‘Chords of Strength’ Gifting

Spread ‘Chords of Strength’ around the World – Adopt an ArchAngel for COS

UPDATE: As of July 29, 11.59pm US east coast time, COS gifting will be closed and we will not consider giftee requests submitted after this date.

UPDATE: We still have about 25 fans from Asia and Latin America who are in need of this amazing book. To gift, please email davidbeyondborders@gmail.com and let us know how many books you’d like to ship out, and we will reply with the giftees’ names and mailing addresses. Alternatively, you can make a donation to our PayPal account davidbeyondborders@gmail.com, by clicking on the “Donate” button below. You do not need to have a PayPal account to donate – VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and major credit cards are accepted.

We will then use your donation to purchase the books on Amazon and ship them to the giftees.

Please Note: If you donate to our PayPal account, please leave a note that your donation is for COS gifting, so that we will distinguish it from SBL gifting. Thank you!

David Archuleta’s new memoir “Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance” will be full of the phenomenal, positive influence and inspiration that we have all come to love in David, and that we know extends far beyond his music alone.

From our conversations with fans, there are many fans out there, especially outside North America, who find it difficult or impossible to get the book, either because it will not be available in their country and they cannot afford the high cost of buying it online and get it shipped to themselves, or even if it will be sold at their local bookstores, the price still exceeds their budget.

“David Archuleta Beyond Borders” (DBB) is launching the “Spread ‘Chords of Strength’ around the World – Adopt an ArchAngel for COS” campaign.

Calling for sponsors

If buying the book is not a problem for you, we appeal to you to “Adopt An ArchAngel”, by buying an extra book and shipping it to him/ her. DBB will screen all requests to be gifted the book, to ensure that they are genuine and come from really needy fans.

If you’d like to do your part to spread the goodness of David’s spirit that we know please email davidbeyondborders@gmail.com with your name, country, and your sponsorship budget or the number of books you’re willing to gift. See the end of this post for indicative costs of buying and shipping the book to various regions around the world, in US dollars.

We will match you with a giftee that suits your budget.

Calling for giftees

If you find it very difficult or impossible to obtain the book by yourself, especially due to financial reasons, maybe we can help you! Please email davidbeyondborders@gmail.com, give your name, mailing address including country, and answer the following questions:

1. Why are you not able to get the book yourself?

2. Pick a chapter title from COS and write about what that means to you.

3. Tell us how you are active on one of David’s fansites or tell us the name of another fan who knows you well and can be your character reference.

4. Type out this pledge, “I, (name), in all honesty and truth pledge that I genuinely am unable to get the COS book myself and am therefore asking to be gifted.”

You must answer all 4 questions before we will consider your request to be gifted. We will then match you with a suitable sponsor who will gift you the book.

Please only submit a request to be gifted if you really cannot get the book yourself. David Archuleta is a truthful, honest person and we as fans ought to be truthful and honest like him too. 🙂

Questions or Comments?

Please leave your questions or comments on this page and we will respond to you within 48 hours.

~We gift with the power of perseverance~

We recommend buying the book from Better World Books:


The book costs $15.48 and they ship world-wide for $3.97. What’s more, when you buy from Better World Books, part of the proceeds goes to charities (one of which is Invisible Children that is supported by David) to fund literacy programs.

USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope

Canada & Mexico: $11.45
All Other Countries: $13.45
US: $4.90

Note: All shipping prices only serve as an indicative guide. Sponsors please be prepared for variations in shipping rates.

