missionaries, and by extension David, due respect by not posting negative or excessive comments on the missionary blogs, or otherwise bugging the heck out of them, for lack of a better term.

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  1. I agree TOTALLY with the editor’s note. David like all other celebrities knows that anytime you POSE
    for a picture it will end up just about anywhere. I don’t think David would go as far as not letting us
    view a picture of him. It let’s his fans see that he is happy and representing his church well.
    I for one have always liked seeing pictures of David wherever he is, I know he is representing himself
    well. let’s remember David fans are the best fans ever, right? We are his “GO GETTERS”. let’s make him proud!!

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