The 2nd hymn sung in Spanish was “I Need Thee Every Hour” credit: @Nellie1983

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Had an awesome time at the youth face2face chat. Here with the moderators Young Men’s General President Brother David L. Beck, Young Women’s General President Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson and Hermana Denisse Posse Lindberg. Thanks to those who tuned in last night and asked questions! Refreshing to open up and talk about my mission :) . If you couldn’t watch or want to watch again you can go


Meridian Magazine


Highlights of chat by @LDSnet:

#LDSface2face if the #Savior stood beside! #twitterstake

#LDSface2face would I say the things I say if the Savior Stood beside me? @DavidArchie thanks for the great reminder!

Sweet get to hear @DavidArchie sing in spanish too! :)

#LDSface2face “I don’t know if you’d call my Spanish perfected” @DavidArchie

Haha it’s great when your parents don’t understand your spanish because it is a different dialect #LDSface2face

“Music helps me understand myself better” @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

Can you believe that @DavidArchie was known as the kid who didn’t talk? #LDSface2face

“Mormon missionaries are the ones with a nametag who ride bikes around and teach people about Jesus Christ and His gospel” @DavidArchie

I felt free and that I had nothing distracting me as a missionary #LDSface2face @DavidArchie

I love chile! I love the mountains surrounding me and helping me feel protected and secure @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

I am always going to talk about food because I am a foodie @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

Hotdogs with avacodos? Anyone else besides @DavidArchie like those? #LDSface2face

A mission is something I have always wanted to do @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

I was never satisfied with not going on a mission. I felt like there was something I needed from that experience @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

“I came here to help” @DavidArchie describing how it felt on the streets of His #LDS mission #LDSface2face

The gospel helps good people become better @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

Why was I willing to come here in the first place? Why did I leave all of that, why? To serve the Lord #LDSface2face @DavidArchie

Wow, cool arrangement of Called to Serve Him @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

@DavidArchie encourages us to remain onward ever onward as we glory in His name #LDsface2face

#LDSface2face In Chile people didn’t recognize me a whole lot, so I still got the door slammed in my face @DavidArchie

Because most people didn’t know who I was, just getting someone to listen without any expectation- it was a great door approach #LDSface2face

I sang with my companion because He had the same purpose that I did #LDSface2face @DavidArchie

I love watching people and observing people. You get to meet people and see how they are. #LDSface2face @DavidArchie

I have thought about learning more psychology, or sociology. anything with people watching @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

I have always wanted to understand other people #LDSface2face @DavidArchie

A lot of people try to tell you what will make you happy or feel good. Sometimes you believe them @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

Remembering who I am, that God has a plan for me, and that I am His son makes me feel good @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

My family, need to be with them @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

I don’t have to change my priorities for anyone #LDSface2face @DavidArchie

I would have liked to have study Preach my gospel more before the mission @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

#PreachmyGospel teaches you to be teachable #LDSface2face

keep in touch with God daily, go to church and pay attention, see how you can serve there @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

Going to the #LDS temple was a huge help to me as @DavidArchie prepared to serve a mission. How has it helped you? #LDSface2face

I need thee every hour, most gracious lord @DavidArchie #LDSFace2face

Even @DavidArchie needs Him every hour to help temptations lose their power #LDSface2face

The biggest thing everyone wants to feel and looks for is to feel loved. They want to have a reason that they are here @DavidArchie

The more you feel love the more you want to love other people @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

not thinking about yourself, focusing on serving other people is what brought me closer to God than anything else @DavidArchie

I wasn’t enough if I didn’t have the help of the Lord with me @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

Admit that you need the help of the Savior to love yourself and other people better @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

I had hard companions and I did get into arguments with them! Thanks for your honest answer @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

This just in @DavidArchie does not currently have a girlfriend #LDSface2face but he can’t help but want that!

I’ll keep searching for my kind of perfect #LDSface2face you can’t wait, you have to search for that kind of person @DavidArchie

Someone needs to love the Lord more than they love me. If they do that, then we can make the same kinds of goals @DavidArchie

I want someone who loves the Lord and who has virtue @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

The spirit makes a difference in music, and in friends #LDSface2face @DavidArchie

Hum your favorite Hymn just like @DavidArchie #LDSface2face

We’ll sing and we’ll shout with the armies of Heaven @DavidArchie #LDSface2face #twitterstake

Highlights of Spanish chat by @awwwrchuleta:

“i’m more confident now :’)”

“you’re never ready for a mission…”

“I still spend a lot of time in the Temple…”

“the most difficult thing for me was leaving my family because I thought “they need me”…

“it was not a sacrifice… how could it be a sacrifice such a great blessing?”

“there are times when you don’t get along with your companion…”

he also said that he didn’t understand how the Chilean people talked at first hahaha

I loved when he talked about how he gained confidence during his mission.

“sometimes I don’t know what to do..I feel lost… that’s when you can pray”

“Many times, we feel that when we have a dream, we need to leave spiritual things aside… but that’s not truth….

..God knows you, He knows what are your dreams… ”

“I was a surprise, having all these people knowing who I am, all the attention…

“…I was singing and my first cd came out.. it was a lot of stress..

“people used to tell me: now you’re going to be happy but i didn’t feel that way”

“there’s no music in my life without that spiritual side, for me…”

“For me, music is a responsibility that God gave me and I have to do it right…”

“I used to hide my flaws..”

The lady said a Q that was asked before and he said: ohh I already replied to that… and the lady: ohh sorry then.

dnfdsjfb he would like to write a book about his experiences during his mission.

to talk about the people he knew, the food…. jajajjaa

“Oh no I can’t watch TV… no, where’s my companion?” when he returned to his home ahhahahahaha

he said that he needed to read his scriptures and his little sister helped him with that. :3

he’s writing songs… in english and SPAAAANISSHHHH <3

songsssss , i like that "s"

he says he doesn't have a gf...

he said something like... "buuuuut emmmm yeah..... " sdnsjfns

"there were people who didn't know me but they were willing to listen to my singing"

He says it's ok to feel frustrated about things but "don't give up"

he was talking about things we know already... about not changing things of his past..

..because that's what made him the person he is now.

"I had that fear, i don't how to talk, how to teach, but when you're on your mission you're going to learn it...'s ok, you have your companion too...don't worry, you're going to be fine"

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May 042014

And oh boy, are we fans in for a visual feast. ;)

David’s interactions with and sightings by others:

May 032014


Congratulations to Ratih from Indonesia!!
The package is on its way to you TODAY!
Please see Ratih’s wonderful journey as a David Archuleta fan:
I am Arch Angel from Indonesia. I am 20 years old get ready for 21. I love David since the first time I heard he sang my fav song “When You Believe” when I was in high school, 5 years ago. For that time I kept searching all about him. I think he is different with other artists. That’s why I will never stop to be his big fan. And my biggest achievement in my life when I could stand in front of him watching his concert.  At that time I was sooooooooooo speechless. When he sang “My Kind of Perfect” on last 16th July 2011, I scream and said “I love u David”.  That’s unforgettable moment :)
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Happy Easter!

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Apr 192014

These were what @DavidArchie tweeted he did in the week leading up to Easter:




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