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A HUGE Thank You from
The David Archuleta Music Scholarship
Committee – from our hearts

  “No kind action ever stops with itself. 
One kind action leads to another. 
Good example is followed. 
A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions,
and the roots spring up and make new trees. 
The greatest work that kindness does to others
is that it makes them kind themselves.”
                 ——Amelia Earhart
After finishing our 4th campaign,
we are excited to let you know
that we will be giving 2 more scholarships for $1500 each
to Murray High music students again this year.
On behalf of The David Archuleta Music Scholarship committee
we would like to thank the fans who have so generously
helped us reach out to students at Murray High
with scholarships in David’s name. 
We knew this year would be more difficult with
fewer fans around, but you helped us continue to share this gift.  
We sincerely thank you for your continued support.  
This is truly a gift from the fans to help young students
and honor David at the same time.
 A thank you ”thought” from David found in his
Chords of Strength book….pg. 237 (excerpt).
“I want to recognize the commitment and
personal sacrifices that all the various fansites
make to respect and support me and
the causes we are involved with. 
It makes me so proud to have fans who
show through their enthusiasm and
actions that they really want to give. 
It is the greatest way they can show their support of me  
and I hope they all know how much
I appreciate what they do.”—-David
PLEASE go to our website and check out the music note!!
@DAScholarship on twitter
5s are WILD on $5 Friday!!!

Today, April FIFTH, is the FINAL $5 FRIDAY,
we have been blessed with having
David in our lives for FIVE years! 
FIVE exciting, FUN-FILLED, FABULOUS years!! 
What does that mean to us?
F is for Faith
I is for Inspiration
V is for Voice
E is for Excellence
Because of David and what he’s meant to us
for FIVE years and the example he’s been,
we will for the fourth year in a row be able to give
a scholarship in David’s name. 
Can you pay it FORWARD? 
Please be a part of this if you can. 
We could not have done this for
the past four years without YOU!!

Thank you!


Please check out our website!
@DAScholarship on twitter
We have one more week to fulfill dreams…

David has left us so much while he’s been gone. 
Is there more that we can do? 
If you feel you can, please check out our website. 
@DAScholarship on twitter

MOTAB posted a video of David singing “Be Still My Soul” to them from a while back! And Kendra accompanies him on the piano:)

Now, lets all just sit back and drown in a puddle of glorified gue, shall we.

Credit: MormonTabChoir

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