Jun 242012

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Created to musically portray his connection to God, this album is filled with some of modern music’s most moving contemporary songs such as “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel, “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan, and “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper.

These songs, together with a selection of upbeat melodies such as “Pride (In the Name of Love)” by U2 and a completely original, never-before-heard song written by David, are sure to make this album an enormous success.

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ETA: From @DavidArchie:

Here is another BTS picture from the video I’ll Never Go that will be premiering this sunday? (ks) pic.twitter.com/p3Z3Q54A

Ivory Music & Video presents the second single of David Archuleta, “I’ll Never Go” off his latest album “Forevermore” now available in major record stores nationwide and on MyMusicStore.com.ph

Get ready as “I’ll Never Go” will premiere on Sunday, June 24 at 8PM Manila time on Juice.ph and on MYX Philippines! Tell everyone and share with other fans!

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From @DavidArchie:

Since all the Archies are waiting for the release of the ING video on Sunday her is another BTS pic from that day. (ks) pic.twitter.com/5miwnAcm

From @kariontour:

@breanneruss @DavidArchie No, Matt [Clayton] did not take any of the pictures you will see in the BEGIN. album.

Here is a BTS picture of @DavidArchie and Russ looking at some pictures while one the set of the BEGIN. album shoot. pic.twitter.com/YpF2sIot

@Jedi4Life @DavidArchie he did! There were only about 5 looks but about 10 changes. [in reply to @Jedi4Life@kariontour Cool pic of @DavidArchie and Russ! Wonder how many times he changed into diff 'fits for the shoot...or maybe he didnt? Hmm :) ]

@CanadianArchie David decided on the title during the last few days of recoding BEGIN.

From @OneRichSong:

Drives me nuts when music gets left out in the studio… pic.twitter.com/sshXS4X4

Jun 162012

From @DavidArchie:

Hey guys! Got the news about the Forevermore album going GOLD the first week in June and told David. (ks)

Just had to wait until we had certification from the label to post his message! (ks)

From David: That´s great to hear! Please let the fans know I say thank you for all of their support! (ks) Thanks Everyone!!!

From the OS:

“Elevator” in Samsung ad

“Elevator”, a song off David’s “The Other Side Of Down” album, will be featured in television commercials for a new air conditioner by South Korean brand Samsung. The ads will be aired any time from now and will run for 3 months.

Fans in South Korea – do keep an eye out for the commercials!

15-second commercial:

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30-second commercial:

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Making of the ad:

Credit: SamsungTomorrow

Credit: sdlighter

Watch our for the premiere of the music video of “I’ll Never Go” by David Archuleta on June 24, 2012, Sunday, 8 PM Manila Time on Juice.ph

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More info on juice.ph!


Today, June 11, 2012, marks the tenth anniversary of “American Idol,” and in that time the music competition TV program has racked up some jaw-dropping numbers: Many episodes have drawn over 30 million viewers; and a record-setting number of 132 million votes were cast for the most recent season finale. But the impressive numbers aren’t just restricted to viewers and votes, they also apply to the Billboard charts, where the Idols have earned an astonishing 345 No. 1s (including four new ones in the current chart just this week) across the broad array of tallies compiled every week in different musical genres. Those 345 titles have spent an aggregate 1,142 weeks in pole position.

The Adult Contemporary and Adult Top 40 charts have also been dominated by Idols. Clarkson was the first to top charts in both formats, followed by Daughtry. Locke has three AC No. 1s, all with holiday songs. Underwood has also topped the AC charts, along with Elliott Yamin, David Cook, Sparks and David Archuleta, while Allen and Lambert have reigned on the Adult Top 40 charts.

