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This isn’t new news, but I thot it worth mentioning that DavidArchie has been officially crowned Mr. Twitter Universe on the Tweeterwall of Fame!

And this is someone who never once tweeted to ask his followers or fans to vote for him, becoz as he said, he’s not the competitive sort. Don’t ya love the gold frame around his pic, the birdie on the side & the little medallic accolade? Cute!

Way to Go, Angels!


Del Mar Videos

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Jun 212009


Credit: brett337

Don’t Let Go

Whoa the intensity kills me all the time!!

You Can

My Hands

amazing acapella at the end!:)) i love how he gets better at this song each time he performs it..coz its quite a difficult one to sing live with the continuous high notes but D nails it all the time!:)

Barriers – Simply Amazing close-up and with less screams!


ALTNOY – less screams


Touch My Hand – less screams


Your Eyes Don’t Lie – This one’s a killer!


Credit: specialangel2005

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The video is on
Credit: iLoVeDaViD20
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How freakin adorable is he! so he thinks and thinks and thinks (with that cute hand-on-chin gesture!) and it is the Albatross! bwahahahaha never saw that comin!:D and omg Ray!! it was awesome to see him!! he is just the way i saw him – all laid back and cool:D and did i hear a British accent somewer? hmmm have to do some diggin on that..any of you guys have some info spill it!:)) the new band memebers seem coooool:)) wish they upload more and more vids like this! So what really went wrong with Spongebob? hahahahaha! Any one fill me on this ? Well, i have never seen it so don’t have a clue abt it!

So yes the Seventeen magazine in Malaysia with cover boy David is finally out!! woot! and what a gorgeous boy he is despite the make-up and unnecessary photoshop (that’s just my opinion though!) whoa!!

thank you, Archuleta Avenue Malaysia! Click here to see moooore pics!

Jun 182009

D boy is at #5! yay! he’ll climb up to that top spot in no time, all he needs is more support for his music from us! duhh! like we’re not doing that like craaaaaaaaaazzzyyy already! oh and talking about Crazy, omg that clip they showed totally put the biggest smile on my face! and now i can’t stop watchin it over and over again! soooo freakin cute he sounds in that mornin voice of his!<3

thank you, archie4life96!

Jun 182009

Hi there! I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet! Think I can pull it off? I’m in Connecticut, and we’re here for tour rehearsals. We have 2 new band members now. We now have another David who’s playing bass, Dave haha. Our new drummer is named Jerry, and he’s about a foot taller than me. We’ll be rehearsing for a few days, and then have our first show Saturday in Del Mar, California! The first show for the Demi tour will be back in Connecticut, so it should be interesting going back and forth.

So for the last few days before I came to Connecticut for rehearsals, I was in LA recording for the Christmas album that’s coming out this year! I’m really really excited for that because I love Christmas music and Christmas times. I was also working on some material for the next pop album as well. It’s gonna be crazy working on all the stuff this Summer along with the tour, but I’m sooo excited you guys! Oh, how I love music lol. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing what will become of everything, because I’m really not sure how it’s going to end up. It’s the kind of thing that you don’t know what’s going to happen until it happens. I really want to work with more people on writing though and get that part of my brain exercised and movin’.

Today I found out that I was nominated for 3 teen choice awards! One for breakout artist, one for love song, and one for tour (with Demi Lovato.) Thanks you guys for giving your voice and helping me have the opportunity! You can vote and see who else has been nominated here:

Before I came to Connecticut, I got to spend the night (and just for the night, not even day) in Utah. I couldn’t sleep, and I mentioned the cats on twitter… But I wrote a letter to a friend and put it in the mailbox that night, or I guess morning lol, so I wouldn’t forget to send it before I had to leave to CT. Well funny thing, when I turned the door knob it was locked. You can open it inside but not on the outside. I didn’t have my phone with me, and no one was answering the door. I tried throwing small pebbles at the window but that didn’t work either. So there I was in my PJ’s outside, without shoes, and cold! I ran down the street to keep the blood going and went to a friend’s house, hoping they’d be awake or more responsive than at my place haha. I knocked on the window that I thought was my friend’s room, but I’m guessing that I guessed wrong or he wasn’t awake, or something. I went back to the front and just knocked on the door, and thankfully his dad happened to be awake. So he opens the door and there I am standing in my PJ’s feeling stupid, but I was so glad to go inside somewhere warm! Anyway I eventually got back into the house, and headed to the airport a couple hours later heh. Well I thought I’d share that story with you all lol.

Ok, I’m done now. With the exception of the story, I did a pretty good job keeping things short, right? Well until next time everyone! Cheers.

Song for the day: Rabbit – Matt Duke
Loooove this song. It’s been one of my favorite songs lately.

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thank you, justinvicible!

Ok first off what a beautiful song that is!! David, you have amazing taste in music! really! I mean my liking for this kind of music has grown so much and I truly know now what kind of music I enjoy the most! Thank youuuuuuu, D! And Dd should be congratulated for trying to keep his blog short but yay i was fairly long coz we all love reading more stuff from him right!