384 Responses to “‘Chords of Strength’ Gifting”

  1. […] America who are in need of a copy of ‘Chords of Strength’. To see how to gift COS, visit http://davidbeyondborders.com/dbb_blog/gifting/cos-gifting/ We will be closing our COS Gifting program on July 29. Tags: david archuleta, gifting, the other […]

  2. Hi, DBB ^^ I want to ask, my book isn’t come yet, this was a half months since the information that the sponsor will send me the book, (my friends got it within 7 days) I hope you read it and reply thanks before 🙂

  3. Dear DBB, I’ve been sending emails to this site, I hope you’ve read, and respond to emails that I send, I really want to get COS …. I wait for it.. I <3 DAVID :))

  4. […] America who would love to receive a copy of ‘Chords of Strength’. To see how to gift COS, visit http://davidbeyondborders.com/dbb_blog/gifting/cos-gifting/ We will be closing our COS Gifting program on July […]

  5. Vinny, not everyone gets their book in 7 days, giftees in your part of the world had to wait up to 2 months.

  6. hi DBB …. 🙂
    the sponsor need my mailing address and i’ve been give my mailing address,, but,, will i get the COS although the COS gifting is closed ?? … but i’ve been send email on early july ….
    please answer my question … thanks before … 🙂

  7. DBD u replied me with this..You can buy the book online from Amazon.com or BetterWorldBooks.com. They ship the book world-wide. is that mean that i wont get COS from here?

  8. Aynie, yes. You said you are not able to get the book as it is not sold in your local bookstores, so we suggested that you buy the book online and it will be delivered to where you live.

  9. Thanks DBB,finally i hand my own COS book..
    And big thanks to Carol Beckstrand who would like to be my sponsor..
    Thank you so much..
    Love you all..
    May God bless you all..

  10. hi DBB. just wanna say i just received my COS yesterday. it was from betterworldbooks. thanks thanks alot!!!!!! u dont know how u made me sooooo happy 🙂

  11. How can I request to be the giftee of COS and the deluxe album??? Please I really want to have those! Please help! I just don’t have enough money to buy those because I’m not a rich person.

  12. Ericka, the COS gifting program has closed. To request to be gifted COS, you can only apply through our Angel Wishes program here:


    To apply for the TOSOD album, apply here:


  13. I don’t know why, but I can’t avail a cos, i don’t know the process. It says here that I shouldn’t access the page.

  14. Leo, we already replied to your email, so we don’t understand why you’re still asking about COS gifting. We have closed our COS gifting program. If you still wish to request to be gifted the book, please apply at our Angel Wishes program:


  15. hi,dbb..just wondering if wen will my book reach my place?i understand that my place was way too far from u guys..do i have to wait another month?hope u’ll response to my message..thank u..
    god bless u all..

  16. Kristine, we will check with your sponsor and get back to you via email.


  18. is there any extension for the gifting of the Chords of Strength? I’m begging you, please100x extend it………….

  19. Sherlyn, the COS gifting program is closed, but you can still apply to be gifted COS on our Angel Wishes program here:


  20. ok,dbb..thank u so much..

  21. hi..is there any news about my sponsor?:(

  22. Kristine, we will check with your sponsor and get back to you via email. Sorry for the delay.

  23. Hi DBB!
    I’ve got my sponsor and she said that she has mailed the book .. since july 22rd..
    but until now, I don’t get the book … :/

    Just let you know..
    But I’ll still waiting .. 🙂

  24. thank you so much DBB .. finally i got the book … 🙂
    and thanks to Catherine Smith who want to be my sponsor … 🙂
    i hope u get more success and God bless you …

  25. Can I have this book for free?

  26. can i get this book free??? maybe ??? 😀

  27. The Chords of Strength gifting program is closed for now. Watch out for more gifting next year!

  28. Wow, thanks a bunch m8

  29. is Chords of Strength gifting still closed? can I get it please?

  30. i 2 want 2 know is that service still close im a new fan of david and admire him a lot ……….. can someone help me out getting chords of strength ( i live in asia )

  31. i live in India (Delhi) from where can i get the book in local stores ……. pls help me out i really need this book.<3 david #DA2014.

  32. i live in Indonesia (asia) from where can i get the book in local stores, they say there’s nothing left here, please help me out because i really need this book. Thanks 🙂

  33. I had sent an email to you for asking this biography book because i wanna have it but I dont have much money to buy it by myself. But,why dont you reply my email?:(

  34. Hi i live in Indonesia

    hmm maybe I’m too late
    but I really want this book, because in my place no one sells and if purchased via online I do not understand
    so I’m very hopeful

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