‘Something ‘Bout Love’ Gifting

Many fans world-wide are unable to purchase a copy of David Archuleta’s new single ‘Something ‘Bout Love’ due to copyright restrictions and the lack of credit cards. In an effort to combat piracy and increase the official sales of David’s single, David Archuleta Beyond Borders is organizing a major gifting of ‘Something ‘Bout Love’ to make LEGAL copies of the song available to fans WORLD-WIDE.

GIFTEES – How to request to be gifted a legal copy of ‘Something ‘Bout Love’

Please read these instructions carefully. We will not gift if a request is incomplete or in the wrong place.

1. Register at the David Beyond Borders forum at: http://www.bearsafloat.net/dbb_forum/

2. Go to the ‘Something ‘Bout Love’ Gifting thread at: http://www.bearsafloat.net/dbb_forum/showthread.php?109-Request-quot-Something-Bout-Love-quot-Here-Gifting!

3. Provide your name and country.

4. Answer the question, “Why are you requesting to be gifted ‘Something ‘Bout Love’?”

Please Note: The song will be gifted in MP3 format via email. It will be sent to the email address that you use to register at the DBB forum.

A request from us to you: If you are requesting the gift for reasons other than financial hardship or the lack of a credit card, please consider making a donation to David Beyond Borders, so that we can gift even more fans. See the section on “Donation via PayPal or credit card” below.

DONORS/ SPONSORS – How to gift ‘Something ‘Bout Love’ legally to needy fans

There are two ways to gift the single legally to needy fans through our program.

1. Donation via PayPal or credit card

The first and easier way is to make a donation to our PayPal account davidbeyondborders@gmail.com, by clicking on the “Donate” button below. You do not need to have a PayPal account to donate – VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and major credit cards are accepted.

We will then use your donations to purchase legal copies of the song from the David Archuleta official music store to gift to needy fans on our list.

2. Adopt an Arch-Angel for SBL

Email davidbeyondborders@gmail.com and tell us how many copies of the song you would like to gift. We will then send you the giftees’ names and email addresses, for you to individually buy and email each of them a legal copy of the song.

Please Note: The MP3 file can be over 6MB in size, so you need to make sure that your email system can support large file attachments and transfers.

Important Note to Sponsors: We recommend gifting the MP3 of the song from the official music store over iTunes gifting, because it is much easier to administer. If however, you wish to gift from iTunes, you need to make sure that your giftee has a United States iTunes account to accept the gift.

Questions or Comments?

Please leave your questions or comments on the ‘Contact DBB‘ page and we will respond to you via email shortly.

Please consider gifting ‘Chords of Strength’

We still have about 50 fans from Asia and Latin America who are in need of a copy of ‘Chords of Strength’. To see how to gift this amazing book, visit http://davidbeyondborders.com/dbb_blog/cos-gifting/

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