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Btw, K-Zone magazine is sold in Malaysia, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

Local GH performer and barman Nick Len was selected as a contender on Channel Nine’s new reality show The Voice this week.

The 21 year-old wowed judge Joel Madden performing a cover of Bruno Mars’ Grenade.

Len said he’s inspired by artists such as Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and David Archuleta.

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From @DavidArchie:

Question from David today —> How would you explain to someone if they asked “How do you find peace in a crazy world?” (ks)

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Happy Birthday to a beautiful young lady @jascurtissmith! I hope you have a wonderful day! Miss ya! Remember this cake?


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Sep 182010

The closet Aussie in me digs this. -L

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Aaand @DavidArchie‘s Something ‘Bout Love is available on NZ itunes!

From @TheNZArchAngel:

@DavidArchie DAVID!!!! They’re playing Something ‘Bout Love on the radio here in New Zealand!!!!!! :D

@Larissa_SG 91.0 ZM!!!! :D :D

@Larissa_SG Go to :) :)

@Larissa_SG @AussieArchieFan OMG I got through to them & I thanked them for playing SBL & they said they’ll try to play more of his music!

@Larissa_SG @AussieArchieFan It seems they started playing SBL at the beginning of this week but I just heard it now. But so cool! :D

They played SBL on ZM again!!! :D I’m totally loving this to the max.

When will Australia ever catch up?! Yesterday, I was grocery shopping at a major supermarket in a Sydney suburb when “Crush” started playing, and that was enough to get me dancing down the aisles in this land of Archu-drought. AU – please learn from your (more enlightened) NZ neighbor!

- Larissa


Ok! well i live in newzealand and we are a bit behind(tonight we saw the first performance show from the top 12) but already I can see that David A and Jason are like the best and from what I read on the net they are pretty big in America as well?!?! I love them both! they are both sooo talented and jason omg hes gorgeous! well, so is David, and im only 18 so Im not much older than him but he kinda looks like a little boy! ANYWAYZ! Do ya’ll think its gunna come down to thoose two?! Or is there much more to come from the other performers?!?!?!? I do like that rocker David guy as well. and i HATE that kristy lee cook chick! PHEW! this was long! cant wait to read your responses!

btw here in new zealand David A is probaly the most popular.

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