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Works For Me


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Aug 052009




Cheers to more Archufacts, Archunews and everything David!

Oh David, I have a feeling that you were singing when you tweeted that! lol

Magazine Feature

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Aug 052009

David Archuleta is featured in TotalGirl Philippines.

Here are the photos :)



And he’s featured in CandyMagazine too! :)



*Dear Seventeen Mag Philippines, I hope you also have David on your August issue. lol”


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Aug 052009


I believe this is the most effective and easiest way to lose weight! =))

Credits to KylieWyoti

PS. You’ve got to see the dog! haha!

Today’s Blog!
Howdy all! Today I’m in South Carolina for my first time, and am looking forward to the new crowd! I have to head to soundcheck, meet and greets, and then to getting ready for the show pretty soon here, but just thought I’d let you know about the last week.

A week ago I had the PIttsburgh show, and I had such an amazing time! I really miss those solo shows, and I feel like I can relate to the audience so much more. Thanks to all of you who came out to that show and made it what it was. I’m looking forward to the other solo shows during this tour! The next 2 shows are actually solo ones! So I’m excited :) . The one tomorrow is in Kentucky, and the one after that is in Rockford, Illinois. For the Kentucky show we’re going to be trying a more toned-down set of the same songs I’ve been doing, but where the audience can focus more on the music and vibe. It’ll be my first time trying something like this out, and it’s always something I’ve wanted to try. The rest of the shows will be the same as before where it’s about the energy and fun haha. I’m really looking forward to all of the shows though.

After the Pittsburgh show, we had the North Carolina show, and then went down to Florida! The state where I was born and lived my first 6 years of life haha. We had a day off there, and so I got to spend it with some friends who are amazing people! I also got to spend time with my Grandparents! I love them. My grandparents were actually able to come to all 3 of our shows in Florida, and it was so great. I honestly don’t remember the last time I was able to spend that much time with them, so I’m really grateful for it. My cousins, aunt, and uncle also came to the Orlando show. In addition to all of them, I tried to get a hold of other relatives I knew I had in Florida but had never met. My mom has a cousin in Florida who she hasn’t seen in 16 years, so I invited her and her kids haha. So my 2nd cousins came. It was a great big family reunion! The next day we had off in Orlando, so I got to spend time with friends and family in Disney World! It was so much fun! I’d tell you more about it but I am running out of time and am even writing this while I’m up on stage haha. So I’ll have to tell you guys more stuff later. But what a great week spend with family :) . You gotta do more of it! I didn’t even know these 2nd cousins existed until I did some research and invited them myself to the show haha. So you guys should do some research and see if you have any family members you haven’t met yet, and then let me know your stories! I think it’s always fun to hear that kind of stuff. Well I better go now so ttyl!

Song for the day: First Train Home – Imogen Heap






Pics from Orlando

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Aug 042009


OMgeeeee uh-do-ra-ble!!!!!!!!:))<33333333

that’s called STYLE!!:D

Moooooore here!

Strange and funny coincidences. Did mutual fans, sponsors or Sony/ Jive give them the same shirts?

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And this.

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TMH, King of MYX Charts!

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Aug 042009

While doing my project and homework this morning, my TV is tuned in to MYX, Philippine’s Music Channel. I was watching MYX Daily top 10. So I was waiting who took no. 2 spot  and it’s 2ne1 by Fire (but I don’t really care about that) And then, they announced the no. 1 spot and i am not surprised that David Archuleta’s single Touch My Hand STILL holds the #1 spot on MYX! OMG, and it has been sitting on that spot for 8 straight weeks! I know how crazy it sounds, but this is really how Filipinos love David so much! Like we get daily reminders for our Archutasks and it’s all worth doing it because it’s David! Anyway, I am confident that it’ll stay there for, hmm. 12 weeks! Or more! Haha! I just know! Oh and btw, his Zero Gravity is on radio charts too! So to every Filipino reading this, keep on voting! Lastly, I just want to congratulate every Archienoys and Archietects ‘cause they’ve really worked hard for this! Cheers!

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