The hardwork and non-stop voting by Archies around the world paid off!  David won 3 categories in Teen Choice Awards!!

OHMYGOSSSSHH. I’m so happy i had to leave class to post this!! =))

Go tweet him now!!! I want to see those surfboards!!

full list of winners.

I'll Be — David Archuleta

Posted by ferjiperj at 7:28 am
Aug 092009

I’ll be the greatest fan of your life, David.

I can’t help but love his version of I’ll be. He did stopped me and stole my breath. And certainly he’ll be better as he grows older ^_^ Enjoy the videos!




credits to ilovefatmonkeys, tamster1328, StarryNites01
Aug 082009


Here are the photos:

idk how can they be so techie, but this is cool! Hello Daddy Jeff!

I cannot wait to hear you speaking/singing frencchhhh! Sexxaay ^__^ This makes me more excited about his Christmas Album! :”>

Aug 072009

Source: I Be TinaB’s flickr

DavidThis photo makes me want to wrap my arms around his waist. teeehee =))

DavidDavid…. you.. sparkle!! :”>



and I just thought you might want too see this too, =)


Credits to Taryn, FOD and Archuletafanscene.

New pictures! CREDITS TO Tina_B

Aug 072009

You’ve got to love these videos from Rockford, Illinois!

David sang  2 new songs! ^_^




I’ll be

Somebody Out There


Your Eyes Don’t Lie


A Little Too Not Over You


Touch My Hand



You Can


Works For Me


My Hands


Waiting For Yesterday






Zero Gravity


Hello Band! ^__^


credits to StarryNites01 and emilyluvsarchie!!

But because i know you want more,  you can download the MP3 version of

I’ll Be


Thank you, FOD for those links!

Ok isn’t he the most SWEETEST! like this one TOTALLY made up for the no-videos-thing in Louisville! Ah i adore thee, David!<3333333 and i HAVE to spaz about his outfit, it’s seriously freakin awesome!!

Aug 072009

Executive Producer Don Ashley has an idea for promoting David Archuleta’s Christmas CD.


credits to kathysclown

Mr. Ashley, thanks for seeing David the way we see him! =)


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Aug 052009

sweeeet! :”>shonteelleee


Watch videos of Shontelle & David Archuleta

David & Shontelle inside the bus. =) And buzz light year outside. =))


Sweeet, she’s capturing a vid of David here, singing Crush! ..i think she’s singing Crush too! :”>


The sweetest, sweeetst boy on this planet, DAAAAVIIIDDD!

but you’re sweet as chocolate, Shontelle!


David, Boys Like Girls and Shontelle.You’ve got to see this video!

They’re trynta dig up some dirt on David. Anddddd.. go watch ittttt!


then shontelle’s says “He’s an angeeel!!” :>

I love you Shontelle! HAHA

Ughh, how many times did i say “Sweet”? ^__^

Aug 052009




Cheers to more Archufacts, Archunews and everything David!

Oh David, I have a feeling that you were singing when you tweeted that! lol

Magazine Feature

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Aug 052009

David Archuleta is featured in TotalGirl Philippines.

Here are the photos :)



And he’s featured in CandyMagazine too! :)



*Dear Seventeen Mag Philippines, I hope you also have David on your August issue. lol”


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Aug 052009


I believe this is the most effective and easiest way to lose weight! =))

Credits to KylieWyoti

PS. You’ve got to see the dog! haha!

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