May 042014

And oh boy, are we fans in for a visual feast. ;)

David’s interactions with and sightings by others:

May 032014


Congratulations to Ratih from Indonesia!!
The package is on its way to you TODAY!
Please see Ratih’s wonderful journey as a David Archuleta fan:
I am Arch Angel from Indonesia. I am 20 years old get ready for 21. I love David since the first time I heard he sang my fav song “When You Believe” when I was in high school, 5 years ago. For that time I kept searching all about him. I think he is different with other artists. That’s why I will never stop to be his big fan. And my biggest achievement in my life when I could stand in front of him watching his concert.  At that time I was sooooooooooo speechless. When he sang “My Kind of Perfect” on last 16th July 2011, I scream and said “I love u David”.  That’s unforgettable moment :)
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Because of YOU we will be awarding 2 deserving
students a scholarship worth $1,800 each!! 
Over 5 years of scholarships the
total amount  given is $19,600!!!!
It is ALL because of YOU and we cannot say THANKS enough.
will be awarded in a ceremony later this Spring. 
When we have information on the
recipients we will post it on our website
and let you know that it’s there.
“No person was ever honored for what he received.
Honor has been the reward for what he gave.” 
—-Calvin Coolidge
WE honor YOU and your giving heart.
We have a WINNER!!
HOWEVER, a number of emails have
been sent to the winner with no response. 
If we do not hear back we will have to draw a new winner.
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This is literally your LAST CHANCE to be a part of
We will be giving 2 scholarships to 2 deserving students. 
The amount of those scholarships will be determined by YOU.
Once again THANK YOU for all you have done to make this possible. 
This is our 5th year.  So far 8 students have benefited
by receiving $16,000 worth of scholarships. 
How much more will we be able to add in our 5th year?
Be a part of it if you can.
This video was created for our 2012 campaign.
It still holds true today.

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Our campaign ends today – April 9th.
Please visit us to learn more:
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$10 Tuesday – What?!

Our $5 Fridays have been so popular we decided to up our game
on the day before our campaign for 2014 ends.
Any chance you can do without that extra latte this week?  
If so, please head on over to our website for
The David Archuleta Music Scholarship!

Also, if you want to be in on the FREE BAG GIVEAWAY,
please send your name to this email address:

There will be a random drawing on Thursday this week.
If you are the lucky winner, you will be
contacted for shipping instructions.  
This is all at no cost to you.  
It’s our way of saying THANK YOU!  
ALL FANS are eligible to win!

Donate if you can here:

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The 2014 campaign will end Wednesday for
As David fans we all know that this quote
speaks to the person David is. 
The David Archuleta Music Scholarship
was created 5 years ago with the purpose
of honoring the person David is
and to give back in a unique way
to his alma mater, Murray High School.
In the past few weeks you have seen us post
messages from fans who have participated
and supported and even a fan who
has benefited from a music scholarship. 
We are nearing the end of YOUR opportunity
to be a part of this year’s scholarship.
Be a part of it if you can.
Our campaign ends on Wednesday - April 9th.
Please visit us to learn more:
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David Archuleta in his 1st exclusive interview post missionary life in Chile. KSL Extra has the exclusive which can be found here -….

Credit: JR4DA2013plus

@MCRmyUTMy sister with @DavidArchie after last night’s celebration.

“Super cool on how I was able to attend to a homecoming performance for David Archuleta! His testimony was beautiful and he got even more cute when he said it all in Spanish!  ‪#‎LDS‬ ‪#‎DavidArchuleta‬‪#‎MissionHomecoming‬ ‪#‎SoCool‬ ” CREDIT: nellynye

Thank Goodness It’s $5 Friday AGAIN!!! 

There are only a few short days left to be a part of
for this year as our campaign for 2014 ends April 9th.
As you heard from a great David fan on Monday
a music scholarship really does make a
meaningful impact on a life.
Here’s what a David fan from Canada had to say:
“I do believe there is a commonality of humans
to give even a little bit, which actually means
alot… really is in our nature to be good
loving people, we just have to
tap to that beauty of who we really are.”
Head over to our website and see the
8 lives this scholarship has impacted SO FAR.
YOU can help to impact even more lives.
Donate if you can here:
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Time is short if you would like to be a part
of the 2014 campaign for

We’ve said it before but want to share again
that our purpose is all about giving back to the
High School that was a part of David’s life.  
We want to do this in a way that
honors David who always shows the
heart he has for music and the heart he has for people.

Be a part of it if you can.

Our campaign ends one week from today – April 9th.
Please visit us to learn more:

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So how does receiving a music scholarship impact a person? 
Please read this personal story of a David fan who
knows firsthand what being on the receiving end really means!
My name is Maryanne Munk. When I was 7 years old I began piano and music theory lessons from a professor of music. I worked hard and sacrificed much. My dream was to major in music at a university. I hoped to teach and to bring the joy of music into people’s lives. I wanted others to feel the happiness that music had brought into my life! I became heavily involved with music in the community, church and school. And I loved it!
The summer after my junior year of high school, my father died. It was a shock to say the least and a difficult time for my mother and me. I didn’t know if I would ever have the opportunity to attend a university but I applied anyway and was accepted.
At the end of my senior year, I was awarded a music scholarship through my high school. It was not only an honor to receive this recognition but a blessing to see the doors of opportunity open in my behalf. I attended the university of my choice and majored in music. It has been a joy and blessing in my life! I love teaching and serving in my church and community! It is awesome!
We have the opportunity to not only honor David Archuleta for the joy he has brought into our lives through his music, but we have the opportunity to open the doors of opportunity in some young musician’s life. May we all pull together to make a difference, for out of small things can big things be brought to pass!
Maryanne Munk
YOU can be a part of impacting a life too!!
Our campaign ends April 9th.
Please visit us to learn more:
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