David will be on KSL TV, “Called To Serve” at April 6, 1:30 pm Utah time. The show will be livestreamed at KSL.com.

More info and photo source: http://www.thedavidchronicles.com/2014/03/david-archuleta-called-to-serve-tv-special/

“1:30 PM Sunday April 6th David Archuleta will be on KSL (NBC) to discuss his life as a Mormon missionary.” http://www.locatetv.com/tv/david-archuleta-called-to-serve/8560185

Source: Facebook

From @DavidArchie:

My 3 sisters are showing me the movie “Frozen”. Watching it with them now. “For the first time in forever” I am watching a movie, haha.

Get an inside look into what I was doing when I was “Called to Serve”. You can see the livestream Sunday 3:30 EST! :) http://live.ksl.com/scheduler/embed-view?cid=KSLHP_channel#hl=en&ls=true&ei=15295&sm=2667 …

So for all of you wondering what was going on for the last 2 years, tune in to see what Elder Archuleta was doing! ;)

Promo stills courtesy of the OS:

From @FanScene :

@DavidArchie, Called To Serve, April 6, 1:30pm Utah time. ID, WY, UT fans watch on KSL, others catch it livestreamed: http://live.ksl.com/scheduler/embed-view?cid=KSLHP_channel …

From KSL when asked if David Archuleta Called To Serve will be archived on KSL site: Hi! I believe it will – and we also plan to livestream!

Also from KSL, info regarding David Archuleta Called to Serve to be posted on their FB this week: https://www.facebook.com/ksltv 


Credit: Janey H.

Credit: Jane Raburn


Credit: JR4DA2013plus

Buzz: KSL.com

David’s Homecoming

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So how does receiving a music scholarship impact a person? 
Please read this personal story of a David fan who
knows firsthand what being on the receiving end really means!
My name is Maryanne Munk. When I was 7 years old I began piano and music theory lessons from a professor of music. I worked hard and sacrificed much. My dream was to major in music at a university. I hoped to teach and to bring the joy of music into people’s lives. I wanted others to feel the happiness that music had brought into my life! I became heavily involved with music in the community, church and school. And I loved it!
The summer after my junior year of high school, my father died. It was a shock to say the least and a difficult time for my mother and me. I didn’t know if I would ever have the opportunity to attend a university but I applied anyway and was accepted.
At the end of my senior year, I was awarded a music scholarship through my high school. It was not only an honor to receive this recognition but a blessing to see the doors of opportunity open in my behalf. I attended the university of my choice and majored in music. It has been a joy and blessing in my life! I love teaching and serving in my church and community! It is awesome!
We have the opportunity to not only honor David Archuleta for the joy he has brought into our lives through his music, but we have the opportunity to open the doors of opportunity in some young musician’s life. May we all pull together to make a difference, for out of small things can big things be brought to pass!
Maryanne Munk
YOU can be a part of impacting a life too!!
Our campaign ends April 9th.
Please visit us to learn more:
Friend us and ‘like’ us on Facebook
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Thank Goodness It’s $5 Friday AGAIN!!! 

YES!!  It’s BACK!!
As we all know some fans can give more
and some not as much. 
We love our $5 Friday promotion as this provides an
opportunity for ALL to be a part of
As we saw in the fan letter posted on Monday:
Donate if you can here:
Friend us and ‘like’ us on Facebook
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Our campaign for 2014 ends April 9th.
Mar 252014

And a word of the day

Credit: theofficialarchuleta

Welcome Back David! (Still Here) #DA2014: Video

Even though you’re home now – hopefully the spirit that started the #DA2014 campaign will live on.

Credit: Welcome Back Elder Archuleta!