American Idol No. 1s by contestant
Kelly Clarkson 73
Carrie Underwood 62
Chris Daughtry (Daughtry) 38
Fantasia 31
Ruben Studdard 16
Jennifer Hudson 15
Mandisa 15
Clay Aiken 12
Adam Lambert 9
David Cook 8
Kimberley Locke 8
Scotty McCreery 7
Josh Gracin 7
Jordin Sparks 7
Kris Allen 4
David Archuleta 4 
Kellie Pickler 4
Elliott Yamin 4
Taylor Hicks 3
American Idol Finalists 2
Bo Bice 2
Jason Castro 2
Bucky Covington 2
Blake Lewis 2
Chris Sligh 2
Paris Bennett 1
Diana DeGarmo 1
Lee DeWyze 1
Tamyra Gray 1
Phillip Phillips 1
William Hung 1

American Idols Who Have Charted on the Billboard Charts:

Season seven: (seven)
David Cook
David Archuleta
Jason Castro
Brooke White
Carly Smithson (We Are The Fallen)
Michael Johns
Kristy Lee Cook

Full article: Billboard

Update: Official tracklist from the OS:

BEGIN. to get excited!
Here is the official tracklist for David’s upcoming album BEGIN. – coming out August 7:

1 – Beautiful
2 – Somewhere Only We Know
3 – Everybody Hurts
4 – Don’t Give Up
5 – Angel
6 – Bridge Over Troubled Water
7 – Broken
8 – True Colors
9 – Pride (In The Name Of Love)
10 – Be Still My Soul

From the OS:

From @kariontour:

@zerogravity1 the cover photo and all the pictures for BEGIN. were done by a wonderful photographer named Russ and @K_80 designed the cover.

“Leaked” track list:


From @ohmyJOSHashley:

@KaleiLuvsHawaii actually that’s a typo. there’s no CAN in the title if it’s really the Keane song

Music by original artists that will be on BEGIN.:

Playlist compiled by Chemerf.

Another shot of the eyes:

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From Ivory Music & Video:

Hey David Archuleta fans! Are you ready to make another music video #1 on radio and TV? :) Stay tuned for the premiere of “I’ll Never Go” by David Archuleta!

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From @MyDearWriter:

Happy that D’s 2nd music video is I’ll Never Go ☺ There’s actually a little story about the song. Makes me smile everytime I think about it.

If the little story was part of a script, the sequence would be like this: Insert FlashBack: INT. Ocean’s Park. Night. (with acoustic music)

@kariontour HAHA! I thought I’d write a whole scene & describe everyone that night. Oh & it happened while waiting for the handstand scene.

From @kariontour:

@finaputri04 It was Feb 14th in Manila. The same day he filmed the Forevermore video and photo shoot for the album. It was a long day.

@finaputri04 Tired? Never! After the shoots we had dinner and then off to the @ogiealcasid and @reginevalcasid concert where he performed

@angedafan@ohmyJOSHashley HAHA it was a vneck tee not a tanktop!

@rocktellme lol! most of u thought it was just a “still camera” in the pic. I could not say a word. Wanted u all to be surprised for the MV

Great make me do it! Haha We just arrived at Ocean Park & there was a 2 piece band playing in the lounge area where we were holding & a lot of the cast & crew starting singing along w/ the band. @DavidArchie looked around & said “what is this song? How come everyone knows this song?.” He asked @MyDearWriter what the song was all about & she explained it & told us it was used in a movie. Our wonderful Macky & @JoAnnBanaga sang it to us! It was a song that stuck in his head when asked to record the album. We asked if he could record it and the rest his history! Memories!

@BoeingCLaugan1….far away from you @DavidArchie sang. He was worried about singing this song just because of that!

From @anagfeleo:

@kariontour when we hd to runthru his lines for that scene, he wanted to go somewhere priv and he led me and the mib to this maze-like area.

@kariontour when we did the lines,he did evrythin incl the hand stand!he didnt stop till he was comfortable sayin those cheezy lines of mdw!

“I’ll Never Go” by Eric Santos from the movie One More Chance

Credit: mariepunta

One More Chance movie trailer

Credit: imaricharm00

A preview of the “Rainbow” music video HERE.

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