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Look what is coming soon!!! (KS)

Hello all,

Last year, David received a birthday book with 490 messages.  Wouldn’t it be great if this year’s book had even more good wishes?  It certainly speaks volumes that #DA2014 is alive and well!  And wouldn’t it be super if all these messages are from fans and fansites world-wide?  It can happen!

Shelley is asking that everyone sign before 12 midnight Central Time (midnight CDT), Saturday, October 20th, to give enough time for binding into a book, sending to fan address and further sending to South America.  Thanks for your support!


No videos or cameras were allowed, but this was what we heard happen from tweets (mainly from Gladys who recounted the experience on The Voice chat). For a detailed recap, head over to ohmyheckdavidarchie tumblr or The Voice.

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Tonight’s concert feedback – there was salsa, kicking, boxing & kneeling — all from #DavidArchie - ok kill me now! waaaahhh!

Had fun chatting w/ Gladys who was lucky to be invited to@DavidArchie‘s concert in Rancagua. Archies, don’t forget those defib by 2014!

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I cant belive it! Today i was in a “concert” with Elder @DavidArchie :) was Amazin

Elder @DavidArchie says “bacán” and “cachai” :) he loves Chile

From @EllynaMxy:

It’s funny that he actually sang Eye of The Tiger at the devotional event lol

“He came out boxing like a boxer when he sang Eye of The Tiger.” Aww David <33

“He apologized for the boxing act because missionaries don’t do that and laughed a lot, and he said he is no longer thin looking.” HAHAHAHA.

@DavidArchie had grown bigger. Like you know, MUSCULAR.

So @DavidArchie wore a black suit, turquoise tie and a white hat. But the white hat was only for a song.

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Karate kicks, salsa dancing. Hero. SPANISH CONCERT. This is just too much. How about an encore when you get back, @DavidArchie?

From @prodigalfan:

so apparently @DavidArchie sang Eye of the Tiger (complete w/ boxing moves) at his concert today in Chile. OK, this I need to see#LMAOdying

From @chocolatevege:

Yesterday @DavidArchie spoke entirely in Spanish, did some salsa and sang Hero. You have no idea how sexy that image in my head is right now

From @NYasmiin:

#Archies confirmed! Elder Archuleta will do a Devotional Christmas in December!

Video credit: musichotness

You can also stream it on

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Lots of questions about “Don’t Run Away” It is an unreleased song from David that was recorded awhile back that has been leaked. (KS)

From @kariontour:

Many artist leak THEIR song to see what people think of what they are working on. Leak songs are not a bad thing when the ARTIST is aware.

@Saol94 No, he was not. [in reply to @Saol94@kariontour Was David aware?]

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@DebVaFOD You can download it here! … Enjoy! ;) ) Oh and here are the lyrics: … :D

“Broken” from David’s album BEGIN. premieres on Hot FM 91.3 in Singapore soon! Archie fans in Singapore, make sure to listen to 91.3!! Of course you are listening :)

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Everyone can listen online on Hot FM 91.3 HERE! (Click on the “listen live” link on the top right corner!)

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