The Crush Kids’ Cancer team continues to pour its heart out through donations in this last fundraising campaign.  To encourage us to continue this generous spirit tonight, Team Archuleta has generously offered to everyone who donates from  7 pm EDT to end of team competition tonight, August 29th 11:59 pm EST, the following:

Every $25 contribution to Crush Kids’ Cancer will be eligible to win a special package:  Two (2) Special Meet and Greet Passes and two (2) tickets for the performance concert of your choice upon David Archuleta’s return!  No accommodation or airfare is included in this gift package.    This gift applies to international performances as well.  

 So, if you donate $25  tonight,  you get one chance at the gift.  If you donate $250 , you get 10 chances.  This gift applies to donations to Crush Kids’ Cancer made from 7 pm to end of team competition only.   Although previous donations are not included in this particular gift opportunity, all donors are eligible for David Archuleta gifts outlined previously.    The winner will announced the week of Sept. 3rd.


Send your donation to the following Paypal email: with the following Subject Line:  Donation for Crush Kids Cancer.  We will deposit it directly to the SU2C team.  Please do so before 11:30 pm EST Wednesday, August 29th to allow time for us to process.

So what are you waiting for?  Team Archuleta has given us even more encouragement to rise to the challenge!  Donation sites have been known to get clogged in the final hours so donate NOW.  And donate here!

There are very few times when I am ever interested in collecting things with people’s autographs.  One major exception is the time I asked David to autograph a T-shirt that I had printed with the Crush Kids’ Cancer team logo (created by Nancy ER).  I had brought it with me on a whim to his last U.S. concert in Beaver Creek.  My flight had taken off before I even knew he would be going on a mission and that this would be his last concert for 2 years.  This was the only time I ever had the nerve to go to the tour bus to request an autograph, so this autographed T-shirt is the only one in existence (I’ve printed the T-shirt without autograph for people before). Once I received the autograph, I didn’t want to part with the shirt because it has such sentimental value.  However, I’ve decided that what would mean even more to me is to see this team raise funding for SU2C and awareness for pediatric cancer, so I am offering this one-and-only T-shirt in a raffle.  Please note, that we will likely retire this logo before the next challenge in order create a simplified monochromatic logo that can be printed more easily.
Anyone who donates a total of $150 or more to the Crush Kids’ Cancer SU2C team between August 16th-29th will be eligible to enter the raffle to win.  If you wish to enter the raffle after donating, send me an e-mail at  The T-shirt is pre-shrunk cotton, size XL,  The photo is shown and there is a video from cadthu that shows David signing the shirt at about 3:20.

send your donation to the following Paypal email: with the following Subject Line:  Donation for Crush Kids Cancer.  We will deposit it directly to the SU2C team.  Please do so before 9 pm EST Wednesday, August 29th to allow time for us to process.
You will be eligible for the same raffle items as those who donate by credit card, but please only use this method of donation if cannot donate directly by credit card to the site.  No need to send any additional emails to the Crush Kids’ Cancer site if you donate by Paypal.  Thank you and good luck!
Thanks all!
Pecan Pie

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David performs the REM classic “Everybody Hurts” with an orchestra which includes producer Kurt Bestor. The shots of David were recorded in a studio the day before he left on his mission.

“I hope you know that I never wanted to leave you guys without music, and will continue when I get back.” – David Archuleta

BEGIN. now available at iTunes and at Deseret Book

Credit: theofficialarchuleta

What a great week! We had 28 people walk or run 241.5 miles this
week. @DA2014FitClub followers have walked 394.1 miles in a
little less than two weeks and 32 different people have participated!
Great job everyone! You can still join us and BEGIN. by following
@DA2014FitClub & tweeting how many miles you walk/run. For those
of you who don’t have a Twitter account, but want to participate, please
email your miles to

We’ve had a few people send a twitpic of their walks, but we’d love for
all of you to send a twitpic or twitvid of YOU walking or running! It’s
been a lot of fun to hear walking stories and learn what they’ve seen on
their walks. We heard Almond/Amond and many of his siblings were
sited and also one walker ran into a “sand Dolphin”. David reminders
are everywhere! Keep up the walking/running!

You can participate in this campaign, even if you are not on twitter, by emailing your progress to !

Update from Pattie (@attwittsend):

Our campaign to walk/run 1000 miles as a tribute for David and BEGIN. kicked off on August 7th along with the BEGIN. cd.  We’re excited to give our first progress report!  We’ve had 20 people reporting their mileage for a group total of 152.6 miles for this short week.  We’ll be reporting each week, so join us in our efforts to get fit and celebrate BEGIN.

The only rules are: Follow @DA2014FitClub on twitter and if you don’t have a twitter account, you can email us at  Report how many miles you walk or run and let us know if it’s kilometers or miles.  You may report daily or weekly and we’ll keep track.  ANY distance is great.  We have people walking any amount from ¼ mile to many miles.  Remember ¼ mile 4 times a week equals a mile for David and BEGIN.

We would like for you to send a twitpic or twitvid of yourself to @DA2014fitclub.  If you’re camera-shy, you can make it of your feet or legs or from the back, but we’d really love to see your smiling face.  BEGIN. walking or running with us.  It’s fun, motivating and healthy!

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Local recording artist David Archuleta may be serving a mission, but his music lives on. We talk with Libbie Linton, a Utah performer who had the chance to sing a duet with him on his new CD. You’ll see how it all came together.

The “Mormon Times TV” television show airs weekly on Sundays at 10 a.m. on KSL-TV following the Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast. It can also be viewed online at, where you can see past episodes.

Source: Deseret News

Watch it online HERE. Thanks for the find, @AnnieDAFG!

Aug 162012

#1 on Deseret Book’s Music chart:

#5 debut on Billboard’s Independent Albums:

#28 debut on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums:


Extract from Yahoo! Music:

David Archuleta’sBegin, his third regular studio album in the U.S., bows at #28. It’s the fourth top 30 album by the singer who came in second on American Idol in Season 7.

More Buzz: The Hollywood Reporter

Deseret Book

MyMusicStore Philippines

Aug 112012

Here is the TV Ad for BEGIN. that is out now. I hope you guys will enjoy the album.

Credit: theofficialarchuleta

From @Cathy_DA2014:

@kariontour @DavidArchie IN MY NEWSPAPER! BEGIN. ~ David Archuleta

From @ramblingda:

Too funny, @davidarchie is #1 under “Electrifying Entertainment” at Deseret 

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