Family photos [By viewing the photos, you agree that DBB will not be held liable for any loss you may incur]:

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We have been so HONORED in the past 5 years
to receive messages from fans that support
We would like to share one of those messages with you:
“It is my pleasure to contribute to TDAMS campaign,
as I truly cannot think of a more worthy person than
David, for young dreamers of music to look up to
and realize their individual goals.  
David is indeed a teacher of humanity and we all
have learned much from his example.
Even though I live on the other side of the country,
it pleases me that I can honor David’s artistry
and stellar character by helping out a
future singer or musician from his former school.  
I wish I could give much more but I know that
 I, along with all of the many faithful fans out there,
will be joyous (actually, I’ll be downright giddy)
in welcoming him back home,
and will in one way or another be
supporting him every step of the way in the future!
Also, I want to wish all the past, present
and future Murray HS scholarship winners much success
and best of luck to you with the latest campaign!”
Thank you so much to this and MANY other fans
who have supported
The David Archuleta Music Scholarship over the past 5 years! 
YOU are the ripple effect.

 Our campaign ends April 9th.
Please visit us to learn more:
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There is SO much to celebrate this year!!
This is our 5th year in which we are able to award
Since it began, we – actually the FANS – have given out
$16,000 worth of scholarships to 8 deserving students!!
(Please check out our website to learn more about them) 
That’s $16,000 that these students would not have had to further
their music education if it hadn’t been for YOU!!
Do you remember our first year?
We posted this heartfelt video made by strangerphilosophy.
What wonderful memories of the beginning of David’s journey
and the beginning of The David Archuleta Music Scholarship.
Now we are all CELEBRATING and looking forward to
DAVID’S HOMECOMING and the next phase of his life. 
Every single one of us is so excited to see what comes next. 
What a great way to honor him and welcome him home
by donating to this year’s scholarship and showing that
Please visit us to learn more:
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Hey friends,
Happy New Year!  Although David isn’t returning from his mission for a few months still, we thought it might be good to get a head start on planning for a great welcome home video for him. The video we did before he left was super rushed so this time around we hope to get a photo submission from anyone who wants to be included. Please help spread the word to any fans who you know are not usually online by emailing this note to them directly. 

The original message of the #DA2014 campaign was meant to unite ALL fans around the idea of supporting David unconditionally and letting him know that we’ll always be here for him. The spirit of this video will be all about welcoming him back and reminding him that we are STILL here for him and that he was always in our hearts over the past two years. We also want to communicate to him that whatever he chooses to do next in his career or personal life – we just want the best for him. We want him to feel the love and loyalty, not any pressure!

So with that in mind, here are the guidelines for the photo submissions.

Submit a photo (in JPEG format) of yourself holding a sign (or with a sign Photo-shopped on an existing photo) that says the following:

Welcome Back David!
(Still here)
Your name or Twitter handle
Your location


Group photos are fine. Writing the sign in your native language is fine. If you would rather not include a photo of yourself, you can submit just a photo of the sign itself.
If you are not taking a new photo, ideally it would be great to use a recent photo of yourself from the last two years. If you happened to do any interesting things in the spirit of #DA2014 (i.e. volunteering, working on your fitness etc.), it would be cool to show a photo of yourself doing that activity.

Feel free to get as creative as you like with the signs – just make sure that they follow the format above. Please do not include any extra words or phrases as we want them to look uniform.   And please only submit one photograph for each individual.


Please email submissions with the subject line #DA2014 RETURN VIDEO to:


No later than March 1st, 2014, noon PST.

If you need assistance using Photoshop or making a JPEG file, please specify that in your email by using the subject line: TECH SUPPORT and we will find a way to help you out. Hopefully given the extra time, everyone who wants to participate will be able to do so.

Happy 2014 to everyone! Looking forward to receiving your photo!

Thanks so much!

–Monica (@starrynites01)

Looking back on 2013 @DavidArchie! (KS) http://fgr.am/f/ju8Sp75mhb 

This is essentially a montage of tweets sent by @DavidArchie in 2013.




Cool! :)

David Archuleta’s song as a background music on Korean Variety Show ‘We Got Married’ / WGM Season 4 – 070 Taeun Couple ( Taemin And Naeun )

Credit: Sasha Hs

Fan video:

Credit: 0o0bluedots0o0

Via: Georgette

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