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And oh boy, are we fans in for a visual feast. ;)

David’s interactions with and sightings by others:

David Archuleta in his 1st exclusive interview post missionary life in Chile. KSL Extra has the exclusive which can be found here -….

Credit: JR4DA2013plus

@MCRmyUTMy sister with @DavidArchie after last night’s celebration.

“Super cool on how I was able to attend to a homecoming performance for David Archuleta! His testimony was beautiful and he got even more cute when he said it all in Spanish!  ‪#‎LDS‬ ‪#‎DavidArchuleta‬‪#‎MissionHomecoming‬ ‪#‎SoCool‬ ” CREDIT: nellynye

Looking back on 2013 @DavidArchie! (KS) 

This is essentially a montage of tweets sent by @DavidArchie in 2013.




Fan video:

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Via: Georgette

Merry Christmas from DBB! This post will be updated over time…

Concierto de Navidad 2013 (full concert)

Concierto de Navidad 2013 – The Prayer cut

Credit: Alejandro Angulo

Concierto de Navidad (broadcast) – David’s songs

Credit: cristobalite4126

Oh Ven, Oh Ven Emmanuel

Credit: Hector Huento

Credit: Patricio Campos

O Ven, O Ven Emmanuel (rehearsal)

Credit: Marcelo Barrera

The Prayer

Credit: JavieraNicol

Los Pastores A Belen

Credit: Ingrid Charlotte

O Holy Night

Credit: Ingrid Charlotte

This video is a stray one as I don’t know exactly on which occasion this was performed – “What Child Is This?” in Spanish

Credit: Alexandra Berta Layseca Sancho

@Abrra : From Abrra’s Candy Jar The Prayer David Archuleta with Rebecca Lopez …

Sorry that we have been MIA for a few months. This just cropped up, and it’s simply beautifully sung by David.

Credit: Andres Lopez

From @DavidArchie:

A big THANK YOU from David for all the Holiday/Birthday greetings & gifts he received in the packages I sent. (KS)

Read this post if you want to see what David has been doing lately…

The usual warning applies: There are videos and pictures from the mission and stuff. Don’t read further if you don’t want to.

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No videos or cameras were allowed, but this was what we heard happen from tweets (mainly from Gladys who recounted the experience on The Voice chat). For a detailed recap, head over to ohmyheckdavidarchie tumblr or The Voice.

From @jackryan4DA:

Tonight’s concert feedback – there was salsa, kicking, boxing & kneeling — all from #DavidArchie - ok kill me now! waaaahhh!

Had fun chatting w/ Gladys who was lucky to be invited to@DavidArchie‘s concert in Rancagua. Archies, don’t forget those defib by 2014!

From @puushinmeaway:

I cant belive it! Today i was in a “concert” with Elder @DavidArchie :) was Amazin

Elder @DavidArchie says “bacán” and “cachai” :) he loves Chile

From @EllynaMxy:

It’s funny that he actually sang Eye of The Tiger at the devotional event lol

“He came out boxing like a boxer when he sang Eye of The Tiger.” Aww David <33

“He apologized for the boxing act because missionaries don’t do that and laughed a lot, and he said he is no longer thin looking.” HAHAHAHA.

@DavidArchie had grown bigger. Like you know, MUSCULAR.

So @DavidArchie wore a black suit, turquoise tie and a white hat. But the white hat was only for a song.

From @sandritangel:


From @VeeBee123:

Karate kicks, salsa dancing. Hero. SPANISH CONCERT. This is just too much. How about an encore when you get back, @DavidArchie?

From @prodigalfan:

so apparently @DavidArchie sang Eye of the Tiger (complete w/ boxing moves) at his concert today in Chile. OK, this I need to see#LMAOdying

From @chocolatevege:

Yesterday @DavidArchie spoke entirely in Spanish, did some salsa and sang Hero. You have no idea how sexy that image in my head is right now

From @NYasmiin:

#Archies confirmed! Elder Archuleta will do a Devotional Christmas in December!

¡El momento ha llegado! Reserva tu lugar para el próximo gran evento del Centro JAS Rancagua – Chile “UNA TARDE CON ELDER COELLO Y ELDER ARCHULETA” el sábado 13 de Octubre de 2012.
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Google Translate:

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* Event only for young people between 18 and 30 years and residing in Chile Region VI *

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