I thought the Japanese voice-over was pretty good, pretty… David-like. LOL.

Japanese (with “I Wanna Know You” in Japanese lyrics):


Credit: JapanLovesDavid

Portuguese (for Brazilian market; “I Wanna Know You” in Portuguese lyrics)



Credit: DisneyChannelBrazil



Credit: AnniefromtheEU

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#Ray has no time for Twittering… <–Bummer!!!

If your at a show… Say "hi" to Ray. #Ray always wants David to have comfort level and fans to have comfort level at shows.

#Ray feels very honored to work with David. "he's a great guy and a great talent". He's looking forward to working more with David.

#Ray… Canada? D and Ray went to radio station in Toronto… They loved David there!

Keep gifts to a minimum for the make- up shows! Last night of tour is difficult to pack gifts. A donation is a better gift!

It's 100 degrees where #Ray is. Favorite band is Devo since he was a little kid.

#ray said that ILAA did a great job of VIP's. David looked forward to them every day!!

David does excercises on tour running around venue and up/down stairs. #ray

David likes to eat as much as possible. He eats a ton. #Ray said he has to chase him cuz he moves so fast. Kendra makes sure he eats healthy

#Ray is licensed to drive the Tour Bus!

How tall is David? #Ray said 8'11… he just looks shorter!

#Ray loves Rome, Italy…

Is #Ray suprised at International fans that come to see David? Yes! Lots of fans come from all over!

Craziest fans… Teens or Mom's… Answers: Mom's! Teens are shy… Mom's want to adapt him and hug him. Flight attendance love him!

Could David see us behind curtain? #Ray said no…

Who designed tour shirts? Ray wanted to do something special for crew… Talked to D… Talked about ideas… Came up with the design!

Ray did the curtain drop during tour… He would q the drop! #ray

Sometimes fans get a over excited and reckless when trying to get to David. Ray does not want to see anyone get hurt in these situations.

Ray is always taken by the outpouring of appreciation for David by his fans… Talking about Manila fans at airport.


Ray is answering @starrynites01's question about David's fanbase…

Ray said taking care of David is very important to him. Ray wants to make sure that he is always there to make sure David is ok!

David did not want the Acoustic show to be put on Youtube… He wanted it to be special for people who went to Louisville show.

Unplugged Concert… No camera's policy… Was the unpluggled concert stressfull? Ray said David wanted the show to be unique and special.

Upcoming Tour? Ray does not do any booking of dates… He organizes them once dates are set. He is hoping for dates soon.

Ray said that David is so understanding when people makes mistakes and that he is the same way all the time… Just genuine!

Describe D in 5 words… Sweet, kind, understanding, appreciative, genuine!!

Ray said David spends endless hours going thru his gifts and fan mail… I think we already knew that tho!

Ray is answering about the different custom's, different philosophies etc… There are difficulties in different countries…

Ray is answering @AnnieDAFG's question about the differences between touring in Europe vs. US. Ray said it was a great question! Ahhh!

More on Ray and Italy from @annyo84

@Larissa_SG i never asked him that so i don’t know but his last name is pretty much italian

@pastelpastel he lived and has a house in Rome :) I was able to talk to him quite a bit in Uk that’s how i know ahah

@pastelpastel he has a house in Italy and lived there and still goes there sometimes..he has lots of friends there too :)

@jennyGPA oh he just said hi..so good to speak italian…everything is ok..and things like that ahahha

I love hearing Ray talking in italian..he is soo good and he talks with a south italian accent ahahahah so cute lol

Ray’s scariest moment – Credit: @gengenw

@Larissa_SG His scariest moment is trying to get David out of the Malaysian airport in one piece!

@Larissa_SG Ray is awesome!!!

Manila fans’ photo credit: @nareejo

In this interview, David Archuleta talks about his musical inspiration, working with Swedish writers, Robyn, one of his favorite artistes from Sweden, hanging out with friends in the UK and his family back home, the contagious English (British) accent, the sooo good Thai food in the UK, and liking to smile. :)


David with the interviewer Amelie

Credit: Archiedorable

Thank you, Archuleta Fan Scene, for the link.

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