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A HUGE Thank You from
The David Archuleta Music Scholarship
Committee – from our hearts

  “No kind action ever stops with itself. 
One kind action leads to another. 
Good example is followed. 
A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions,
and the roots spring up and make new trees. 
The greatest work that kindness does to others
is that it makes them kind themselves.”
                 ——Amelia Earhart
After finishing our 4th campaign,
we are excited to let you know
that we will be giving 2 more scholarships for $1500 each
to Murray High music students again this year.
On behalf of The David Archuleta Music Scholarship committee
we would like to thank the fans who have so generously
helped us reach out to students at Murray High
with scholarships in David’s name. 
We knew this year would be more difficult with
fewer fans around, but you helped us continue to share this gift.  
We sincerely thank you for your continued support.  
This is truly a gift from the fans to help young students
and honor David at the same time.
 A thank you ”thought” from David found in his
Chords of Strength book….pg. 237 (excerpt).
“I want to recognize the commitment and
personal sacrifices that all the various fansites
make to respect and support me and
the causes we are involved with. 
It makes me so proud to have fans who
show through their enthusiasm and
actions that they really want to give. 
It is the greatest way they can show their support of me  
and I hope they all know how much
I appreciate what they do.”—-David
PLEASE go to our website and check out the music note!!
@DAScholarship on twitter
5s are WILD on $5 Friday!!!

Today, April FIFTH, is the FINAL $5 FRIDAY,
we have been blessed with having
David in our lives for FIVE years! 
FIVE exciting, FUN-FILLED, FABULOUS years!! 
What does that mean to us?
F is for Faith
I is for Inspiration
V is for Voice
E is for Excellence
Because of David and what he’s meant to us
for FIVE years and the example he’s been,
we will for the fourth year in a row be able to give
a scholarship in David’s name. 
Can you pay it FORWARD? 
Please be a part of this if you can. 
We could not have done this for
the past four years without YOU!!

Thank you!


Please check out our website!
@DAScholarship on twitter
We have one more week to fulfill dreams…

David has left us so much while he’s been gone. 
Is there more that we can do? 
If you feel you can, please check out our website. 
@DAScholarship on twitter

MOTAB posted a video of David singing “Be Still My Soul” to them from a while back! And Kendra accompanies him on the piano:)

Now, lets all just sit back and drown in a puddle of glorified gue, shall we.

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Mar 312013

UPDATE: We have received more gifting requests than our funds could meet, so this album gifting program has ended. Please do not send us anymore requests to be gifted albums. You will be contacted if your request has been fulfilled. Thank you.

David Beyond Borders has been at the receiving end of many generous fans’ donations to gift David’s music to fans who otherwise cannot afford to buy it, since the release of the “Something ‘Bout Love” single and its accompanying album, “The Other Side of Down”. But due to limited resources (mainly time and labor), we unfortunately have not been able to run the gifting program on a continual basis. Most of the DBB team have since moved on to support David in other meaningful and productive ways. But because we still have some surplus gifting funds, we would like to gift David’s albums to as many fans as possible, especially who may not have a particular album.

To submit a request to be gifted, select an album from the list below and email, together with your full name, mailing address (including country and postal code), phone number and a short paragraph (fewer than 100 words) on why you wish to be gifted that album. Please note that your album of choice may not be available to be delivered to your country. Please allow us up to 2 weeks to reply to confirm if the gifting has gone through (we are juggling this with busy lifestyles!).

Each person may only request to be gifted ONE album. Please only send us one email and we will reply you whether your request has been successful or not. Please do not send us multiple emails as it will clog up our inbox and slow down all gifting.

Gifting will be conducted on a first-come-first served basis until our funds run out.

Note to Donors: We thank each and every one of you for being so generous to part with your money to enable so many fans to be gifted. We are, however, not accepting any more donations whether monetarily or in-kind, as we will be wrapping up the gifting as soon as our current pool of funds runs out. It is not feasible for us to run gifting with such a small team, and we have moved on to supporting David in other ways.

 No Matter How Far        Forevermore Expanded Edition

 BEGIN.      The Other Side of Down: Asian Tour Edition

 Forevermore                            The Other Side of Down

 Christmas From The Heart     David Archuleta

 Glad Christmas Tidings   Glad Christmas Tidings DVD

 The Other Side of Down: Deluxe Edition

…the look on the face of a
deserving scholarship recipient…

You can help make a dream come true…

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Order it on iTunes in the US, Canada, Japan, Germany


Also available in CD and digital format on Amazon in the USJapan and Germany

Best Buy and Walmart have it cheap for US fans!

Don’t Run Away official music video:

Source: VEVO

Making of Don’t Run Away video:

Here is Kylie Malchus talking about how she created the video and some insight into how she came about doing the Official Music Video for Don’t Run Away Check her out on Twitter ‏@KylieMalchus and her website Thanks Kylie!

Credit: theofficialarchuleta

You can stream the whole album on Billboard or AOL Music:

NMHF banner on iTunes Pop Music:

Screencap: TDC

Album photos

Source: New myspace

Scanned by: anonymous tumblr

Liner Notes

Scanned by: TDC


NMHF artwork by Bianca of @missbianca



Idol Chatter

US iTunes

Canadian iTunes

Heart Falls Out snippet

Snippets of all NMHF iTunes:

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The official tracklist and pre-order information for David’s upcoming album “No Matter How Far” was just posted on his OS by his team : (Click on “source” below)

1. Nothing Else Better To Do
2. Everything And More
3. Don’t Run Away
4. Tell Me
5. Love Don’t Hate
6. Wait
7. Heart Falls Out
8. Notice Me
9. I’ll Never Go
10. Forevermore

:) :) !!!!


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