‘The Other Side Of Down’ Gifting

“The Other Side Of Down” album gifting by David Beyond Borders

DBB is gifting 50 copies of the DELUXE CD + DVD album worth US$14.99 and 5 copies of the FAN EDITION album worth US$30.99 to fans world-wide who are unable to purchase the album themselves. This is made possible by donations to our PayPal fund by generous Archies.

GIFTEES – How to apply to be gifted ‘The Other Side Of Down’

We want you to tell us why you should be gifted the album. Creativity is key – Be Creative!!! For example, sing a song, make a video, write a poem, share a personal story, draw a portrait, or create an artwork, etc. – these are all possibilities, and many more! The limit is your imagination.

The BEST and MOST CREATIVE five entries will win the FAN EDITION album with goodies like a friendship bracelet and a picture hand-initialed by David.

Submit your name, country, and creative entries on the DBB forum at http://www.bearsafloat.net/dbb_forum/showthread.php?139-Apply-for-The-Other-Side-Of-Down-album-here-Gifting!

If you win an album, we will email you at the email address you use to register at the forum.

Closing date for applying to win one of these 55 albums is September 8, 2010.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT apply if you’re being gifted or are requesting to be gifted the album by another fansite or other fans. Give your other fellow Archies a chance! If you sign up to be gifted at more than one site, we will know it and you will NOT be gifted by DBB. Read our Important Message.

PS: You may ask, “Why are you not mostly gifting the highly coveted fan edition album?” Our answer is this: The fan edition album is very expensive and is two times the cost of the deluxe (CD + DVD) album. DBB’s focus is on supporting the sales of David’s music. One album, whether it is standard, deluxe, or fan edition, still counts as one album, in terms of official album sales. With the deluxe (CD +DVD) album, you will still get to enjoy ALL of David’s new music, only without non-music extras like picture and bracelet.

A request from us to you: If you are requesting the gift for reasons other than financial hardship, please consider making a donation to David Beyond Borders, so that we can gift David music to even more fans. See the section on “Donation via PayPal or credit card” below.

DONORS/ SPONSORS – How to gift ‘The Other Side Of Down’ to needy fans

1. Donation via PayPal or credit card

The first and easier way is to make a donation to our PayPal account davidbeyondborders@gmail.com, by clicking on the “Donate” button below. You do not need to have a PayPal account to donate – VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and major credit cards are accepted.

We will use your donation to pre-order the albums and get them shipped to the giftees. Depending on the balance in our Paypal account, if we have excess funds, we will later gift more than the base number of 55 TOSOD albums.

2. Adopt an Arch-Angel for TOSOD

Email davidbeyondborders@gmail.com and tell us which type of album (deluxe or fan edition) and how many copies of each you would like to gift. We will then send you the giftees’ mailing addresses. As the majority of the giftees are overseas fans, you would have to pre-order the album, get it delivered to your own address, and then ship it out to the giftee’s address.

Questions or Comments?

Please leave your questions or comments on the ‘Contact DBB’ page and we will respond to you via email shortly.

Please consider gifting ‘Chords of Strength’

We still have about 25 fans from Asia and Latin America who are in need of a copy of ‘Chords of Strength’.
To see how to gift COS, visit http://davidbeyondborders.com/dbb_blog/gifting/cos-gifting/
We will be closing our COS Gifting program on July 29.

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