From @DavidArchie:

Hey everyone, checking in again from India. Been getting a better understanding about leprosy and going to some of the leprosy colonies to

get a sense of how it affects the lives of those who’ve been kicked out of their communities because of carrying it.

Today, Jan 31st (or maybe tomorrow in the states), is World Leprosy Day. If you want to learn more about the kids and people who I’ve been

meeting with you can go to and see how you can help out! Thanks you guys! Will let you know more when I get back!

Thanks for the heads up! RT @Suttygal It was actually #WorldLeprosyDay in the States today David. (The 30th)

Meanwhile, on the Pathway of Hope…

From @wendynjAFAC:

As of this afternoon, 130 bricks!!

New update from RSO….just in….150 bricks.!! That’s $7500 ! ( hope my math is right… Its late…lol)

@Jana__OR it’s up to 150 now thanks to his tweet :)

Videos and Pics from the event courtesy @sharaniya



Somebody Out There (Partial)

David being adorable

Thanks a ton Sharan and @TheNZArchAngel!!:)

See more pics on @TheNZArchAngel’s Facebook, like this:

Update: He sang ‘Somebody Out There’ too! There were a lot of fans – more than 20 of them!

From @sharaniya:

There are a LOT of @DavidArchie fans here.. Im shocked!

He sang Angels and Crush!!!!:-)

@DavidArchie actually complained that the keyboard was pretty small and so he didn’t know what song to do! – that was just before Crush

@Salamahafifi yep! he did! before even i cud say Hi! he said “hey i remember you!” <3<3<3

@McEra04_B1 We talked a lil bit! took a pic too:) @DavidArchie remembered me from Spore! WOOT WOOT!!!

From @sjtookey:

So far in India I have visited the people in a Leprosy colony, read books to the children in the school…

and performed with David Archuleta and the life dance troupe of kids from the leprosy colony who now attend Rising Start school.

I feel my life changing…even if I had a cold bucket shower this morning :)

From @TheNZArchAngel:

Last night at the RSO event was all kinds of amazing and so so so incredible!!!!

I’m so thankful i got to talk to david too!! i said thanks to him for standing up for & giving hope to all those kids & their families

When @DavidArchie was singing Angels, @sharaniya and I just clutched on to each other’s hands and sang along.. Chills all around! haha. <3

From @dezzyporterx:

@davidarchie yay! we’re staying at your hotel right now(: it was awesome meeting you!<3

@Vanessachann yes I did:) he asked where we were from and we’re from Singapore and he’s like oh cool, hey mom they’re from Singapore! :D

From @mikekmusic:

@zerogravity1 David told me yesterday the kids absolutely love singing Somebody Out There, makes me smile.

Invitation from Courtyard Marriott to those lucky duckies:

Dear …,

Greetings from Courtyard by Marriott, Chennai!

Courtyard by Marriott, Chennai is closely associated with Rising Star Outreach, an Organization that founded and started a school called “Marriott Home” which helps educate, feed and lodge children of leprosy affected parents in Chengelpet.

As 31 January, 2011 is  world leprosy day, we are hosting a fund raiser dinner on 29 January, 2011- Saturday to help raise funds to buy  books, stationary, uniforms and provide good health care to the children and their parents who are affected with leprosy.

American Idol David Archuleta, Broadway dancer Shaun Parry and choreographer from So You Think You Can Dance?  Stacey Tookey will be performing at the fund raiser dinner. This will be followed by a sumptuous Italian buffet and a variety of beverages. Donor passes are priced at Rs. 5000/- per couple.

Your support and contribution will help educate and change the life of 150 children who have most often been shunned by society.

Please find attached the email invite. We look forward to meeting you at the charity dinner. Please send us your contact number.

Thanking you in advance,

Warm Regards,


David Archuleta Harapan untuk India

Kamis, 22 Juli 2010

Keterlibatannya dalam sejumlah kegiatan filantropi membuat David Archuleta menjadi motivasi bagi para penggemarnya. Tidak hanya di AS, tapi juga sampai ke India.

