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You can pre-order “BEGIN.” now on iTunes in Germany, Denmark, Mexico and Japan etc.

How awesomely appropriate!

I’m in Ireland, and I’m making a video of it all. I had this as a starter then realized it might work better on it’s own, so it ended up like a trailer … lies: it’s more like a precursor to the Ireland video.

Music: “Parachutes and Airplanes” by David Archuleta.

Credit: ForeverColourblind13

PS: I think the editor decided to make the plane journey a video on its own because of the awesome appropriateness of the music. ;)

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Translation from @AnnieDAFG:

“No worries, everything is going to be fine. LOVE: your crush turned out to not be as awesome as you thought. Now you have to make a decision. FOLLOW: you’re super creative! BEWARE: don’t let others determine what is right for you.”

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Silent Night (HQ)


Pat a Pan (HQ)

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Silent Night

Pat a Pan

Here We Come A Wassailing

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