David Archuleta is the real thing… He has genuine, genuine fans out there, and I believe it’s because of his great charm and his spirit, and the fact that he… he is… he’s REAL. And you know, they just don’t make boys like that! And as a father of 3 daughters, that’s the kind of guy you want to come home calling on your daughter.

Don Ashley was at the fireside on July 30 where David Archuleta was guest speaker. Don produced this video as a tribute to David, gave heaps of praise on David’s sweet spirit, genuine nature, humility and desire to make everyone happy. Snippets of David from 4:11. He kindly obliged to an autograph for a girl despite the minders saying no.


Credit: kathysclown







Where are these pics hiding for soo long? Well, im thankful to see them at least now LOL! Doesn’t he look just BEAUTIFUL?
Thank you, Larissa Cheong and FSteven for the heads up! Of Course thanks David-Daily and David Archuleta.cn for the pics!

Syesha tweeted the link to this “fancy dance video” to David and asked him to check it out. I hope he did!

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3099412&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Source: http://padackles1028.blip.tv/

In this interview, David Archuleta talks about his musical inspiration, working with Swedish writers, Robyn, one of his favorite artistes from Sweden, hanging out with friends in the UK and his family back home, the contagious English (British) accent, the sooo good Thai food in the UK, and liking to smile. :)


David with the interviewer Amelie

Credit: Archiedorable

Thank you, Archuleta Fan Scene, for the link.

Aug 022009

The Real Deal?

You watch “Reality” shows (Like American Idol) and you see singing sensations, you witness the growth and popularity of a certain few and we all become part of someone’s “dream come true” – Right? Well, sometime…but it’s rare to see the “real thing” (and I’m NOT talking about Coke). Like millions of others I watched Season 7 of American Idol, and like millions of others became a fan of David Archuleta – why? well, first he can actually sing, second, he seemed so REAL, humble, sincere, non-pretentious, approachable, the boy next door…BUT, was it all an act? I’m here to tell you that the David Archuleta you saw on American Idol is very real!

david-archuletaOn July 30th David Archuleta paid a surprise visit to a full house of waiting fans and friends. With no prior announcement of who would be the speaking (or singing) at a ”special musical fireside” held at the Brandon Stake Center for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, David Archuleta spoke and sang while the entire congregation witnessed first hand that this young man was the “real deal”. Speaking for nearly 40 minutes and singing several of his favorite hymns, David spoke from the heart expressing deep conviction and gratitude for his faith, beliefs, and blessings. He did far more than just sing, he touch hearts and caused many to reflect on the more important aspects of life.

David Archuleta is not just another singing act – his voice will take you beyond just listening, it will take you to a level of hearing that few other singers have the capacity to deliver. It was an honor, pleasure and joy to have met such such a spiritual giant – oh yeah, he’s sings really well too…did I happen to mention one of the nicest guys you’d every want to meet.

This reminds me of DALIM (David Archuleta Live in Manila). For those of you who didn’t know, he visited a LDS Church in Guadalupe, Makati  at 7am of Sunday May 17 (Day after their concert) where he sang “Be still my Soul.”

One thing is for sure, David Archuleta is not the “what you see is what you get” kind of guy. He’s really the type of person who never fails to thank the Almighty God for everything He has given to him. It is obvious why he earned the love and respect his fans are giving to him. I am confident that he’ll continue to experience the fame he is experiencing right now and I know that one day, he will not only be recognized as a great artist but also a person with a strong faith to God.

Thanks for headsup of Janey of Snarky Archies
Credits to donashley.tv
Aug 022009

My Hands
Credit: mcamy1

Somebody Out There

It kills me everytime he sings this song!<3333333 the audio is super clear I love it:)

Waiting For yesterday


Zero Gravity

Touch My Hand
Credit: kizzix2008


i feel im watchin this in a whole new angle or David Archie is simply awesome!<3333

Credit: ROTFLvicky

Aug 012009

HD Videos!!!!


Don’t Let Go
Credit: suttygal

Ok I haven’t got much for now, however i did stumble upon this video of Zero Gravity! and I really can’t help sayin this, but David Archuleta is seriously molten lava HAWT! you’ll know why if you watch this:)
Credit: disney1107

How the heck did he manage to look this dang hot is just one year?!! LOL Gah you kill me, David!<33 you are da bomb!

Credit: blakeandjordinfan06

Today, Archies/ Arch Angels around the world celebrate the first anniversary of the radio premiere of Crush, David Archuleta’s first single.

Crush Anniversary

This video captured David’s reaction when Crush was first played on radio last year. I have to admit that today, a year to the event, was the first time I ever watched this video. His priceless sense of awe and wonder – almost humble disbelief that this was happening to him, was so real; it made him so human. It made my love for him bubbly over, made me feel I want to gather him in my arms in a sisterly fashion and give him a good encouraging hug-and-pat. But all this is now merely history and David has made huge strides in his career, having grown in self-confidence, acquired a sharper sense of acumen in the music business, and developed a greater distinct individuality in his musical style that one can only associate with David Archuleta. Still, a core part of David never changes – his sense of appreciation for his faith, family, friends, management and FANS who have made this possible for him – this sense of awe and wonder that keeps him grounded that we witness first-hand in this video. I hope, NO, I’m confident that we’ll see this endearing, humble behavior from him through the many more future song and album releases.


Video Credit: waytokim

This is the reason why #DavidArchuleta and #Crush are on Twitter’s Trending Topics:

Aug. 1st, 2009 is the anniversary of David Archuleta’s debut single, Crush. It debuted last year on Z100 in New York. It later debuted at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it highest debut in 18 months.


Written by: Larissa

Photo by Jennifer L. Barry

Jul 312009

Cause everytime i see your Bubbly videos,

You give me feelings that i adore. <3 <3 <3

Okay, before you watch everything, remember to breathe!

You’ve been forewarned! Okaay? lol

So here  they are!


How about a view from above?



Hmm, 2 rows away from him view?

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sphqwBmx0Xc] stina8614

And another good view here!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IX2SWc9zqpw] kizzix2008

omg, close up!



Oh my, oh my!

David, why do you have to be so dang gorgeous!?

He’s such a grown up man now! I mean, look at him, that perfect face, the unbuttoned shirt, the sweat.

Gaaaaah! Superduperultramega HAWWWT!! And I’m lovin’ it! ;)

*btw, please leave some love to those who took the video!*
Jul 312009

Credit: bradness113

awwwwwwwww!! I sometimes wonder HOW BIG his heart really is!! I loved every second of this amazing video! Gosh, it totally brought back soo many wonderful memories:D I miss you soo much, David!

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