There have been many fan get-togethers going on. The Nor-Cal fans recently got together to celebrate David and BEGIN. Just have to say, WOW, what great fun that must have been! Lots of lovely souvenirs, great food and people. Here is a video of their celebration as a Thank You to D and Kari!

Credit: Robin Tuyen

Nor-Cal Archies 2nd Meetup to celebrate BEGIN. Thanks to Kalena (@jedi4life) for all the hard works to organize the lunch and many sleepless nights to make really cool Archu-souvenirs for attendees; thanks to DAVN for sharing very awesome designs for cake, T-shirt, mousepad and key chain; thanks to Elysian for the cake, signs and wonderful recap and thanks to everyone who came to make the meetup so memorable, a My Kind of Experience. Last and not least, we made a video to thank Kari for all the love and hard works for David and his fans! Balloons with messages of hope were released in honor of David.

Sep 272012

From @MyDearWriter :

Josh after the fight scene… yeah, he’s smiling. :) Cropped the pic of course. #NAmemories

Josh/David sure does recover fast ;)

And Kari (KS) posted these pics of David playing a guitar on D’s twitter!

From @DavidArchie :

Some of you have been asking if I have a pictures of D playing guitar. Here is one of him between scenes on NA (KS)

Here is one more of David playing the guitar on the set of Nandito Ako. (KS)

¡El momento ha llegado! Reserva tu lugar para el próximo gran evento del Centro JAS Rancagua – Chile “UNA TARDE CON ELDER COELLO Y ELDER ARCHULETA” el sábado 13 de Octubre de 2012.
Tenemos cupos limitados y para reservar el tuyo debes inscribirte online en:

La única manera en que tu puedes asistir y guardar tu cupo es realizando tu reserva online.

*Evento solo para jóvenes entre 18 y 30 años y que residan en la VI región de Chile*

Google Translate:

Jas Center Rancagua Chile
The time has come! Book your place for the next big event JAS Center Rancagua – Chile “AN EVENING WITH ELDER ELDER Coello and ARCHULETA” on Saturday October 13, 2012.
We have limited capacity to reserve yours and you must register online at: / center-jas.html

The only way you can go and save your space is making your reservation online.

* Event only for young people between 18 and 30 years and residing in Chile Region VI *

I’d Walk a Thousand Miles for David Archuleta

Week 5 and Final Progress Report

David has some amazing walking/running go-getters! He would be so
proud of each and every one of you! We have exceeded our thousand
miles goal in 5 weeks time! Thirty-one people walked 284.68 miles this
week for a total of 1,109.23 miles. Forty-five people have participated
over the past 5 weeks. You all should give yourself a pat on the back and
go treat yourself to a little something for your commitment to exercise.
We have received some great pictures of you walking/running so far.
If you haven’t submitted a picture or short video, there is still time…
before a slide show is created! Just because this campaign has been
completed, doesn’t mean you cannot still continue walking/running. You
took the first step to BEGIN… now keep going!

“If I could fall into the sky… Do you think time would pass me
by… ‘Cause you know I’d walk a thousand miles if I could just see you

This campaign has been a big hit! Therefore, we are working on some
other exercise campaigns that will be announced a little later… so stay

P.S. If you would like to know your personal total miles for this
campaign tweet your request to: @lizmag3_DA2014.

From David’s youtube channel:

Here is David talking more about his BEGIN. album and the reason behind the meaning to the title in his words. Now available at iTunes and at Deseret Book

Great review of BEGIN. on the Charleston Gazette.

I’d Walk a Thousand Miles for David Archuleta

Week 4 Progress Report

The finish line is in sight! Twenty-seven people walked 229.97
miles this week for a total of 824.55 miles. Forty-five people have
participated over the past 4 weeks. This is so much faster than we
thought possible because we’ve had such great participation. We
hope this has jump-started an exercise program that will continue for
you. We have had people walking amounts from a half mile to many
miles. There is still time to participate, so if you’d like to join in this
week, please do so. Let’s make this week our best yet with even more
people participating. Thanks so much for the great pictures that have
been coming in. We still would love to have more pictures of “people”
i.e. “you” walking or running!

BEGIN. “Keep on running” “…put one foot front of the
other…” “Don’t give up”!

A lovely video made by TheSkd67! The song fits perfectly too, called “This Is Not Goodbye” by Sidewalk Prophets.

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