Visited the EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) specialists in our last stop of the military tour: Djibouti. I can’t believe the way these guys put themselves in such dangerous situations to save lives of people they don’t even know. They had me try on this 90-pound bomb suit that I could barely walk in and was sweating a ton– I cannot imagine trying to detonate a bomb in it. #Djibouti #ifeltlikeateletubby #EODspecialists

Dean Kaelin’s facebook update:

Excerpts from Jason Hewlett’s blog – US Troops Tour – Bagram, Afghanistan, Return to Kuwait, Addis Ababa & Djibouti, Africa

Oh, the silly minds of my children. They think I’m famous because I have a web site. So cute. They don’t know David yet. Now that’s famous.

Today is Tuesday, July 22 and we just landed in Djibuti, Africa. Whereas Addis Ababa is located higher up in the mountains, kind of chilly and SO refreshing to walk off the plane, our time was short in such nice weather. We are now in the same type of heat we experienced in Kuwait, with added humidity. Every soldier we told of our trip plans saying Djibuti was last they joked, “Well, that will dampen your trip to end there….” We have a break today and have a show tomorrow, so I’m hoping I can get a work out in, get this Blog post up, and have a great Final Show on our Tour for the Troops.

We arrive home in SLC, UT on Friday, July 26, at 1:30 PM on Delta from Paris, France. We’ll have flown for 2 days and nights in a row to get back.

We set up a web site for the Military Families, if there is a way to get it out there and spread the light and joy we brought to the warzones, it is There are only a certain amount of FREE Downloads available, and we hope the families of those serving can enjoy this great web site that will be gone in just over a week.

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