Important Message

To Those Wishing to be Gifted through DBB:

David Beyond Borders is working with the other fan sites gifting “The Other Side of Down” and David’s other music. You may only sign up to be gifted at ONE site. If you sign up at more than one site, we will know it and you will NOT be gifted by David Beyond Borders. We will indicate this on your gifting post and we will inform the other site that you have signed up more than once. It will be up to them whether to gift you or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Why is DBB taking this strict approach?

A1: Because receiving more than one gift (as some have done in the past) is stealing from our donors. We will not allow our generous donors to be taken advantage of.

Q2. But XYZ site is offering a contest–what if I sign up but I don’t win? Won’t DBB gift me?

A2: We will see that you are gifted but only if you sign up here after the contest winners have been announced. If you sign up here and for the XYZ contest, we will know and we will NOT gift you, not even if you do not win.

Q3: Does it matter if I sign up here first and then at a different site?

A3: No. No matter which site you sign up at first, we will know and we will NOT be the one to gift you. We will not allow multiple gifting in any way.

Q4: Are you in competition with other sites, trying to steal their giftees?

A4: Of course not! We just want to make sure that everyone who is gifted by DBB is gifted only once. We have been hurt in the past and we are doing all we can to avoid that. We feel that you will sign up with your first choice and are respecting all of the other sites that way!

Q5: People don’t really do that, do they? I mean, that is cheating!

A5: Sadly, yes they do. People have taken advantage of kind David fans in the past. We know that most of you are sincere and honest as well as genuinely loving David. We want as many of you to be gifted as possible. Every duplicate gift takes away from someone. We won’t let that happen to you!

Q6: I have been gifted by DBB before and really love and trust you guys! If I take my name off other lists, may I be gifted here?

A6: Yes! As long as you participate in our program! We love your vote of confidence!

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