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From @AnnieDAFG:

@DavidArchie David, “Elevator” is #17 in the top songs of South African radio station K-FM 94.5 today – woohoo :) )

This came into the DBB inbox from AJ, one of David’s most dedicated fans who lives in Abuja, the federal capital of NIGERIA! Whooo hoooo for fans from Nigeria!


It’s AJ, the Diehard David Archuleta fan all the way from ABUJA, the Federal Capital of NIGERIA.

I wanted to share the experiences I have had and how David’s music has helped and affected me especially now with the changes going on in David’s life.

Perhaps other fans can find strength in “DAVID THE MESSENGER OF HOPE” an experience I had while listening to “When You Believe”

I also wanted to share “THE EXPERIENCE” to let fans know how David’s songs have been a sweet experience & a journey for me being a fan who resides in Abuja, Nigeria. These write-ups are how I have tried to put into words what I felt & feel whenever I listen to David’s songs.  I just want in my own way to let us fans realize once again just how much David has been a gift to us.

Fans have shared their experiences; THIS IS MINE!

Read her beautiful fan commentary as a sweet reminder of why we all should stand by David Archuleta, through both the quiet and exciting times. Click to expand the graphics.

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