Nama David dimuat dalam Pathway of Hope atau jalan harapan yang dibangun di sekolah untuk anak-anak kurang mampu di sana.

Berlokasi di Chennai, India, nama penyanyi yang juga runner-up American Idol itu diharapkan mampu menjadi inspirasi bagi anak-anak yang ada di sekolah untuk terpacu mengikui jejak sukses David.

Adalah Becky Douglas, salah seorang penggemar pelantun hit Crush itu, yang menggagas jalan harapan.

Mengetahui namanya ada di jalan bata bertulis itu, penyanyi berusia 19 tahun ini menyatakan tersentuh dan dalam waktu dekat akan segera menyempatkan diri berkunjung ke sana.

Tidak sekadar datang, tapi juga melihat langsung sejumlah anak yang disebut mengidap lepra dan dijauhi oleh keluarganya.

“Ketika saya baca ceritanya, sungguh membuat saya terenyuh, mereka dikucilkan oleh keluarga dan banyak sekali kesalahpahaman, sungguh menyedihkan, ada banyak yang yang terlupakan di luar sana,” ujarnya seperti dikutip dari laman Look to the Stars, Selasa (20/7).

Organisasi Rising Star Outreach (RSO) yang ada di India, termasuk satu di antara tiga organisasi yang didukung oleh David dalam aksi Angels for A Cause (AFAC).

Selain itu, juga ada Lisa Lopes Foundation dan Plane to Haiti. Bersama dokter gigi pribadinya, David mengagendakan bala bantuan khusus yang akan diberikan pada sekolah RSO.

Diantaranya penyediaan pemeriksaan gigi gratis dan layanan kesehatan. Lewat laman sosialnya di AFAC, penyanyi kelahiran 28 Desember 1990 ini juga mengajak para penggemar untuk turut berpartisipasi.

Diantaranya dengan mengklik atau mendukung ikon RSO. Sampai saat ini, AFAC telah berhasil menggalang dana hingga 35 ribu dollar AS untuk mendukung program organisasi yang menaungi banyak anak-anak kurang beruntung tersebut.

Sekolah RSO yang didirikan Douglas termasuk unik dan mencuri perhatian publik. Selain memberi kesempatan pada anak-anak untuk memperoleh pendidikan, juga ada bantuan kredit lunak bagi orang tua mereka agar bisa berwirausaha.

Upaya ini diharap mampu mengentas kemiskinan di masa mendatang.

Source: Koran Jakarta

Rough translation by Google Translate:

David Archuleta Hope to India

Involvement in a number of philanthropic activities to make David Archuleta becomes the motivation for the fans. Not only in the U.S., but also to India.

Name David appeared in Pathway of Hope or the road of hope built on the school for underprivileged children there.

Located in Chennai, India, the name of the singer who was also runner-up American Idol is expected to be an inspiration for children who have attended a racing school to succeed David’s footsteps.

Is Becky Douglas, a fan hit Crush singer, who initiated the path of hope.

Knowing his name inscribed on the brick road, the 19-year-old singer was declared untouchable and in the near future will soon be taking the time to visit there.

Not just coming, but also looking at a number of children suffering from leprosy and called shunned by her family.

“When I read the story, really made me touched, they are ostracized by family and lots of misunderstandings, really sad, there are many who are forgotten out there,” he said as quoted from page Look to the Stars, Tuesday (20 / 7).

Organization of Rising Star Outreach (RSO) that exists in India, including one of the three organizations that are supported by David in action Angels for A Cause (AFAC).

In addition, there is also a Lisa Lopes Foundation and the Plane to Haiti. Together with his personal dentist, David scheduled a special reinforcements that will be given at school RSO.

Among the provision of free dental examinations and health services. Through its social pages at AFAC, singer born December 28, 1990 It also invites fans to participate.

Among them by clicking the icon or supporting RSO. Until now, AFAC has raised funds to 35 thousand U.S. dollars to support organizations that overshadow many programs the children are less fortunate.

RSO who founded Douglas School has a unique and public attention. In addition to allowing the children to acquire education, there is also a soft loan assistance for their parents to be self-employed.

