Here’s a new photo that was posted yesterday from David’s BENCH photoshoot! Feast your eyes on the wonder, ladies and gents.

From @DavidArchie :

“Here is a #throwbackthursday before the day is over! This was taken during the BENCH photo shoot in Manila. (KS)”

Also, Shelley has started a group card for David’s upcoming Birthday! If you have a minute, go ahead and write in your message :)

Embedding of the video is not allowed, so watch it HERE.

Credit: Sheen Irerick Seeckts

Jan 212013

Credit: theofficialarchuleta

Archies! David Archuleta’s latest music video “Rainbow” on MYX Premiere this Saturday 7:00 PM! Vote on right after!

Source: MYX Philippines facebook

Forevermore and Nandito Ako are #1 and #2 of the Top 10 Most Downloaded Songs 2012 on MyMusicStore Philippines.


Source: facebook

David Archuleta greets everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! The David Archuleta Forevermore Expanded Edition is now available in the Philippines!

Credit: ivorychannel

Nov 282012

David appears at 2:16. Way to go, SM Southmall!

Source: SM Southmall facebook

From @DavidArchie:

Hey Philippines! Forevermore Expanded Edition arrived today at the Ivory warehouse. Start looking for it in stores starting tomorrow. (KS)

Pre-order on Odyssey; Astroplus (local); Astroplus (international); WOW HD (various country stores)

More info: Ivory Music

From @JonDaza:

Who wants this? 

The smile has it! 

Nov 082012

We all need “a little’ Rainbow right now. Here is a preview of the Rainbow Music Video that will be available on the upcoming Expanded Edition of Forevermore out SOON in the Philippines and available for import to most areas.

Credit: David Archuleta

From @DavidArchie:

Look what is coming soon!!! (KS)

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