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Best part of getting stuck in Kuwait an extra day? Meeting David Archuleta!

My hubby met to David Archuleta today in Kuwait! One similar thing , they went to LDS mission and learned spanish lenguague there! Mi esposo conocio a David Archuleta hoy en Kuwait,ambos sirvieron una mission SUD y aprendieron español ahi!


Blogs from Dean Kaelin’s Facebook:

Excerpts from Jason Hewlett’s blog – US Troops Tour – Bagram, Afghanistan, Return to Kuwait, Addis Ababa & Djibouti, Africa

And we walked to the c-130 for the 4 prop plane flight out of Afghanistan back to Kuwait.

Back in Kuwait, with our Security Team, was like returning from being a POW to the life of luxury. I don’t want to over exaggerate it too much, but comparatively, Kuwait’s Ali Al Saleem base (The Rock) and Afghanistan’s Bagram are two completely different worlds. In the middle of the sand, desolation, and desert, yes, but everything about it made us feel like we returned home.

We returned to our posh, suite-like rooms, no shared bathroom, no roommates, it was like we just won the lottery. We had a special private Sunday sacrament with the amazing Branch President Kidd prior to their service starting and our departure to our next show in Buhring, and we packed up our gear, sadly leaving the graces of Ali Al Saleem.

Buhring was in the middle of even more nowhere, as we drove for about 45 minutes through the absolute desolation of Kuwait.

As I came tripping, coughing, choking out of the 140 degree pre-heated oven outhouse it was now time to perform a show of uplifting comedy and music. These are the green rooms of the stars folks, thank you, I’ll be here all week. The theatre style seating for these fine soldiers, mostly ARMY guys, and young, median age 25, made for a comfortable setting for our show. Usually Sergeants and Lieutenants only come to welcome the entertainment and then leave about 10 minutes into the show, but ours has created the tradition of keeping them glued to their seats, including the majors and generals and everyone else that usually cuts out early. Same thing happened here. And how awesome they were, grabbing hats and CD’s, waiting in line for an hour to shake hands and thank us for coming. So appreciative, so grateful for the break from day to day monotony, so pleased to be indoors away from the black plague stench seeping from the outhouses of their camp.   VIDEO HERE

That night we drove to Camp Arifjan and set up in a VIP room situation that was more like a college dorm setting.

Monday morning we had early breakfast, quick sound check, and went to meet with the highest ranking officials of the base. We received more of an overview on Kuwait, why it’s essential we have the strategic alliance here, how much they respect us and we them, and received not only the coin handshake but also a plaque for each of us, way nice and thoughtful. We did our show for about 40 men and 5 women in the afternoon in a very nice theater and really was fun to do at Camp Arifjan.  Here is a REVIEW of the show.

We then packed up and raced to Camp Patriot, which is a part of the Kuwait Naval Base, where we set up for a show that historically only had about 10 attend. The small tent was packed with couches and a tight fit, but we hoped for a good turn out. After driving a few miles and touching the Persian Gulf water (quite warm) we went to eat and began promoting the show. And luckily we had a packed house, I’d guess about 45 showed up, record broken! Another extremely special show, with young Army guys hollering out once in a while, encouraging, and being funny, David and I just sort of get out of Dan’s way and let him handle everyone, because he’s like a professional bomb diffuser. He is just so good. David’s voice soared through the night sky, as he added, “Hey Brother”, a really fun song, to his set. Even the guys who helped drive us around were saying how much they enjoyed our act because we are constantly tweaking it and saying things differently, so that helps. I also did Justin Timberlake following a guy coming up to me earlier at Arifjan who said, “Hey, I think I’ve seen you before”, to which I said, “No, that’s David you’ve seen”. He said, “No, my wife used to work for Gold’s Gym in Provo and you did our Christmas Party!”

Following the teary-eyed coin ceremony, signing pictures, and people bringing David’s missionary photos up they had copied online, we drove back to Arifjan by 10:30 PM, barely time to shower from a 2 show day in the sweaty heat of the middle east, and left by 11:00 PM for the Kuwait Airport. Our flight was out at 2:30 AM, arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Africa) at 7 AM. We mostly all zonked on the flight over.

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