There have been many fan get-togethers going on. The Nor-Cal fans recently got together to celebrate David and BEGIN. Just have to say, WOW, what great fun that must have been! Lots of lovely souvenirs, great food and people. Here is a video of their celebration as a Thank You to D and Kari!

Credit: Robin Tuyen

Nor-Cal Archies 2nd Meetup to celebrate BEGIN. Thanks to Kalena (@jedi4life) for all the hard works to organize the lunch and many sleepless nights to make really cool Archu-souvenirs for attendees; thanks to DAVN for sharing very awesome designs for cake, T-shirt, mousepad and key chain; thanks to Elysian for the cake, signs and wonderful recap and thanks to everyone who came to make the meetup so memorable, a My Kind of Experience. Last and not least, we made a video to thank Kari for all the love and hard works for David and his fans! Balloons with messages of hope were released in honor of David.

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