This effort is expected to be able mengentas poverty in the future.

This tweet is so precious for many reasons!

here are the scans courtesy sharaniya, one of our awesome fans from India!:)

American Idol comes to Chennai

He shot to fame as the cherubic, unassuming 17-year-old with a stunning voice on reality  juggernaut, American Idol (season 7). David ‘Archie’ Archuleta has not changed much since, even after the hit single, ‘Crush’, and three albums.

In the city to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Courtyard by Marriott in Chennai, the 20-year-old gets talking about American Idol’s makeover and what he plans to do in India.

From dentist to Chennai: At an appointment with my dentist, he showed me the pamphlets of Rising Star Outreach in Kancheepuram and I was shocked to learn that leprosy still exists. And these people are cast out of society, so I decided to get involved.

American Idol, minus Simon Cowell: I don’t think Simon’s absence will affect the show too much as I think the show needed a fresh new start. As for the new judges, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, Tyler is so funny and seeing someone like Lopez is just amazing. The age bar has been lowered (contestants who are 15 can now audition). I saw a lot of young people who were dedicated and that’s what matters at the end of the day. Whoever has the heart will have no problem in the process.

Surprise show, fan clubs: I would love to (perform) this season but the producers do not give too much notice, so I don’t know for sure. Talking about fans, I was once walking down the street when this girl saw me and suddenly let out a scream. The only problem was she would not let go of my hand and I tried really hard to get away (laughs).

Inspiration: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Kelly Clarkson.

No plans for Hollywood: My family keeps me in check as they have taught me to treasure the simpler things in life.

Source: The New Indian Express

From @wendynjAFAC:

Oh my heck, just got an email from RSO, FORTY bricks were purchased today !!! That’s $2000 !! Amazing!

If anyone is interested in receiving a documentary by RSO to better understand what David will experience, let me know. They will send u 1

wow! Lots of interest, send addresses to email archangel (one word) for documentary. I will make list for RSO

If u already dmed me I got them that’s fine!

Just to clarify for the documentary, i need your MAILING addresses not emails as RSO wlll be mailing them out. sorry,

WOW! I think i have had request for at least 60! I will email the list to RSO tomorrow. just to clarify this is not David in the documentary

All who gave me their addresses for the documentary, I sent them to RSO tonight. Thanks for all the interest !!

Just got an update from RSO. 50 bricks sold in the last 48 hrs!! They say “thank you and tell the fans we love them ! ”

Just got another update from RSO. 12 more bricks! 62 total, over $3000!!!!! makes me want to cry!

RSO also said photos will be coming so stock up on Kleenex. :)

From @AngelsforaCause:

There are still bricks available on the Pathway of Hope which @DavidArchie will walk on!

To find out more about @RisingStarOut, watch this amazing documentary that will touch your heart.

WOW! 40 bricks ordered TODAY for the Pathway of Hope for RSO @DavidArchie fans are involved!! total bricks to date 175 :)

Photographs during construction of the Pathway of Hope

The Pathway of Hope started out as small project within the fan base of David Archuleta. The goal to raise money for the wonderful charity Rising Star Outreach. Fans from all over the world contributed and what started out as a small project blossomed into a beautiful piece of art.

The pathway is constructed of alternating blocks of red and black granite.  The names and messages are engraved in the granite and are beautiful!  The pathway stretches between the volunteer dorm and the children’s school. This pathway is designed to last for ever with multiple layers of reinforcement.  On top of the red clay is a layer of brick then, poured cement, another layer of sand, and finally, the hand-carved red and black granite pavers are the crowning jewel! The best news is that there is still room on the pathway for more dedicated bricks.

Volunteers worked hard in the hot Indian sun to build a path that will last for generations.  They  dug the pathway two feet into the ground by pounding the hard dirt with simple steel bars, instead of the shovels that we’re used to.  The women carried the bricks and cement to the workers on their heads in large bowls.  The cement was mixed by handtion were involved to create a strong path that will endure the severe weather of India.