We will always love you Alex and Eli for being so great and cool band members for David..Farewell to you guys! Thank youuu for being the best! They were such goofs on stage with their hilarious antics! Man, how I’m gonna miss them! Wish you guys the best of luck in all your future endeavours! Hope to see u back soon jamming with D!:) And welcome Dave and Jerry! Lookin forward to what these guys can deliver!:) bahahahahahahaha David is actually obsessed with his height aww! don’t worry, you are P.E.R.F.E.C.T dude!

Omgggggggggg Christmas album!!!!!! second album!!!!!!!!! songwriting!!!!!!!!! recording!!!!!!! can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok done!! Lol! and getting locked out has become his thing hasn’t it! haha! poor thing!:) he should probably carry his house keys every time he’s in never know when he might just space out and leave home! LOL! oh i can just imagine him in his PJs barefoot outside in the dark throwing pebbles at the door bwahahahahhahaha! ok no more laughin i feel bad for doin that now! geez! LOL

I still wonder if he’ll record a Spanish album! somehow it sounds so fascinating to think of listening to a song by David sung in a language i don’t understand! LOL weird am I! so you guys lets all keep voting for David for the TCA! can’t wait for the Del Mar show! woot!

David Planet Cazmo
Click here for more info!

David Archuleta sings the National Anthem at Real Tinto Stadium. Real Salt Lake vs. Colorado Rockies. June 6, 2009.

Credit: soundscene

Credit: CarbonImagery

Credit: JRforDAI

I have posted a few pics earlier and here are mooooooooooore goodies! Get ready to DIE of awesomeness!!<3

123 mooooooore HERE!!

The one behind this amazingness is Larissa from Singapore! thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
Her message to all the readers:

I apologize that I’m sharing these photos like a million light years after the show, in Archu-fandom time. It wasn’t easy sorting through more than 1,000++ photos and I still had to juggle work and family in between.

Apologies also that my watermarks are not well done. It’s the first time I’m watermarking my photos by myself.

A lot of people have asked why I did not choose to shoot David’s full body, but zoomed in on the face or upper body. This was both my intention and my style. I wanted to capture the ex-pressions on his face that portrayed not only his deep passion for singing but the enormous effort he put in to give a great show to the audience. Being up front against the barricades or at my seat at the 4th row, with the appropriate camera equipment, I was able to capture close-up shots. Full body shots are the more common shots that could be captured with more standard cameras or further behind in the audience – there should be plenty of these floating around already.



May 092009

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Hey guys, I haven’t done a written blog for a while, so I decided to do one this week.  I’m still in the UK, and having a blast!  I’ve been managing to get some sightseeing in by waking up early in the mornings and looking around before we have to leave each day for the shows.  I had a friend who lives pretty much down the street from me who happened to be in London this last weekend with his family, so I got to hang out and go around town with them!  It was soo cool that we just so happened to be in London at the same time.  I did sightseeing with them, but they left a few days ago.  This morning, I decided to go to the Tower of London and take a tour around there.  It was wicked cool seeing the crown jewels, and to think of how old all the buildings and things there were!  Insane!  I had a great time.  Some other places and things I’ve gotten to go to and see are Covent Garden, Camden Town, Big Ben and Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and Westfield.  I’ve managed to get quite a bit in each morning!  Amazing what you can get done if you wake up early enough, haha.

So we had our show today in Croydon, and I felt really good tonight.  I always wonder what people must be thinking watching me move lol, but I think the less you’re concerned about how strange people must think you look up on stage, the more you can just let go and get into the song.  I’m trying to let myself get into that mind set more, and it’s been working :) .  But anyway, after I was finished performing my set, they were telling me to pack up my stuff immediately because we had to go somewhere.  It was with one of the promoters of the show, so I was assuming we were going to have dinner r something.  When we got to our destination, we were actually in Camden Town area.  I recognized it from when I went there yesterday haha.  We got to the doors, and they handed me a pass with The Fray on it.  I was shocked!  I had no idea they were playing in London, and that I’d even be able to go see them lol.  They were great, and their music is really passionate and striking live.  I was able to talk to them afterwards too, and they were cool guys.  Unfortunately, I was only able to see part of their set.  The good thing is that right when I got there they started playing Look After You, which is a killer song.  So I’m hoping to see their whole set sometime in the future.  If you’re in the London area, they have another show tomorrow if you want to see them.  It was the promoter and one of McFly’s managers who were able to make the surprise happen for me, so I’ve gotta thank them!  haha.  It was a real treat.  But yeah… As you all probably know I can never ever keep blogs short.  But just thought I’d let you know how things have been!  I’m starting to become addicted to Twitter, but it’s nice because I can keep people updated all the time and the messages aren’t uber long.  If you want to follow me my twitter name is DavidArchie haha.  Ok.  I’m done now.  Talk to you guys later!

P.S.  If you are in the UK let me know if you’re coming to any of the McFly shows!  If you’ve already gone let me know what you thought.  Thanks!

P.P.S.  I love concerts

Song for the day: Absolute – The Fray

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