May 112014

May 042014

And oh boy, are we fans in for a visual feast. ;)

David’s interactions with and sightings by others:

May 032014


Congratulations to Ratih from Indonesia!!
The package is on its way to you TODAY!
Please see Ratih’s wonderful journey as a David Archuleta fan:
I am Arch Angel from Indonesia. I am 20 years old get ready for 21. I love David since the first time I heard he sang my fav song “When You Believe” when I was in high school, 5 years ago. For that time I kept searching all about him. I think he is different with other artists. That’s why I will never stop to be his big fan. And my biggest achievement in my life when I could stand in front of him watching his concert.  At that time I was sooooooooooo speechless. When he sang “My Kind of Perfect” on last 16th July 2011, I scream and said “I love u David”.  That’s unforgettable moment :)
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