The Pathway of Hope winds between two very important buildings on the property of Rising Star Outreach. One ends starts with a plaque that gives thanks to all volunteers, supporters and those who have given in Memoriams. The other end has a plaque that reads “Pathway of Hope, Lovingly donated by fans of David Archuleta, Angels for a Cause”

This plaque gives thanks to all fans of David Archuleta, fans from all over the world, who worked for months to bring this project together. What started out as a small brick area, with a lovely bench has turned into a real piece of art!

For more Pathway of Hope construction pictures, visit Angels For A Cause.

Bricks for the Pathway of Hope are still available for purchase. For more information on how you can secure your brick please visit

“Prayer of the Children” performed on June 9, 2009 at the Children United Nations charity:

Credit: CountDavidsCharacter

RSO press release on Pathway of Hope

Credit: profilesincaring

Credit: RisingStarOutreach

David Archuleta to visit India for World Leprosy Day

David Archuleta is flying to India to help Rising Star Outreach celebrate World Leprosy Day (January 31)  David will spend a several days there volunteering with Rising Star Outreach.  David will ride with a Mobile Medical Unit to a leprosy colony and assist the doctors with their work.  He will meet the patients one by one.  He will have the chance to touch them, not only with his music, but literally, as well.  He will be able to see the progress of the micro-businesses and talk with the business owners, giving encouragement and support.

David Archuleta will spend time with the children at the Rising Star Outreach school (these are children from the leprosy colonies of India). They will teach him songs, and he will teach them songs.  They will actually dance together.

Stacey Tookey, a judge from So You Think You Can Dance, Canada, along with a Broadway favorite, Shaun Parry will be choreographing dances for David and the children.

Also attending the celebration is documentary maker, Doug Jardine, who made the documentary, Profiles In Caring, about Rising Star Outreach,  (which won an Emmy Award), he will be doing an updated documentary and World-renowned photographer, Jean Shifrin will be photographing the event.

David will be inaugurating the Pathway of Hope, cutting the ribbon, and walking the path! Archuleta fans world-wide have helped raise over $40,000.00 for several projects on the property of Rising Star Outreach, including the Pathway of Hope. A granite lined pathway created with motivational inscriptions from fans.

Rising Star Outreach needs many volunteers through out the year. If you would like to come and experience the same things that David will experience, please visit and click on the Volunteer in India link. Volunteer sessions are filling up fast for summer 2011, but there are a few more spots open in a couple of sessions.

Source: Angels For A Cause

Jan 232011

..that’s what this newspaper article says!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!

From The Hindu:

American Idol contestant David Archuleta, who’s in town this weekend, speaks about giving back to society through music

Remember David Archuleta, the baby-faced first runner-up of ‘American Idol 7′? He’s coming to Chennai. What follows the announcement are shrieks of delight and a volley of queries —“When is he here? Where is he performing? Where to buy tickets?…”

Well, the singer will be here this weekend, but not for a concert. “I’ll be visiting Rising Star Outreach to meet children with leprosy, and their parents,” says David, in a phone interview. Rising Star Outreach (located in Kancheepuram district) works in close association with Marriott Home, which educates these children.

Marriott Home is an initiative by the Marriott group, and the event is part of Courtyard by Marriott’s fifth anniversary celebrations.

David has been associated with Rising Star Outreach for over a year now. “I was introduced to the organisation by my dentist, a good family friend of ours. He showed me the website. I didn’t even know that leprosy still existed,” he says. What shocked him most was that those with leprosy are still ostracised by society.

This is David’s first visit to India, and the singer says he is quite excited about it. But, his goal is to be able to give back something to the people he will be meeting. “I think I’ll get to sing for them. That will be a neat experience, as music is really special to me,” he says.

David, who’s released three albums so far, says his favourite singers include Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Eva Cassidy. Has he tried listening to Indian music? “I’ve heard Lata Mangeshkar when I was 15. I found her songs interesting,” he says.

How i wish i was in India now!!!!

ETA: Read this moving press release about the Pathway of Hope

From @TheNZArchAngel:

ChennaiLive 104.8 FM in India played @DavidArchie‘s “Elevator”!! Woohooo! :D :D

Credit: Annelovess90

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